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Sunrise in my backyard this morning

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I had a pretty cool sunrise at my house this morning.


Now, with the new IRememberDBoon rules in place, would I have to start a whole new thread to post a pic, or could I post it in one of the myriad other threads in which said pic would be appropriate?


Or...since this is in question form, perhaps I would be better served in the ask caliber thread.


See, now I'm all confused.

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Neat. The Peples aren't my aunt and uncle, but one time, my brother, cousin and I helped resurvey a poorly laid out football field with Mrs. Peple. Then we got caught in the rain and went and got our hair cut.


Now they own a winery.




Oh. Of course I know exactly where GreyHaven is. Im about 6 miles east of there but I go to the Gum Springs Dairy Queen all the time. Its an oasis considering theres really nothing else within 8 miles or more.

I went from living 6 blocks from the White House to there. 500 world class restaurants to one Dairy Queen. I

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