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  1. he looks like John Malkovich in real life...true story
  2. Hi neighbor! My own little joke. I heard he lives in Old Town, but never saw him until a few weeks ago when I almost ran him over while he was jogging.
  3. Cool! Thanks! Yes, definitely the 15 block option is my recommendation
  4. For real, let me check with one of my boys, and I'll get back to ya
  5. Damn! I think I have to go to this now.
  6. I hear ya. I'm doing a marathon Wilco road trip at the end of the month up to Vermont. Maybe I should do a poll of which show to go to.
  7. Yeah. It's a good bet you'll have to do that. As an aside, if I do go to a show on Saturday night, I've been debating who to go see. Sea and Cake is playing at the Black Cat that night too.
  8. Dude, I have been there. The venue is cool, but it really is in "not nice" part of town. Plus, it is very difficult to get a cab in that area unless you make some other arrangement late night. I was thinking about going to this show too.
  9. Dear New England VCers, I've been dying to go on a road trip for a good while now. I've decided to forgo the Merriweather Post show here, and head up to your neck of the woods for the VT show, and for good measure the problably the Boston show too. I've never been to Boston, so I was wondering if any of you peeps could recommend places to stay and some must do eat and see kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm coming up there by myself from DC. I'd be interested in meeting some of our fellow VCers if you guys want to hang (message me if you be interested) Thanks, Jonathan
  10. I watched that too. Harrowing is right!
  11. The Six Parts Seven -"Things Shaped in Passing" and "Casually Smashed to Pieces" A friend just got me into them.
  12. Isn't Frank Gorshen dead? Edit: Beaten to it
  13. If you live in TN, I would not waste your time making a road trip to Chastain. It's a beautiful venue, BUT as formentioned, there are too many issues to make it worth it. I would hold out. I volunteered there one summer to get into some free shows....shudder...it was bad
  14. Yep, Smoke a "J" next to her grave back in high school
  15. I'm trying to be good and wait too. Come on May 15th!
  16. In addition to Gunston Hall, mentioned in the other post. You have Robert E. Lee's birth place in Old Town and his pre-Civil War home in Arlington Cemetry. They just open a new interactive visitor center at Mt. Vernon, but I haven't been yet. You also have Gadsby's Tavern and Fort Ward in Old Town. At least that's in NOVA. You've got more in DC.
  17. I live in Old Town Alexandria. There are a good number of great restaurants and shopping on King St. (I imagine you're staying somewhere around King St. metro). All of the above recommendations are great, and I agree that there is WAY too much to do here. I'm an art buff, so I love the National Gallery. The Freer Gallery has a nice collection of Asian and Middle Eastern art. The also just reopened the National Portrait Gallery. As far as food, I love the Old Ebbitt Grill near the White House (675 15th Street, NW). Lunch there is quite reasonable.
  18. Mende, I'm coming to sleep on your couch bro!
  19. No surprises there. I watch one or two shows and it was pretty painful. At least they have a free time slot for reruns of Hell's Kitchen and Joe Millionaire.
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