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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement, which is why I said that I was completely kidding. These are complicated issues and complicated times, and I think that everyone who works hard in this country should be able to live with a sense of comfort and security. that is with all honesty.
  2. I don't know that we've formally met, Mr. Poongoogler. But I, too, thank God that we're finally going to take money from people who've worked hard for it, and give it to people who choose not to work quite as hard. God damnit, you've got to be kind. edit: I should add that I'm totally fucking kidding.
  3. while not a documentary I enjoy the music from mo' better blues. that denzel sure could play must have been the spike lee joints. thankfully I am no longer in immediate possession of any further puns I should add live at the el mocambo
  4. You are aware that there is free pornography on the internet, correct?
  5. Can't wait to hear Ballad In Urgency -> Wiser Time How was corrina corrina?
  6. Committees are the direct issue of the devil
  7. how could a party completely devoid of moral values base its campaigns on moral values?
  8. it appears that your recommendation was well-received.
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