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  1. Get the tissue ready.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newsvideo/11228533/Heartbroken-father-comforts-dying-son-with-Paul-McCartneys-Blackbird-song.html
  2. Is that f'real? If so, fantastic.. Which one is you?
  3. I want some of whatever you are smoking..
  4. Yeah same here. You can't help but be a little star struck.. For a team that scored 10 runs the last game and kept it close last night, they get completely shutout when Bumgarner is put in.. The guy is the MVP of the world. It was a heck of a ride though for the Royals. They're young and the future it bright.
  5. Every kid that has ever played baseball has dreamed of playing and winning Game Seven.. Man as dominant as KC was last night, I can't see them losing. The last time a road team won a game 7 was back in 1979. But.. Bumgarner will be available for a relief role. Guthrie just has to give the Royals a few good innings...
  6. That Bumgarner is practically unhittable. It's almost unfair.. Glad that he won't be back for the rest of the series though.. Although he could be back in a relief role in game 7....
  7. Lammied. And now we got a series.. I didn't get to watch the game, but looks like the Royals bounced back nicely.
  8. Yeah I heard that Marlins dude was there for the ALCS too.
  9. Well that wasn't pretty... Oh well, still a lot of baseball left..
  10. When the Cubs finally go to the World Series, it will no longer be called Baseball, it will be called "Blorgball".. The crowd will be in "hover seats", and the players will be holograms of long-deceased hall of famers...
  11. Man oh man I still cant' believe it. The freaking ROYALS are going to the World Series.. Sure wish my grandpa (who took me to several games when I was a kid) was still alive to see it..
  12. Yeah if that's his picture at the top of the page, he looks like a craigslist rapist or something...
  13. I need major job vibes ya'll. A coworker of mine is potentially leaving the company. This would open the door for me to take his old job, since I'm the next logical person to step into the roll. If it works out, it would be pretty much my dream job... Major job vibes needed!
  14. Yes. It's hard to put into words, but I think The Whole Love tried too hard to be ear pleasing at times.. Sukierae feels more free, like the real unrestricted Jeff Tweedy to me. Like he's finally writing exactly what he feels--not having to be confined by the other Wilco member's input..
  15. Yeah the more I listen to this record, I think it's Jeff's best work since A Ghost Is Born.
  16. I have been kind of out of baseball the last several years, but I gotta say I'm pretty excited about the Royals. I was born in KC and was a HUGE Royals fan growing up... George Brett is my all time favorite player and I've always said there's never been a better hitter. Go Royals! Hope they go all the way..
  17. I listened to the record for the first time yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Hearing the pre-release samples, I thought they were kind of dry.. But the first half of the album is quite fantastic.. I think it starts to taper off a bit halfway through though, but I need to give it more listens. I get a Loose Fur or Ghost Is Born vibe from it.. And Spencer really stands out.. It's a very drum based record.. The kid is a beast.
  18. Totally abrupt, and a real asshole thing to do to their fans...
  19. Yeah and its pretty awesome.. http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/17/showbiz/celebrity-news-gossip/sharon-osbourne-u2-rant-free-album/
  20. I view U2 as one of the most creative and influential bands of our time. However, their heyday was decades ago... And like many other once great bands still playing today, they have become a novelty of themselves.
  21. Nice. Now I know what I'm asking Santa for.
  22. Yeah he's still a phenomenal guitarist, and I'd see him live again if he came to town. But I just don't like the direction his music is going. Hopefully he'll go back to his roots eventually.
  23. Coffee is actually good for you, in moderation. Just like wine. And beer. And coitus...
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