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  1. No points for me, just the joy of NOT being in that picture is reward enough.
  2. Hey, I was standing in front of him at the Wrens!
  3. Thinking hard about you I got on the bus and paid 30 cents car fare and asked the driver for two transfers before discovering that I was alone. is the street poetry at the stop where I caught my train today.
  4. Ha, good eye! I can barely see him in that picture, but I can confirm that yes, that'd be him.
  5. I know! It was like I was possessed or something. That Afghanistan book got perhaps the best review I've ever read, of anything, in the SF Chronicle Sunday Book section. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
  6. No, I cheaped out on HWAH and got the paperback. And on the Non Required Reading. I thought last year was a slight dip in quality from the previous year, but I'd still put any of these at the top of my recommendations list.
  7. I went a little nuts in the bookstore during my lunch hour. I went in looking for this but didn't find it, so instead I got and and and !!!
  8. Hi Donna! I'm pretty sure most people around here just think of me as a big frickin' know-it-all. How many of those does the world need?
  9. Yeah, I'm with Jess on this one, I'm in whichever user group doesn't get to rate threads. The button just isn't there.
  10. There are lots of links to FAQs, etc., in the BitTorrent 101 thread. In particular, check out this tutorial. That'll go into a little more detail, but the process basically consists of: download a BitTorrent program; right-click and save the *.torrent file for the show that you want to download (additional suggestion: create a BT folder on your desktop, so you'll be able to find these files easily if you ever want to re-open them); open the *.torrent file with the BT program that you've already downloaded (again, you'll probably want to save the download in a folder that you'll easily be abl
  11. Two of my favorite books mentioned in the previous posts! Evonne: "teamsta rap". I still giggle every time I think of it. And KevFlynn, I got to meet Michael MacDonald and his two youngest brothers when he did a reading out here a couple of years ago. He was an incredibly friendly, down-to-earth guy, but talking to him was very strange (particularly when the talk turned to his family), almost as if characters in a novel had escaped the page and turned up in real life. Fabulous book.
  12. I've only seen Damien Rice once, and wasn't overly impressed, but yeah, she was amazing; and absolutely otherworldly.
  13. I've heard it increases the value of houses, cars, and monkeys.
  14. I prefer Sometimes A Great Notion. Love love love that one. Currently, Book 6 of: I'm plowing my way through the entire Series of Unfortunate Events because my nieces love them, and I need to be able to discuss the stories with them. Book 12 comes out October 18th, so we're gearing up for that. And after that, in a complete change of pace, for my book club:
  15. I hope you're happy Kyle, I actually had to work at my job today.
  16. Hi Peter, welcome to VC! The first three subforums in In A Future Age are message forums, you should be able to look at those. Everything below that redirects you to bt.viachicago.org, which is a separate board, requiring a separate log-in (most people just register over there with the same username you use here).
  17. No, Kyle, it's different now... ...if you were to quote this post, it would only quote this part, not the "No, Kyle..." above. So it's not the nested quotes, it's multiple unnested quotes in a single post. I'm pretty sure that's new.
  18. Who's on first? kamera69, I think you have to have a URL. Go to http://photobucket.com/ and register for a free account. Then upload the image you want to post to your photobucket account, which will give you a URL which you can link to here, using the IMG button.
  19. There's been a shake-up! Looks like ELT is now a heading for all the forums except Reflecting... (so, I'm guessing that the new VC torrent tracker is going to also going to be a sub-forum in that same section). And what used to be ELT is now Just a Fan, and Greatest Lost Tracks is now Someone Else's Song... Anyway, scroll down past Speakers Speaking in Code, it should be there.
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