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the next Beatles thread

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I think that is right. I guess Paul's son James does solo shows. A Beatles blog I read had a write up about it. Dhani has a band I think. Zak is playing for The Who again. And Sean did that album with Les Claypool. 

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It was supposed to be a James McCartney show in Des Moines. I think I was confused because that show was booked around the time rumors began about them all forming a band.





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Loving this new old version. Something about that Beatles perfect imperfection of guitar/drums/vocals that makes it so listenable and alive. 




There's another 'first version' about now too that's also.

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Like it. More for the lyrics after it was found on a cassette labelled ‘for Paul’ rahther than its inherent greatness, but glad that it is out there and better than I was expecting after hearing the original demo (if what was on the internet can be trusted).


My real favourite part is the quintessential Beatleness of 1min 08 sec. You will know what I mean.


P.S. And thank God no Jeff 'Chugga-crash' Lynne after those poor 90's efforts.

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I have not heard it. I suppose I will at some point. I was not really a fan of the other songs they did back in the Anthology days. It seems wrong to me. About the same deal as when they (Bruce/Stones) go back and add stuff to old songs. 

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