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  1. We're the same old fans...
  2. ALTWYS has been one of my favorites and I was disappointed not to hear it. I'm glad Spiders is still in the set though.
  3. Hate It Here because it's just so sad to think about poor ole Jeff running out of shirts to fold.
  4. Apparently a trend has been started.
  5. Now that's a concept. I was on 2nd row center (right beside a taper - thank you very much ) and directly in front of me was a 6+ foot guy who danced... a lot - which is cool but he blocked Pat and John completely from me most of the night. Suggestion: There should be a section for the tall ones. They can have discounted tickets.
  6. I saw a VH1 edition of Where Are They Now several years ago and Ron Keel had gone country. Wasn't Billy Sheehan the bassist for Keel?
  7. ok, so my verbage was askew. I was getting boned, what can I say?
  8. I have an interesting antidote about the drone. AGIB was playing in the background while my boyfriend and I were 'getting busy' and the drone started. It's important to note that he's not familiar with the cd. The drone hypnotized me, I lost all concentration. Later he asked me what was taking me so long. When I explained that there was an 11 minute interval on the cd that I had to get through before letting it all go, he was perplexed. "You mean I had to wait 11 minutes because of a cd?" Not that he was complaining about extending the time, it was just that he had no idea what was go
  9. Drazil


    "Last Train to London" always takes me right back to the early 80's at the skating rink...
  10. I will be there, very very excited. I only hope no one yells "SHE'S A JAR" at an inopportune moment. The Penguin is a great little dive, cold beer and fried pickles...
  11. Patrick Bateman's Huey Lewis diatribe in American Psycho is rather interesting...
  12. How do you get to these shows?
  13. Drazil


    ummmm, you never know. One can imagine...
  14. Drazil


    I'm just waiting for the issue of Playgirl with Jeff in the centerfold.
  15. Good point, however isn't "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" taken by the Braves?
  16. I would start watching baseball if Wilco was played. I'd even be a Cubs fan...
  17. I just saw the commerial... that was strange. I would SO buy the Wilco V-Dub bus.
  18. Drazil

    Double Take

    muzzle of BEES + ordinary BEEhives = a lotta bees
  19. Does albumbase.com have Milli Vanilli???
  20. Two Moon Junction is a hot fantasy film.
  21. That explains the inspiration behind Hotel Arizona....
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