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  1. Yesterday's games were interesting. I'm so torn on the Pens/Habs series. I'm sooo sick of Pittsburgh! I mean, there's no denying the talent of Crosby or Malkin, but the NHL has done a wonderful job of making me want to kill myself at the very sight of them. Yeah, they're great, but do we have to see them on EVERY commercial the league has authorized? That being said, I have a born-in hatred against Montreal. I hate their cocky fans, their stupid haircuts, and their obsession with their own dominance despite the fact that they haven't won a cup in nearly 20 years. But it would be great to
  2. God I hate Pitchfork. I've been obsessed with this record since I got it. Well over 20 plays now.
  3. Man, I haven't posted on here in a while. I'm pumped about the B's right now, Savard's coming back for Round 2!
  4. Awesome show last night. It was a marathon, I was exhausted after the 3+ hours.
  5. Good eyes, I'm a huge Bruins fan. I make it to about 15 games a year. And as far as photos go...I surely won't be texting anything during the show. haha
  6. Oh my poor Bruins. Stumbling into the playoffs (hopefully). At this point I'll be happy with any outcome in the playoffs: Either they surprise everyone and make a solid run, or they lose quick and end this disappointing season. My premature Stanley Cup picks: Washington v. Vancouver: Washington in 6. But don't quote me on that.
  7. I'll be there! :thumbup So what's this I hear about a new camera policy?
  8. Amazing stuff. I'm really loving it so far.
  9. Are they part of the animal collective?
  10. Olympic hockey is cool and all, but I'm really missing the NHL right about now.
  11. HAHA. I love the fact that Wilco was playing.
  12. Great show. Anybody take any pictures?
  13. 2006: Brown University, Providence, RI Pines Theater, Florence, MA 2007: Pines Theater, Florence, MA Bank of America Pavillion, Boston, MA 2008: Some Theater in CT Tangelwood, Lenox, MA ...that arena, Worcester, MA 2009: Baseball park, Lowell, MA 2010: Lupos, Providence, RI shooting for the Orpheum Theater date too so I can make it '10'
  14. Can someone give me a run down of the best Kinks albums, the ones I have are hit or miss...
  15. Last night's World Juniors game was incredible. I'm very happy for the US team, only the 2nd time we've captured the gold.
  16. So Long


    This situation could have been averted with the use of a cell phone alarm clock.
  17. Man, it's been a while since I posted here. Yesterday's game was amazing. I couldn't get tickets, but hung out in a bar across the street from Fenway. Great atmosphere, great game. I'm happy Thomas made the USA Olympic team.
  18. The best part is his strut off stage at the tail end...
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