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  1. My first Tweedy show! So forgive me when I don't get what the amazing occurrence that bbop mentioned--to me, just making it to a show and the whole experience was an amazing occurrence. :-) The Englert is the smallest venue I've seen Tweedy (including Jeff w/ or w/out Wilco) in, possibly excluding Otto's in DeKalb. Beautiful rennovated, theater, though. It's like the Minneapolis Orpheum on a smaller scale. Enough about the architecture, though. Awesome show. Jeff was in good spirits and smiled a LOT, even when he called us assholes, lol (for not applauding enough, if I recall? Sorry, I get
  2. Congrats, ripthisjoint! I can't top Lotti's advice. However, something I've learned from a guy I work with: follow your artistic passion, but pay the bills too. The custodian where I work is first and foremost a professional artist...but he admits it's not enough to pay the bills to live a comfortable lifestyle. Although custodial work might not be glamorous, it pays fairly well and enables him to purchase art supplies and still have time and living comfort level to be an artist and make contacts to be able to sell his work. And he produces genuinely awesome paintings and photographs!
  3. Have a wonderful time at Solid Sound, everyone! It's not in my budget or family's interests (pick your family vacation plan battles carefully, right? ), but someday I'll make it. We have plans to go to the Black Hills this summer. A few weekends here and there in Minneapolis will be fun too. Gardening--last year we wanted something new and thus had our backyard landscaped with lots of flowering plants, and even though we were novices, we did very well with it, even in an extremely dry year (we could use a dry spell now, though--WAY too much rain this spring!). Lots of time with the kid
  4. That would work for me! Or a coffee shop in a bookstore.
  5. Emily Dickinson and Jeff Tweedy! I think they'd have a lot to talk about regarding words and poetry. All three of us are/were introverts but I think they would have plenty to say to each other that I could just sit back and listen (I'm generally beyond terrible at impromptu conversation or verbal chit chat). I wonder where they'd want to meet and what would be on the menu?
  6. That is very, very cool--thanks for sharing that! It's fun to see creativity in action from both Glenn and the Delta company personnel.
  7. Thanks for sharing--great commercial, very creative in both visual and audio. Agree! I've seen him open twice for Jeff, that same year or so. Anytime I see the name Glen with one n somewhere, I think, no no no Mr., your parents spelled that all wrong for you.
  8. That's it, Zamfir! A quick google search reveals that he is indeed not Peruvian. Good idea to not go there... Yes, great idea that fits into folk art and way of life. Movie or book? I found a nonfiction book about it as a terrorist group in a quick online search.
  9. I checked those out on imdb.com and all look really good, especially Days of Santiago and Aguirre--interesting material to spark discussion in many ways. Thanks for all these titles and ideas, everyone!
  10. That book looks awesome! Sometime it's tough getting community college freshman to want to read but visuals almost always get them talking. I'm a believer in expanding visual literacy, another way to analyze and critique. Cusine is an art! What little I know about Peruvian food sounds amazing (500 potatoes?! I feel like my local grocery stores are so limited), and there are some wonderful varieties of Peruvian coffee. And I will have to check out the architecture. Portuguese or Spanish influences, I'm guessing? I will have to check out that David Byrne album and Los Saicos too. Cum
  11. The college I work for has an international project, for which I'm on a committee that organizes cultural, artsy events. Every year is a different country/region, and this year it's Peru. One of my coworkers is friends with an artist from Peru now living in the Twin Cities who can do a short-term art workshop in our town later this year, so we're building our theme around that. In the past this project been open to the community, but for whatever reason it seems to be evolving to narrow in primarily on campus, which is fine. It's easier to manage that way, especially since our jobs are so busy
  12. Yes, my coworkers and I did! I'm trying to think what films we did show...need to think back. I remember we had a book club read of Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You, a fictionalized bio which made a perfect companion to the movie Hotel Rwanda. Black Girl sounds really good and I've added it to my grown-up-must-see movie list for the future. Which reminds me that the next project is Peru and I ought to solicit ideas...
  13. Done for Waterloo. Even though I won't be attending SS, it was nice to contribute in some small way. I do, though, take solace in knowing that in some parallel universe I'm already there, front and center, hearing Waterloo and having a blast.
  14. Someday I'll get back to grownup movies and catch up on some of the movies and TV shows mentioned here that I'd like to see. In the meantime, my kids are into this again big time, and they insist that my husband and/or I watch it with them. It doesn't take much to convince me. It still manages to make us all laugh every time.
  15. If Wilco were to open for the Stones, they ought to play Won't Let You Down. It has a Stonesy sound to it. That thought led me to dig out YHF demos today, which I hadn't done for a very long time. Sweet.
  16. Not sure we want Jeff to have that kind of education.
  17. Very chilling, all of it. So far no motive or reasons known? A friend of mine ran that marathon and crossed the finish line and left the area less than half an hour before the bombing.
  18. I think that's the mermaid show I saw on some show on the Travel Channel. My daughter REALLY wants to go! Funny how it's too easy to neglect cool things in one's own state.
  19. Goodness, somehow I missed your post above my first time around this thread! I haven't seen the Pappajohn Sculpture Park yet but have been meaning to do that. The big spider sculpture looks fun. State fair food--anything on a stick.
  20. Have you been to Bok Tower Gardens near Orlando? Gorgeous! The Pinewood Estate on the grounds is awesome, if you're into old houses. I'd love to see St. Augustine someday! Canoeing sounds fun, but the thought of gators so close--!
  21. Iowa. There are a few things to do here. Really. It's just that they are very far apart. We do a lot of driving. Plus, I'm fairly easily amused. A few of my favorites: Amana Colonies For gardeny types: Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University and the Des Moines Botanical Center, in the process of a major expansion Iowa City, the quintessential university town Iowa State Fair every August Also in summer is RAGBRAI, the annual bike ride across the state that draws thousands & thousands of bicyclists Boone Scenic Valley Railroad Historic Hotel Pattee, each room decorated all out in a differe
  22. Yes, I probably am just wishful thinking that I will always play such an important role in my kids' lives! :-) And I have to wonder how far my (or anyone else's) level of acceptance and tolerance reaches. What if a person's kid wanted to be part of a polygamist marriage? Or a cult? Are we each accepting only of what fits our own beliefs, and what if family members shake up those beliefs? To what degree are we tolerant and accepting? I certainly don't want those to be tested, but it gets a person thinking.
  23. If either of my kids is gay (they're too young now to know, but if someday), I want to be the first to know (after themselves, of course!). My state approved gay marriage a couple of years ago, and surprise, it's not ruining society or the "values" of the state, as opponents suggested before. No one who I know that is gay has married yet, although I know one big, gravelly construction worker guy who rolled his eyes at having to spend a Saturday going out of town to attend a lesbian wedding (a relative of his wife), but the eye roll was because he was going to a wedding period, rather than st
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