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  1. Mine was the Ovens Auditorium poster from the Charlotte show last June, just recently changed it to a chillin' lizard because I'm Liz + ard = lizard.
  2. My name is Liz, I get called Lizard all the time. Drazil is lizard backwards. Brilliant.
  3. Is anyone familiar with this situation? No need to argue immigration rights here, just curious about the guy that's been arrested... 34 days in jail so far
  4. I applaud the ingenuity. We (the masses) are always looking for new ways to 'score'. I've love NIN for many years, will definitely check out the site.
  5. Talk about someone being "born" with a talent... It saddens me to know he's gone, look forward to hearing the new album he was working on.
  6. Not any different than Jagermeister's hype then? I've read that it's more or less a watered down version of wormwood extract.
  7. A friend just picked up a bottle at the ABC store, and neither of us have tried it. What exactly happens when you drink it? Is it just another way to get drunk or will it really change your outlook on life?
  8. I am red eyed and blue because Wilco dissed me for NYC. F**K YOU. Just kidding - but still...
  9. First concert I've been to in a long time that didn't make my ears ring. Go figure...
  10. Unclog my potty and move myself to crap Into warm liquid, flowing blowing ass Flatulence blasting masks the ringing in my ears Fell in love with the plumber etc...
  11. Of course it helps the artist because someone obviously didn't want the cd, therefore instead of ending up in a landfill where it would take decades to decompose, it ends up on a shelf where it will be chronologically categorized, creating less garbage. Perfectly logical to me.
  12. Awww, that's like a love song to the Via Chicago forum...
  13. It's very upscale - beautiful theater w/box seats, orchestra level, grand tier, mezzaniene, and balcony. All the seats are great but if you can get Row A of the Grand Tier, you'll have the best seats in the house. If you check out Avett Brothers on MySpace, you'll see pics of the New Year's Eve show - the crowd was in full force. You can get a good feel for the venue.
  14. I have all the Wilco cds on my hard drive. In order to get geared up for the Charleston show (yes, I'm depressed about the rescheduling) I just shuffled thru the entire catalog repeatedly.
  15. The Avett Brothers are great live. I'm lucky to live close to their hometown - been watching them gain popularity for several years from in-store performances to the New Year's Eve show at the Blumenthal Theater in Charlotte. Yes, the convenience charge is unacceptable but try not to pass up any opportunities to see them!
  16. My whole life has been revolving around that damn show.
  17. There's nothing about this on the Wilco site - seems that we would have been notified if the date is rescheduled. I see the Aug 7 date on Ticketmaster, but nowhere else. I will be pissed - I have to go to a lot of trouble to make arrangements for the show.
  18. I used to feel that I needed a hard copy of any music I wanted to keep. But I moved into a smaller house and discovered mp3s about the same time. I didn't feel safe with having music on a hard drive so I purchased an external hard drive which backs up files every night. Even when I do buy a cd, I rip it to the pc. Now I'm wondering where I can store my thousands of cds safely. Those rental storage units are expensive!
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