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  1. I thought Pat's reaction to the bracelet gift to Jeff was awesome. "Hey I have an arm too!" While I was at 2 Wilco shows last year (Pritzkar Pav w/ Sleater-Kinney & Treasure Island w/ Trampled by Turtles), I was extremely eager to see a full set performance for the first time since 2019. I was not disappointed at all. I love the Paramount venue, had to go back after seeing the band there also in 2019. Before last week I only had listened to Cruel Country once, I have been waiting for the the hard copies Vinyl/CD to fully enjoy. I broke down in the week leading up to
  2. Colbert aired a rerun last night due to testing positive for COVID. Sounds like he's doing fine, hopefully the band was not exposed. Here's hoping a speedy recovery to Stephen. The Julia Roberts/Wilco episode will re-air on Wednesday, April 27 for those that missed it or do not have access to an internet machine. I suppose it's highly unlikely those without web access would be reading this post in the first place.
  3. I posted this in the Night 1 thread as well: Tweedy was performing it that way as early as the spring 2001 Solo Tour which I saw in Mpls at the Guthrie. Even though it was not officially released yet, the audience was well versed on the song previously from the online streams and bootlegs, so the modification still got quite a reaction from the fans.
  4. Tweedy was performing it that way as early as the spring 2001 Solo Tour which I saw in Mpls at the Guthrie. Even though it was not officially released yet, the audience was well versed on the song previously from the online streams and bootlegs, so the modification still got quite a reaction from the fans.
  5. They really play I Got You (At the End of the Century) without Red-Eyed and Blue proceeding it? That feels like having eggs with no bacon.
  6. All indications were the show was over, looked liked they gave the signal when they left the stage after Until You Came Along that they were done. Techs were starting to clean up, house music came on and I even think the big screen/curtain was coming down. All the 100s of shows I have been to First Ave, it's been maybe 3 or 4 that I can think of where there was an additional encore like that, were the performers were truly reacting on an impromptu basis to go back on stage. Pretty cool.
  7. When this gig was originally scheduled for First Ave's 50th Anniversary in 2020, Tweedy was scheduled to be on the West Coast for Wilco Dates. I had tickets for Vegas/Brooklyn Bowl. Due to a global pandemic, the make-up dates for First Ave's 52nd Anniversary allowed both Tweedy and yours truly to be in attendance. Thanks COVID?!? I thought the shows were amazing, better than even I remembered them in the '90s and early '00s. I thought the Saturday show had a little more energy (though that could just be that I had more pep) but I think I preferred Sunday's song selection just a lit
  8. StarTribune write up from last night. Includes a cool photo from the joint performance of California Stars and a short audio clip from what I thought was the best song of the night, Art of Almost: https://www.startribune.com/wilco-and-trampled-by-turtles-mix-things-up-via-red-wing/600098790/
  9. Regarding Bbops original question, rhetorical or not: Has there ever been a great Wilco shed show? Or even a particularly memorable one? Asking for a friend... I answer yes, and as a matter of fact it was in the hometown of last night's headliners, Duluth Bayfront in 2007, set just a stone throw from Lake Superior. Granted their were some unique circumstances with that show. Originally it was supposed to be one of the leadoff shows on a tour through Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest but it was postponed just a day or 2 in advance because Nels had a case of the chicken pox.
  10. I was at the show, the setlist is accurate as far as I can tell. I think the encore break was just before Airline to Heaven. I don't even think Mermaid Ave #2 was released yet. I recall it was a really pleasant spring day that started late afternoon. The show took place on the east side of campus in an open area that was called "3 Oaks" even though by that time a huge storm took out one of the trees reducing it to "2 Oaks". I would guess 500-700 people there. I do not think Tweedy was wearing a tracksuit. I think he was wearing a Hawaii "99" tee-shirt. While
  11. It is not going to influence me to by some Corona, but the ad and use of the music is fine by me.
  12. Gold87

    2020 Touring

    Mpls StarTribune write-up from the St Paul shows hints that a Duluth date will be added, March 10. http://www.startribune.com/duluth-star-gaelynn-lea-brightens-up-wilco-s-california-stars-at-final-palace-show/565421792/
  13. I thought it was a great show and the acoustics were fantastic at a really nice intimate venue. Can't wait for 3 more shows in St Paul.
  14. I have 2 available for face ($50) for Wed 11/15 at the Palace.
  15. I think the biggest reason for the lack of tix sold is that it was a holiday week. I work in a dept of 80 people, and more than 50 of them have been on vacation, most going to cabins. Add in that there was a show in Duluth the previous night, those from the Twin Cities would likely choose one or the other. I chose Roch because I live in the southern suburbs so it was much closer for me and I didn't want to chance the weather Those that did not make it to Roch missed out on a great show, one of my favorite mixes of songs throughout the wilco catalog. I'm a big fan of the Monday/Outtamind fina
  16. I was lucky enough to be in Row 4 (center) so I had no need for an uprade. I will say I had zero problem with moving the kid to the front row, he was into the show as much as any fan I've seen and recognized even the older tracks. I thought it was pretty cool.
  17. You have the start of the show covered, and I can remember the encores: Encore # 1: Misunderstood California Stars Box Full of Letters Heavy Metal Drummer Encore # 2: Red-Eyed and Blue I Got You (At the End of the Century) Casino Queen
  18. Congrats on the wedding. In addition, I saw a story about the scoreboards on the Golf Channel. Nice work, a big improvement over what they had previously.
  19. I thought it was a really good show. The idiots who kept yelling for Tweedy at the beginning need to grow up/get a life. I liked how Danny offered to give whoever wanted one, a refund. The Smog doesn't need Tweedy. Sure it's nice to have him there and I really enjoy his songs/contributions to the Smog. The fact is the band existed before him and can get along just fine without him. It's different without him, but still good to great anyways. Enjoy the ride.
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