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  1. Bang by Gorky Park is available on Limewire...
  2. In my defense, I don't know how to share. I just downloaded Limewire and started pulling in songs like crazy. If my files are available for others, I am completely unaware. I hate to be a dick. Maybe I should sacrifice and learn to share.
  3. Hope they play - Side with the Seeds Probably will play - What Light Wild Card - Shake It Off
  4. After reading the thread on the RIAA's college crackdown, a question came to mind. What exactly is the RIAA looking for? For example, if I'm downloading music from Limewire but don't share the files, am I at risk? What about the site out of Russia that sells songs for $.19 which are available before the cd is even released?
  5. It's going to take two drinks to get past that crap.
  6. I think the global warming will get us before the melting ice...
  7. Ninjas E. Liverwurst Posted Yesterday, 09:59 PM 'ludes People on 'ludes shouldn't reply to threads.
  8. Aren't those last two in the wrong line?
  9. I kept my distance Because she fell in love with everyone Smoking grass and taking Christmas trees She fell in love with me I was polite to her A soft sadness had her much more than her loneliness The light The light The light The light The light The light strikes terror The light strikes terror What light???
  10. That's great, thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have a copy of the show and the crowd is just loud and rude. You can hear people yelling out things throughout, the music is barely audible in the low spots. I hope this year the crowd shows more respect and appreciation.
  12. I have an mp3 of the Heavy Metal Drummer - Goth Version on my hard drive. If anyone is interested, tell me how to post it and I'll be glad to.
  13. The orchestra pit is usually closed up for concerts so there shouldn't be anyone in front of row A. I hope not anyway. I can't believe they are coming back to Charlotte after the last show they did there. The crowd was so rude. I am so glad they are, wouldn't miss it if I had to sit on row ZZZZ.
  14. My friend hooked up with two seats Orch Center Row B, but I never could get any. -- wondering how many presale tickets are sold?
  15. PM me please! I'm scared of bit torrents.
  16. Could you post those? I am very interested in hearing those cover songs!
  17. 9 Songs - anyone seen that one? Awesome movie if you like music AND sex.
  18. Is there a theme you're trying to use? Are you looking for a favorite Wilco song or one that defines a certain mood?
  19. So how do I become part of the follow up study?
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