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  1. It's way too early for me to know how I feel about all of the tracks. But I feel confident in a 10/10 for Art of Almost, I Might and Whole Love. I think Whole Love is absolute golden goodness.
  2. Hot: Deeper Down, One Wing, BBN, Country Disappeared Warm: Wilco (The Song), Sonny Feeling, Everlasting Cold: You and I (though minus Feist, live I like), You Never Know, I'll Fight, Solitaire I think Deeper Down is the most interesting song on the album. Granted it's no rip-roaring rocker, I enjoy seeing it live. Cool percussion and timing by Glenn. And for some reason Sonny Feeling still makes me smile. I like the "ahs" by John and Pat leading up to "remember to show gratitude."
  3. -- Though I really like the live version, the album version of Theologians is perfect IMO. -- After listening to Impossible Germany live so many times, I can't listen to the slower studio version. -- Kamera and War on War also stand out to me. Again, nothing against the live takes, just stellar recordings.
  4. So, so many lovely, killer moments in these songs. The one the sticks out to me right now is the end of Hell Is Chrome, when John joins in on the "come with me"s. I dare you not to sing along with that (though my backup, backup vocals often break up).
  5. Was wondering if they'd play At Least That's What She Said for the Scranton branch
  6. Haha I might have suggested this but didn't want to seem unpatriotic The whole "crankiness" thing is a non-issue to me. The guys are smiling, laughing, joking, having a great time up there. Jeff's just doing what he can to try and calm down the folks distracting away from the show. He's talked several times about wanting people at shows to have a great time, and the me-me-me folks tend to take away from the experience Wilco likes to create. I enjoy those moments in a Curb Your Enthusiasm kind of way. How many times have you actually told a stranger who's being an ass, "Hey, stop being an
  7. Was at the past two shows -- Atlanta and Durham -- and have to say it was quite a different feel. The Durham crowd was pretty tame in comparison. My buddy and I knew early on the Jesus singalong would be weak, and it was. Of course I was in front row for Atlanta and upstairs at DPAC so that had a lot to do with it. But the guys were outstanding as usual. The way they put so much heart and thought and joy into what they're doing comes through loud and clear. The complaints about these epic setlists are funny. I've seen them 12 times now and still haven't heard my fave Ashes yet, but I'm no
  8. Yeah I splurged for front row through one of the douchebag ticket sites, and it was well worth it. Would have paid more! Ears still buzzing btw
  9. Amazing show, great time. Really funny when Pat snuck up behind John during I'm a Wheel vocals and startled him. Who knows how long my ears will be ringing from a faceful of Pat all night, but well worth it.
  10. A visual keepsake could never compare to the aural memories I leave a Wilco show with.
  11. 33 songs! Not For the Season! I'm officially getting an erection.
  12. Oh my god, I couldn't be more excited. Going to Atlanta and Durham shows. Did they go on right at 8?
  13. So true. Some people just have a hard time enjoying themselves and there's nothing a fellow concert-goer can do about that. As a person whose back hurts if I stand up for 3 hours straight, I enjoy the option of having a seat for before the show starts and for the mellow moments. Gonna have to suck it up for the GA Montreal show on Saturday! Another "rule" I go by: If the folks in front of me are standing and I wanna see, I stand. It's Just That Simple.
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