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  1. Back in the day, I would order the introductory package in the name of all my pets (ie: Tom Katz, Goldie Fish) . I had gobs of lps, then later, cds coming all the time. Finally, they enforced the "one membership per address" rule.
  2. Thanks for the input - I'd only read traveler's reviews who griped about not being greeted properly by the staff, etc. I had no idea if there was anything to do in the immediate area, but sounds great! Now if only there are pool tables within walking distance...
  3. I've done extensive hotel searching on every site I could. The best deals I found within walking distance are: The Hilton (thru Expedia I got two nights for $172 using a $50 coupon Expedia had given for signing up). The Hilton is two blocks from the venue. and the Sheraton has a special - stay two nights and get the second one 50% off which totals $172 also. The Sheraton is less than a mile from the theater. Everything cheaper was at least 5 miles away. I've never been to Knoxville so staying two nights seemed like fun and the room at the nicer hotels was reasonable. Good luck!
  4. Well, so much for the pit - I'll never be that lucky. Did manage to get the front row of right balcony. I called the theater, was told there's a capacity of 1500 and ALL the seats are great. Can't wait!!!
  5. Avetts w/DMB? Would it not be the COOLEST for the Avetts to open for Wilco? P.S. I'm still bummed about not getting Knoxville tickets during the presale.
  6. Row A? Life is NOT fair. But congratulations!!!
  7. Did anyone get Knoxville presale tickets? There was this minute window of opportunity apparently. I never have any luck with presale tickets, are there like TWO tickets available???
  8. Cool, thanks for posting. I'm excited about the new album.
  9. That's great for those of us who want a movie review to 'get to the point'.
  10. Drazil

    Ghost Town

    I was watching Ghost Town last night and was pleasantly surprised to hear "Please Be Patient With Me" in the soundtrack. Good movie - good soundtrack.
  11. I proudly display two Wilco stickers (one is an altered local politician's propaganda) on my 93 Honda Civic coupe.
  12. I can't wait to see them in Charleston. When are they coming?
  13. The first scene in Donnie Darko when Donnie realizes what he has to do to change time. He starts laughing, then rides home on his bike while The Killing Moon is playing.
  14. I am a practicing Frisbeeterian. On holidays, I'm a Pastafarian.
  15. I would never get married in a Waffle House - how tacky. My next wedding will be at Jiffy Lube.
  16. Visit My Website If you're into Buckethead.
  17. To quote Anthony Keidis - I'm not consecrated, but I'm devout.
  18. Not sure when you'll be here, but Lucinda Williams will be at the Belk Theater in late September. Lyle Lovett/John Hiatt will be here Oct 9.
  19. DId any of you see the really really drunk guy walking out after the show? He leaned WAY to the right as he made his way to wife (who walked about ten feet ahead of him) and car. When he made it to the grass, he started walking in this wide circle about three times before falling right on his head. We all cheered for him. Unfortunately, this guy was right beside me and my boyfriend during the show (Row C) and yelled obnoxiously from Handshake Drugs to the end.
  20. And dogs laugh, some say they're barking I don't think they're mean
  21. So, are there any pool tables at any of these establishments?
  22. Let's just hope Wilco doesn't get invited to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel show Aug 7.
  23. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [ENHANCED] Wilco (Artist) No customer reviews yet. Be the first.| More about this product -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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