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I was a junior in high school and would not hear about Gram Parsons even existing for 2 more years, when a cool guy who worked at Discount Records by U of A campus in Tucson, Arizona, turned me on to The Flying Burrito Bros with this album. Thanks, Bob. :music




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I was yet to be born for another 17 years. He's alright, no Ryan Adams thats for sure.


thanks! i got a nice chuckle from that. i was born in 75, but didn't start listening to stuff that wasn't hardcore/punk/metal until maybe 7 years ago. i've listened to a lot of GP since then though.




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When I was on my road trip I decideded I needed to goto Joshua tree. Had an amzing time.



When we were leaving i realized we passed the Joshua Tree Inn. My girlfreind asked me if I wanted to stop but i just told her to keep driving.


We listened to a lot of Gram on that trip.

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