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  1. I was looking for this awhile back myself to see if someone had ripped it. It is the same version as the "More Like the Moon" EP, but the DVD version is a faster tempo. Much more rockin'
  2. Thanks Guys! I think I got overshadowed by Mr. Young's B-day I hope I meet that man one day! UGA over Auburn was the best gift a guy could get
  3. I guess I can look forward to the Music City Bowl this year
  4. Dial the IREMEMBERDBOON complaint hotline at: 1-800-CAL-IBER ext. 66
  5. They both opened a restaurant together in Athens not that long ago I think. It's like the Two Davids or something like that.
  6. Thanks! David is a good player. At least he's only out for the year and not his career.
  7. Humm... You have your opinion. Boring is kind of a harsh adjective to me.
  8. I'm glad you hate it. By the way, did you know I like Garden State?
  9. 25 BEST BEERS IN AMERICA 1 - Fat Tire Amber Ale: Fort Collins, CO Shamefully omitted from the list by Jerry Garcia's Floating Severed Hand
  10. I did briefly. I was pretty tired and out of it
  11. Wow! Interesting...you learn something everyday. It is Old Joy. That's what I get for typing too fast.
  12. Old Joe Movie I was browsing myspace films and ran across this independent film starring our buddy Bonnie "Prince" Billy. The soundtrack is by Yo La Tengo. Anybody hear anything about this?
  13. I hear ya! I think it's sad that everything I've equated over the past month has had something to do with a logical reasoning problem.
  14. I think I'm going to strengthen that argument on the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT soon.
  15. That's aweful. Sorry to hear about your loss, redshift. I smoked for a good while. I did the patch and it worked wonders, but you also have to be in a positive mindset to continue to not smoke after you come off of the program. Good luck! Vibes!!!!!
  16. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Happy Friday to you too!
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