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  1. Needless to say, it was a great night. Great write ups too, thanks for sharing. Does anyone know if this show was taped? Would love to find a recording...
  2. Thanks Froggie, I managed to pick up a copy today (4CD) at Red Eye Records... hope you're having some luck too
  3. Any aussie VCers who have managed to track down a copy of AMF? Can't seem to find it in Sydney
  4. Thanks for recording and posting. The WAV folder seems to be missing tracks 31 to 34 - is it just me? (Shows up on the mp3 folder.)
  5. Hi all, Haven't bought the Complete Sessions yet and already own Vols 1 and 2. When this was first announced, it seemed that only Vol 2 was remastered (which is... odd...) but since its release I've read in various places (most notably Billy Bragg's website) that both Vols 1 and 2 are remastered. Does anyone have the final word on this? Thanks Mike
  6. I can't seem to see the online videos from here in Australia, so would definitely be interested in hearing about a download etc. Thanks!!!
  7. Hey guys, I was there last nite, awesome nite. Really diverse setlist, it's the 5th time I've seen them and I think I counted 11 songs that I'd never heard them play before! Anyways, to answer some questions: Yes they did play Kicking TV (holy shit) Yes they did play Laminated Cat in an electrified way (holy shit) Yes they did play Outtasite straight after I Got You (holy shit) Yes they did play the Being There version of Sunken Treasure (holy shit) Once I get my brain together and finish a day of work urgh I'll report back on more Mike
  8. I implore you to check out the new Camera Obscura album *swoons* And WTA is/was a bit of a disappointment. Not terrible, but Wilco can definitely do better
  9. Haha yes I'm sure we've all written these thoughts before, but heck we love this band so why not go back into the rabbit hole? Like many I feel that Sky Blue Sky is a memento of the time. It reminds me of my experiences of mid-2007, and I think the album's wistful feel really helps to make that connection. I'm not sure if for example Summerteeth (with its blaring keyboards) was my soundtrack in that time that I would be able to make the same connection. (Although I think Summerteeth is great.) SBS really is what it is and reflects a moment (for Jeff, the band and the listener). Where YHF (s
  10. I would very much appreciate a FLAC copy of your recording! Cheers Mike
  11. I'm tryin' to get over a girl so right now Tweedy's love/lost love lyrics are hitting me hardest: "I've got reservations about so many things, but not about you." "Embracing the situation Is our only chance to be free I
  12. At the risk of flogging a very dead horse, is there any chance of this appearing? Cheers Mike
  13. Thank you thank you thank you thank you
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