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  1. As a lifelong Wilco fan (dating back to 1994), I think this is the record, along with Star Wars, that finally moves me into "disappointed" territory. I dig the first two songs on the new one and then it goes downhill fast. I mean, "Cry, cry, cry all day. Cry all night." Yikes. I'm still early in listening but songs 3-end just aren't grabbing me, with songs like "Common Sense" actually turning me off (this song is just brutal). I caught 3 of 5 Fillmore shows and although they're still great live, I do think it's clear that they've peaked, which given that the majority of the band is 20-25+ year
  2. On which front? Star Wars? That record is clunker city.
  3. 1 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2 Summerteeth 3 Being There 4 The Whole Love 5 A Ghost Is Born 6 Sky Blue Sky 7 AM 8 Wilco (the Album) 9 Star Wars
  4. It just seems silly to me and kind of damages the overall narrative. Is that me overthinking it? Perhaps, but it's just my take. In terms of musical content, here's how I'd rate their catalog on the Pitchfork scale: AM 7.3 BT 9.3 ST 9.0 M1 8.9 M2 7.0 YHF 9.7 Ghost 8.5 SBS 8.0 Album 6.9 WL 8.7 SW 5.7
  5. Also the content. Star Wars is a clunker and Schmilco, which I have a difficult time even typing, is not off to a good start.
  6. Considering that three of the last four album titles have been (the album), Star Wars and Schmilco, is it becoming sorta hard to take the band seriously. I should note that I am a lifelong fan, dating back to UT. I've seen Wilco probably about 75x, I've been to two Solid Sounds and I've loved every record up until SW, which I thought was mediocre at best. I've heard the first few tracks on the new one and I'm left scratching my head. They sound, similar to SW, uninspired and going through the motions. Again, I am about as big of a Wilco fan as there is, but......I'm just starting to wonder..
  7. I will making my first trip to SS this year. I've probably seen Wilco 60x, dating back to Johnny D's in Somerville, MA, Dec 1995. Very much looking forward to the trip. If you'd like to potentially hang, I'm at @autumnsouvenir. Safe travels, everyone. Chris
  8. This was the best Wilco show I've seen in a few years. Being one of the old crotchety fans who misses the days of yore, this felt a bit like late 90s Wilco. "Shouldn't Be Ashamed" was the highlight with "Laminated Cat" and "Wishful Thinking" right behind. A fantastic set list and Jeff seemed very youthful and relaxed. I've seen Wilco probably 60+ times, dating back to 12/94 and a few months back in Brooklyn was the first time I ever departed a Wilco show early. Last night really made up for that disappointing show. In Brooklyn, they seemed to be a band going through the motions. Last night w
  9. http://www.autumnsouvenir.com/2011/11/top-ten-records-of-2011.html
  10. Where do we think it will debut? #1?
  11. 1. Art of Almost - 8/10 2. I Might - 7/10 3. Sunloathe - 6/10 4. Dawned on Me - 7/10 5. Black Moon - 8/10 6. Born Alone - 8/10 7. Open Mind - 7/10 8. Cap City - 7/10 9. Standing O - 6/10 10. Red Rising Lung - 7/10 11. Whole Love - 9/10 12. One Sunday Morning - 9/10
  12. Wilco is so good in terms of artist-to-fan, but now two days post release, after dropping $75 on the deluxe set, I can say that I'm starting to get frustrated. I suppose it's possible that someone could've stolen the package in my building, but now three emails to Kung Fu and no response. That's just poor customer service. I live in SF and ordered weeks ago. This s**ks it.
  13. Am I the only person on the planet who hasn't received the pre-order? I placed my order with Wilco/King Fu about three weeks ago and still nothing. I will probably cry. Two emails to KF today went unanswered.
  14. My review of last night's show: http://www.autumnsouvenir.com/2011/09/wilco-merriweather-post-pavillion.html
  15. my take: http://www.autumnsouvenir.com/2011/09/first-impressions-of-wilcos-whole-love.html
  16. 1 Summerteeth 2 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3 Being There 4 The Whole Love (though clearly too early to tell) 5 AM 6 A Ghost Is Born 7 Sky Blue Sky 8 Wilco (The Album)
  17. I recently picked up a ticket to see Wilco at the Merriweather in Maryland. Now, I will say up front that I often find the whole ticketing fees argument to be a tired one, but the fees assessed to this purchase seemed pretty absurd. $40 to see Wilco is a good price. No complaints here. $5 service charge is reasonable compared to other services. $12 "delivery fee" is outrageous. Ummmm, why not just pop it in the ol' mail? Do I really need a $12 UPS charge for a paper ticket?
  18. A pal of mine, and longtime Wilco fan, has sworn off future Wilco shows after last night. Not because of the performance, but rather the crowd. He said that Wilco's following, at least at this show, has become unbearable. In his words, something about a perfect mix of frat boys and Phish-loving fools. He said that almost everyone near him was either talking the entire time or on their cell phones. Oh, and Jeff: How about San Francisco?
  19. Bummer. I missed out. Lucky folks!
  20. I don't know what "core enough" means, but I just think the immediate need to jump on these things is silly. I assume they're just posting tour dates and stuff, which in my "core enough" opinion is cool. I just can't stand artists who use Twitter to display their lives. That ain't core.
  21. Outside of The Jayhawks, Olson's work has far exceeded Gary's. "The Salvation Blues" is an excellent record and Mark's records under The Original Ridge Creek Dippers are all excellent. Gary's solo record is mediocre and Ready for the Flood is scattered. Gary works much better with others. Mark works great both ways.
  22. Song kinda stinks. I still have no clue why there isn't more love/performances of "I'll Fight." Are Wilco really on Twitter? Yuck.
  23. to my ears, it's by far the best song on the last record.
  24. 1 Being There 2 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3 Summerteeth 4 Sky Blue Sky 5 AM 6 A Ghost Is Born 7 The Album
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