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  1. Very good summary there. Unfortunately, the nun puppet didn't show but otherwise - WOW. I think the show was a life changing experience for me! Appreciate all the forewarnings - fortunately there was no goat sacrifice Overall, this was the happiest crowd I've ever seen at a concert. Smiles were everywhere. One guy was so happy he stripped... Hope they come back to Charlotte soon.
  2. I'm going to see the Flaming Lips for the first time in Charlotte tomorrow night. I have no idea what to expect. Any advice?
  3. That's really cool - like a soundtrack to your life. there's a thread on here now with that theme... CoOL!!!
  4. Since I've just recently discovered them, I can't recommend much based on intense listening, but the new album, Cease to Begin, is my favorite. I like it better then the previous release, Everything All The Time. Let me know what you think if you get into them.
  5. Wilco Band of Horses White Stripes Elvis Costello Ryan Adams Red Hot Chili Peppers Bruce Springsteen Avett Brothers Steve Earle Arcade Fire U2 And that's just a start.
  6. ummm, I put tape on the bottom of all the pc mouses at work. IT Dept was perplexed for about ... 3 minutes.
  7. 1. Nashville 2. Folly Beach 3. Chicago 4. Atlanta 5. Asheville I don't get far from home...
  8. YEA!!! And the bug gets smacked for buzzing around the people.
  9. Sunday - AM Monday - Summerteeth Tuesday - YHF Wednesday - Being There Thursday - AGIB Friday - SBS Saturday - KT
  10. Have you tried contacting the poster of the video? Curious: why were you watching a salmon video?
  11. Anyone remember Creem magazine? That was the cool mag back in the day.
  12. I want one of those bracelets to give to Tweedy too.
  13. It's a lot higher than that in my world.
  14. I agree w/seaching the shows out from individuals, puts some thrill into the chase. However, a professional quality full length dvd would be what would excite me. I'd be playing that all the time.
  15. Feeling That Way/Anytime - Journey Eruption/You Really Got Me - Van Halen
  16. But we could do so even more over here.
  17. I hope you like vegimite sandwiches...
  18. What about mp3s for those of us who are NOT bit torrent savvy?
  19. If only it didn't smell so good, we could quit breathing the fumes. I know I love to huff a bag of freshly popped Orville, if you know what I mean.
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