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  1. Thanks, at least that gives me something to be a little optimistic about.
  2. Do you have the mysterious password? I am in Gastonia NC and have no clue as how to get it...
  3. I haven't listened to commercial radio in so long, the thought never occurred to me. Thanks...
  4. WilcoWorld doesn't give any info on presale info, but Ticketmaster's site says that the presale begins Dec 13. Is the password going to be same as previous presales from the Wilco site? Or is it some mysterious info only Ticketmaster Masters hold?
  5. Drazil

    NPR Survey

    C'mon y'all, show some love for the Avett Brothers - if you ever get a chance to see them live, don't miss it.
  6. If you have bread and eggs, you could make that egg meal that that man in V for Vendetta makes - he cuts a hole in the bread and puts the egg in there and fries it. It looks cute...
  7. Wow, if I squint hard enough, the singer guy looks just like Ian Gillan!!!
  8. Sparks - wasn't Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's in that band?
  9. There's something special about turning pages... I would definitely stick with books even if I could afford one of those things.
  10. Being that Donnie Darko and Pi are two movies that I love to watch, I added Primer to the top of my netflix queue. Thx yal!
  11. I have always thought that OSOM sounded like Sesame Street - glad I am not alone.
  12. Apparently you've never experienced the 'banana seat'.
  13. It works! Thank you very much!
  14. Yea, sendspace would be cool!!!
  15. Highway Star - Deep Purple ... my theme song...
  16. Back on the farm... any Andrew Blake fans?
  17. Killing Moon - Gary Jules I Will Survive - Cake
  18. Don't those resemble turds in a litter box?
  19. That is cool. Makes me want to go back to HS!
  20. Right... The Ryan Adams show in Asheville a few years ago has been the ONLY concert I was ever bored with, and left before the encores. I like his music, but so what?
  21. Nah, it was a good episode... It was nice to get away from the Dwight/Angela drama, and not have to deal with Michael and Jan. The fake moustaches were hilarious.
  22. Good to know someone else read Scar Tissue and was affected by it - I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I gained a whole new respect for the band and the changes they've gone through. Insight on the lyrics to some of their songs was interesting also.
  23. How do you get an invite? Can I get one?
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