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  1. What this has to do with dyslexic lizards, I do not know.
  2. I have both cats and dogs and love them in completely different ways and fear that I will jinx one or the other if I select one over the other. oh the quandry...
  3. 83% of males and 58% of females reported experiencing it - from the above link. So, is it a good thing?
  4. While at the local mall, I stopped in BB&B for some massage oil and noticed that Kamera was playing in the store. Very pleasant shopping music... It should be a marketing ploy because I stayed in that smelly store until the song was over.
  5. I saw them for the first time in October in Charlotte - started a thread asking VC'rs what to expect and the basic response was that you'll be smiling for days afterwards. True. Very charismatic and interactive. Some superhero passed out laser pointers right before the show so everyone was playing with those and Wayne said at one point to let him "have it" with the lasers. What a visual. And that was just a small part. Everyone at the show was smiling and it was the friendliest crowd I'd ever been in. I will NEVER pass up an op to see them live.
  6. Has anyone watched Assisted Living? I stumbled across it on Netflix and watched it - cool little indie flick...
  7. When you wipe the records with a soft cloth, don't rub like you would a cd, from center to edge. Instead, rub the cloth in a circle around the label.
  8. Apparently NOTHING available at the Ryman now? That blows goats.
  9. Drazil


    Not much info there, huh? Did they not give you a link? Check your email for a link to validate... Good Luck.
  10. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp version)
  11. So now that you have a seating chart, does Analog Man have dibs on those tickets? 'Cuz I want 'em.
  12. Drazil


    Exactly what is a Jack & Jill shower? Is it kinky?
  13. Drazil


    yea - - - Kaliedoscope presents...
  14. Drazil


    Does anyone remember the good ole days when we stood in line at the local record store ticket hub and whoever was in the respective lines first got the best tickets? There were no presales or internet sales... I'm waxing nostalgic here...
  15. Forget xanax, I'm moving on to thorazine.
  16. I absolutely HAD to be one of the first people trying to get Ryman tix and couldn't. I give up. Presales blow goats.
  17. Oh, duh. There is an hour time difference in Nashville from NC. Ok, deep breath. I'm trying to get tickets for Charleston and/or Nashville so DOUBLE WHAMMY stress. Where's my xanax???
  18. I've had two jumbo cups of coffee PLUS the adreneline rush of buying the tix with NO LUCK. I'm about to crash - They're going to have to send me home from work.
  19. Drazil


    Same thing with Charleston show - and the Ryman show presale still has not begun. I got all pumped up now I'm let down. But I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  20. Absolutely ANY song in which Mariah Carey does that shrill squealing that she calls hitting octaves. It sux. She only wishes she blew goats. I hate to LOOK at her, and hearing her sing is my hell.
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