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Colorful Language

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I was reminded recently of a very old topic we'd once had here at VC, in which we discussed Jeff's use of color words in songwriting, and his framing in adjectives and such...


Sky Blue Sky

Bull Black Nova

Windows painted blue


I love Jeff's ability to paint a visual image in words that seems like something you know and have seen, even if you've never thought of it in quite the imagery he stirs up.


At the time this online discussion was happening, I remember I saw Jeff after some show, and I was talking to him about it and teased him that he'd used every color somewhere, but never the color orange. He gave me a patient and slightly pained expression, and explained, "That's because orange doesn't rhyme with anything!"


I told him not to put it at the end of a line.


Yes, I, a humble fan, advised our greatest living songwriter on how he ought to write songs. HahahahahahahaSNORT!  :stunned  :headbonk



So here it is maybe a dozen years since that conversation, and the other night I was listening to Warmer, and suddenly it hit me. And I burst out laughing. Ultra Orange Room.


He did it! Good job Jeff!

What are your favorite color phrases from Jeff's lyrics? Can you think of a color he's missed? (Hmmm, silver? :huh) Have at it, it's a fun examination of the lyrics we all love.





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Hell is Chrome. Or is that, like, anti-color?


I think it counts, but Jeff still has to use silver in a song. Unless somebody can name a song where he already does?

Red Eyed and Blue comes to mind. The green, green grass in The Family Gardener.... um I bet there's tons more I'm not thinking of yet.


* Oh, the gold lame in The Lonely One.


Ooh, good ones! I love that "green, green grass" line. I was just listening to that earlier today. 

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"I want to hold you in the Bible-black pre-dawn"


Always causes my ears to prick up, since it's lifted from my compatriot Dylan (the real one of course), and I come from Llanrumney, which is not too far of a stretch from Llareggub (which itself masks colourful language :shifty )

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“My mind is filled with silvery stars.”


I suppose we should count this one. Though I'd prefer the pure word "Silver", Jeff, if you're reading along.  :guitar


I wonder why we listen to poets when nobody gives a fuck.


Oh, different colorful language.


:lol  :lol  :lol  :headbonk


Nobody has mentioned the elegant simplicity of "Purple Black Eye" yet.

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