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So I used to love Oink, and have been pretty unimpressed with sites like isohunt.

What's the deal with waffles.fm? Is it any good? If it is, may I have an invite?


Of course, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Are those places still going? I can find most anything I ever want using Google blog search.




I also had difficulty using what.cd. I admit, I had no idea what I was doing and after 5-6 downloads, it would never let me download anything again. I guess I didn't know how to use it or what I was doing.


There are still things I can't find using blogs, but I be damned if it's not a heck of a lot easier to use blogs.

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I can't speak for what.cd, but if it's anything like oink, there are some clear benefits.

There were things i used oink to find that i would have had serious trouble finding otherwise, not to mention that oink was always fast as hell.

Crossing my fingers that what.cd is the same way!

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i don't have an account at what.cd, but what i've heard of waffles seems like it's not too far off from what oink was like. ]


yeah it is but what has about twice the amount of torrents waffles does now, but its more strict than waffles has a better layout also

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