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  1. Just got the email saying they sent mine out, should be here by the end of the week. Excited to listen to the new Jason Isbell I purchased as an add-on.
  2. Didn't he also do a Strokes cover album that never got released? This may possibly get me to listen to 1989 as well.
  3. I remember seeing Alvvay's album for sale as a cassette version somewhere and the last few shows I've been to most of the bands were selling their album on cassette. I think they're selling cassettes at Record Store Day now, too.
  4. One of my favorite albums that I own on vinyl.
  5. Definitely the cassette version, if Wilco does it. Most indie releases are starting to come out on cassette again these days, so why shouldn't Wilco?
  6. Wtf Neil. I mean it's his music and he should be able to have full control of how it's distributed but how is streaming music any worse than iTunes? I already have a fair amount of his music in vinyl, but it's nice to be able to listen to his music in the car or at work and his LP's don't include download cards for that. I respect him for caring enough about his art to do this in the first place, though. I just don't agree with what he's doing.
  7. Is it just me or has most of Neil's stuff been taken off of Spotify?
  8. PM sent. And this goes for anyone else too...free records anybody?
  9. There should be a Record Store Day requirement against that! But who am I to complain, I guess I should feel lucky that there are still record stores at all. Generally I don't mind paying a little bit more at a record store than I would online or elsewhere, but then again nobody's forcing me to buy an album for more than twice than what the band is charging for it.
  10. Holy bajeezus, how does Everyday Music even expect to be able to charge $47.99 for Being There then? There should literally be a law against price inflation like that. edit: Those prices are extremely reasonable and what I would expect from a band like Wilco.
  11. Oops, I did not see the media mail option. $20 isn't bad at all!
  12. I remember reading somewhere that when Being There was originally released, the band decided not to take any profits from the sale of the album so it could cost as much as a regular record. Also I really want to preorder Star Wars from the Wilco Kung Fu Store to support the band and be entered for the drawings, but I can't support paying $20 for shipping when I should be paying not even half of that. I hope I'm not being to negative here, I really, really enjoyed Star Wars! I just don't want to pay twice as much as a normal album for it, although the free download is nice. Thank you Wilco!
  13. I'm sure if you just wanted A.M. you could sign up for just this month and then cancel.
  14. Does anyone know why the vinyl is shipping three months after the CD is released? That one is a grower, it's definitely my favorite so far!
  15. Yep, totally worth it too not just for this record but all of the records they've sent out since I became a subscriber last December have been really awesome and stuff that I might not have necessarily checked out on my own. I'm really curious to see what their cocktail pairing for A.M. is going to be.
  16. So this awesome record club I've been part of for a while now has decided to make A.M. it's Record of the Month, which means it gets a custom pressing and mailed out to their thousands of subscribers. I've always considered A.M. to be Wilco's most underrated record (constantly rated on here below WTA) so it's nice to see it getting this treatment. Oh yeah, in case you're wondering the Vinyl Me, Please edition comes with 180g red-tangerine vinylGatefold sleeveNew insert design with handwritten lyrics from Jeff Tweedy12″x12″ original art print by Ryder Evan Robison Here's what they hav
  17. Holy crap, are they covering Pavement right now? I can't put my finger on what song they're playing now.
  18. Wilco influenced themselves? Didn't quite see that coming
  19. YHF > Star Wars > AGIB > TWL > ST > BT > A.M. > SBS > WTA
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