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AmericanaramA 13-DTE Music Theater, Clarkston Michigan 7-14-13

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Evil urges

It beats 4 u

Touch Me Pt. 1

First light


I will sing you songs


Holdin on to black metal

Touch me pt 2

Wordless chorus



Wilco - start - 7:37

War on War

Handshake Drugs

I am trying to break your heart

Too Far Apart

Forget the Flowers

[Jeff: you're cheering, is my fly down?]

Impossible Germany

Born Alone

Via Chicago

Art of Almost

[Jeff: he's my best friend, referring to RT, then turning to Glenn and saying something (sorry? haha)]

Sloth - RT and RT drummer on shakers

Tomorrow Never Knows - with MMJ and RT

End - 9 something

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Excellent sets by Wilco and MMJ.  I never thought Wilco would be as noisy as MMJ, but they were!  That was one noisy, guitar filled, wonderful set.  Two things were worth the price of admission:


1) Seeing all the Dylan fans' reaction to "Via Chicago."

2) Those last three songs in Wilco's set.  Mind = Blown.

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The Dylan fan forum is saying that Dylan did Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" (a song I LOVE).  Can anyone confirm?

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I love this song so much, but have a hard time thinking of anyone doing it any better than RT...Sorry, I don't know how to elegantly link.  

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