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  1. Yeah! I agree. I think you can only get some of the West Street Mob (which is what I want) and some others on this set now. I think most of that stuff is out of print unless you buy a used copy from what I just saaw on Amazon.
  2. I figured that. I used to have this and it kind of "walked away" one day. This thread made me think of that. I need to put it on my purchase list.
  3. Happy Birthday Sir S! Sending some Birthday eye candy your way
  4. I've had a few encounters: Happened into a Borders Books in Arlington,VA and met Terry Bradshaw there signing his book. I met Faye Dunaway, Neil Patrick Harris (pre-gay and pre-Doogie Howser) and Richard Widmark while filming a movie close to my home town. Almost ran over James "the Ragin' Cajun" Carville while he was jogging in Alexandria a few weeks ago. Met Fred Savage at a bar back in my college days in Athens, GA. Other regular,random sightings in Athens were Micheal Stipe (would occasionally shop in his food co-op), most of the guys from Widespread Panic, Hines Ward and the guy f
  5. I wonder how my Dawgs are going to do with OSU, South Carolina, and Alabama in our first 4 games with a young offensive line and defensive secondary. We got our hands full I think...
  6. I hope NPR fixes it so you can download the show in the next few weeks. I'm still kicking myself for not going!
  7. From the 9:30 Club setlist posted on NPR they played "Cactus" off of Surfer Rosa. I'm sure that's probably the Pixies song they played.
  8. Shoot! A pity I couldn't go. I guess I'll have to enjoy the npr download instead
  9. Yeah. I'm on the fence about going. I have a friend who went to the movie with me and wants to go, but she has a commitment in Adams Morgan and it's going to be a three-ringed logistics circus for me to get her and get to the show. I guess I'll decide today.
  10. Oh, man! I'm glad I saw this. Anyone going to the 9:30 Club show on Thursday?
  11. ...I mean Stevie Ray Vaughan is dead, and we can't get Jon Bon Jovi in a helicopter. Come on, folks. "Get on that helicopter John. Shut the fuck up and get on that helicopter! There's a hair dresser in there. Yeah, go ahead in there, yeah yeah." - Dennis Leary
  12. Yeah. It was pretty rough drive. I haven't gone on a roadtrip in awhile. Burlington is a very pretty city and was a welcome change of pace compared to the usual DC craziness! I was definitely hurting by the time I got into Baltimore.
  13. Great photos guys! You couldn't have asked for a better day to see a Wilco show. It was definitely worth the 12 hour drive including 4 hours of NJ/NYC traffic to get up there.
  14. If anyone sees a dude pre-show sitting next to a car with VA plates knocking back a brew or two, that be me. Come say hey!
  15. Last time I went to Merriweather from VA I took 295 BW Parkway. Exit onto Hwy. 32 drive a few miles then exit onto 29 North to the venue. Not sure how to navigate this out of the District, but it cut out the beltway and was a pretty quick drive (at least on that day it was).
  16. Well, it looks like I'm not going to make it to the show. Oh, well. Have fun Owl!!!
  17. I think their office is in Old Town. They may have other places in the area too. I'm sure they can afford it.
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