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  1. You realize that your comments have made you many, many, jealous enemies in this forum right?
  2. I didn't see any tapers, but I was in the upper "Grand Tier". I loved the "singalong" on Jesus Etc.. It almost seemed like Jeff was chastising the audience for their lack of singing on Summerteeth. Highlights, for me anyway, included "One Wing", "Impossible Germany", "Jesus Etc." (the guy next to me looked at me like I was a freaking idiot for singing so loud, but I didn't care), and "Hoodoo Voodoo". The only low-lights, were the girl on the other side of my wife who really, really, needed a shower/deodorant, and the weather going home. It took me about 2 hours to get there, and just und
  3. Without seeing the list it is hard to say, but I'll bet there is some Tragically Hip, Moist, and maybe the Andrew Goode Band on there somewhere.
  4. I would say so. I listened to Paper a couple weeks ago and his voice isn't nearly as smooth as it is now.
  5. I've listened to "Before the Frost" all the way through roughly 3 to 3 1/2 times so far and I like it. It's hard for me to define the album. This isn't a full on straight ahead Rock and Roll album like in the past. The best word I can come up with to describe it is funky. Even if you take out "I Ain't Hiding", which sounds like something that Franz Ferdinand could have written, the album just has this funky feel to it. In a way it reminds me a little of some Allman Brothers jam type stuff or some Derek Trucks style mixing menagerie. There is some latin beat type grooves going on in some of t
  6. I heard that there was this small band called The Beatles, that were really pushing to get on the bill. Maybe if were really lucky Gwar will get a shot. I am assuming that Andrew Bird will get a handful of dates.
  7. Honestly. I didn't get it until I heard it live. After that I fell in love with it.
  8. I've gone with "If I ever was myself I wasn't that night" before.
  9. While tragic, they make a career getting hit in the head. Not really shocking.
  10. I just sat through the one of the boring movies of all time, Ghost Town, then with about 10 minutes to go in the movie I heard a familiar guitar piece softly emanating from the background. Low and behold as the music grew louder I realized that the music was "Please Be Patient with Me". My wife didn't believe me until Jeff's voice kicked in. Bad movie, great song.
  11. I have issues taking painkillers. I get really nauseous on Oxycodone and most other things I get prescribed. The only thing I am able to take that does any good is Vicoden. Everytime I have ever gotten prescribed Vicoden, the pharmacist gives me hydrocodone. I just always assumed that it was the generic version of Vicoden. Am I wrong?
  12. It's never a good thing when somebody passes, but at least he didn't go out like David Carradine.
  13. The 2 biggest for me were Tilt: Till it Kills Sunny Day Real Estate: Diary Both were found at this little used record shop in Pensacola Fl. that I believe is no longer there. God do I miss the indie record shops.
  14. the_fliz1

    Watt & Nels

    All they needed was the one Hanson kid on drums and this would have been kick ass. No seriously, this really intrigues me.
  15. Everything that I have read about Nova said that the song is about a guy who just killed his girlfriend, unless Vincent and Marvin had something going on that was deleted on the cutting room floor, I don't think that it pertains. Although this secondary plot line would have made Pulp Fiction a heck of a lot more interesting.
  16. The sad thing is that now, even with all of the acting accomplishments he had, he will be forever known as the guy who died with a shoestring wrapped around his junk.
  17. Pat definitely. He reminds me Keith Richards when he is onstage, but in a good way.
  18. Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner. I can certainly understand somebody objecting to another person burning a flag. As a person who served in the U.S. military, I can say from experience, that we were taught to revere and cherish the flag. But even then, I got the the sense that we were supposed to honor the meaning of the flag more than the piece of fabric. As for the question, I have been trying all morning to find the actual track where Jeff talks about the meaning from the AGIB compilation, but I can't seem to find it. I do remember that he does say it is one of the few songs that he
  19. No Lidstrom, no Datsukm no problem. I am really kind of worried though. Fleury is playing lights out in Pittsburgh.
  20. This just doesn't seem real.
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