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  1. Wilco is like an old friend that no matter how much time apart, being in their company is so comforting. Incredibly solid show, they hit at least one song from all 10 proper studio albums. I think it is safe to say they will definitely switch up songs and give a nice variety, but we are not heading towards any original Riv residency set list craziness. South American Spiders was the highlight. So much fun and superior in every way to the clapping, start and stop version of the past. The trump banter from Jeff was great but I still felt like I was living in a dictatorship when after the show,
  2. I have very strong (negative) reactions to this album title, the direction of the music since WTA, and Jeff as a relevant song writer. I'm not bitter, my lack of interest is not an indictment on anyone who loves the album title or music, just something I feel. You should not feel bad, everyone reaches their tipping point at different times and it is usually very personal. There does not have to be a definitive jump the shark moment. Sometimes irrelevance is bubbling for a long time and then one day you wake up read the word Schmilco, listen to the first two songs, remember you didn't care o
  3. In the crazy world of Tribune baseball writer Paul Sullivan, Yoenis Cespedes is Bruce Springsteen, a high earning entertainer whom the Chicago White Sox have shown some interest in signing. However Sullivan feels the White Sox might be better off signing Dexter Fowler at a lower cost. And in the last sentence of the article states, "perhaps Fowler can be more like Wilco, and then everyone will be better off." Sorry if you are not a baseball fan, don't know who Dexter Fowler is, or prefer baseball scribe Peter Gammons, but this struck me as so odd, I had to share it with the other 13 people w
  4. Modest Mouse: Trailer Trash Styrofoam Boots / It's all right on ice, alright 3rd Planet Custom Concern Talking Shit About a pretty sunset Ocean Breathes Salty The styrofoam boots portion is a perfect request for Jeff's next solo benefit show as it sounds like something that could have been on Anodyne
  5. From the noisey.vice review linked above..."They're like the hip persons version of the Dave Matthews Band." Wow does that depress me. I've spent my last 20 years seeking out and listening to music that I like and it was all to be a slightly more hip Dave Matthews Band fan? He was correct however. That was not one of Wilco's best sets, with the debut of an album barely anyone had heard, most of the hits, and a festival crowd. But going back to my 11 years of attending this festival (I went to intonation fest in union park in 2004&05) the headliners have usually left me slightly disappo
  6. In a future age. But that's about it.
  7. Well I was not saying they were going to be the same, it seemed obvious a Tweedy show would play songs off the new Tweedy album they were touring in support of. Yes I recall seeing a benefit show on Valentines day (late winter) and early April (early spring) which is exactly when this Tweedy show took place. So historically speaking, this Tweedy show took place in the same calendar period the benefit shows normally occur. Now add to that wilco is touring, Tweedy is touring, Sue may not be up to putting a benefit show together this year, etc. and it was easy to believe there would be no
  8. Strategically announced just days after the Tweedy show, which took place in the same venue right around the dates historically going back a decade that the solo benefit shows have taken place. I do not begrudge the announcement, nor the extra chance to see Jeff perform, just mentioning the way that many of us who have attended these shows regularly and lovingly were "led" to believe that the Tweedy show would substitute for the benefit show this year.
  9. The following is a list where if seen independently would have made last night a great and memorable show: Sunken treasure and misunderstood in the first 10 songs Total Pros Pieholden suite/summer teeth It's just that simple (with appropriate crowd adulation for John) Some day some morning some time Spiders ending the main set New Madrid / Dreamer at the front of the stage But all those were played in one night. Late in the show Jeff was talking about how he and john had been working in this milieu for 20 years and everyone else on stage for at least 10. He went through the 10 year guys
  10. That was the best "library" show I've ever been to. If it really was the library guy who provided the oomph in the zep song, it was too perfect. Jeff seemed to think it was and I want to agree. I actually thought this was one of the better shows for Tweedy original rarity's. I'm always in love as the opener was damn near perfect. 3 of the 1st four from summerteeth. At least one song off the first 6 albums. Radio King, not for the Season, and ruling class seem to be the Jesus, shot in the arm, and IATTBYH of the Tweedy solo shows. Usually it's Airline or Cal Stars, not Airline and Cal Stars
  11. Great article extremely well written with the requisite knowledge where an outsider flipping through Chicago magazine or a super fan who knows everything could both enjoy. My comment is about the living room shows. I totally understand the underlying entitlement the writer touches upon. Thinking back to the mid 2000's, as much as I loved the Vic solo shows, I did not understand the seemingly sub group of fans who requested the songs only they knew and wanted to hear. This was either pre living room shows or their very early days, but I was uncomfortable sitting in the Vic while one fan r
  12. This was my 11th straight year of attending a Jeff benefit show (from Gary Scheppers to tsunami victims, sue's temple, academic scholarships, etc) and they never get old. One of the highlights is seeing the evolution of songs. For example Jeff used to avoid hummingbird solo before working through it and coming to this beautiful and simplistic version. I also love stripped down versions of some of the more produced songs on record and full band shows. Art of almost and can't stand it immediately come to mind. Sky blue sky and country disappeared are gorgeous solo and the emotion in ITMWLY is
  13. First off, terrific terrific day at the Hideout Block Party. I have gone many years and the treat of having Wilco headline was very exciting. But first, Jon Langford (Waco Brothers) was terrific as always. Kelly Hogan was wonderful. She has such a genuine personality on stage and much like when she was with Neko Case at Pitchfork a few years back, was really thankful to be there. Corin Tucker Band drove a hard beat and was a nice mid day act. They are no Wild Flag, but enjoyable. Wild Belle was the find of the day. I love a powerful voice and Natalie Bergman has as powerful a voice as y
  14. Ugly cassanova Issac Brock gets very little love in the someone else's song thread. Not sure if it is because this is a wilco board and MM threatens wilco's dominance, or if it is just old fashioned ignorance, but considering modest mouse is the only American band that could rival wilco's output in almost the exact same career time line, I am always surprised to not see them mentioned more. Ugly Cass was with Tim from Califone, a via Chicago fave.
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