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  1. Wanted a recording from the Fall "Schmilco" tour and grabbed Seattle 9/2 this morning based on the recs above. After two listens I'd just like to add my $.02 that this is a fantastic recording of a fantastic show. The band sounds great and very confident with the new material. The arrangements are thoughtful and everybody's contributions come through really nicely on this warm sounding recording. Thanks for the rec!
  2. Ryan Adams (solo acoustic) at the Capitol Theatre. First time seeing him, pretty excited. Amanda Shires opens. Jason Isbell played yesterday at Jones Beach and has nothing scheduled until August 5th - I'm sure he'll be in attendance, hopeful for a sit-in of some sort.
  3. Just dropped in to say that "Teens of Denial" is probably my favorite album of the year so far - really digging just about everything about it and still feeling that way after a good 15 or so front-to-back listens.
  4. I keep hearing "Can't Stand It" in that bass riff that runs throughout the song, perhaps most obviously in the part just after the little break from 1:00 to 1:13 when the vocals pick up again. ...also this song seems like it's about the GPS's in all of our cars and phones, perhaps representing our new "God" that's always watching, right? Cool little song. Happy to hear something new!
  5. I've been really enjoying the new album Teens of Denial by the band Car Seat Headrest. Very melodic, fuzzy sounding, literate pop rock. Cool lyrics, songs with big choruses and surprising twists in arrangement and instrumentation.
  6. Caught the amazing and hilarious Milk Carton Kids at the Tarrytown Music Hall last night - a situation in which I found myself frequently thinking that it's almost unbelievable that two humans could make such a pure and beautiful sound. If you're into what they do it's great to see it live. Was really impressed with the opening act, Margaret Glaspy, who was previously unknown to me. Cool songs, great interplay between vocal and guitar, definitely worth a listen. She has a debut album coming out soon which I'm unexpectedly now looking forward to. Margaret Glaspy - Somebody to Anybody
  7. Shovels & Rope came on right about 8 and played until 8:40, set change was 20 minutes, Isbell came on right around 9, finished main set around 10:30, encore done around 10:50.
  8. Jason Isbell at the Beacon (tonight and tomorrow).
  9. I'm pretty much a soundboard snob, but I'm halfway through this recording right now and must say that the quality is excellent. Thanks for sharing! I watched the show last night from the front row of the loge (I was with my kids so no GA floor for me) and this recording is spot on to what I was hearing from my location (taper was probably 20 seats or so to my left). Everything comes through nicely in the mix, vocals are out front and clearly audible, and there's not that muddy quality that plagues some of these aud tapes, just a bit of echo. Looking forward to being on the floor at The Cap o
  10. Well seeing this link and subsequently discovering the "Albums That Never Were" blog has my Sunday morning productivity to hell (in the best possible way)! Lots of interesting stuff presented with great care in every possible way, not least of which is sound quality. Thanks for sharing.
  11. The show was pretty excellent all around. The new material and Warren's guest spot were definitely highlights. I wrote up a little more detailed synopsis in the "After the Show" show thread.
  12. After weeks of being on the fence I was finally swayed by the prospect of the new Star Wars material and pulled the trigger on a single-day Saturday ticket for Vibes. Got to Seaside Park around 3:30 and caught all of Gaslight Anthem, Billy & The Kids (pleasantly surpised by this act), and Warren Haynes (featuring Railroad Earth) leading up to Wilco. For anybody who has never been, there is a large U-shaped standing area in front of the stage that basically stretches back to near the soundboard behind which people are camped out on blankets, under tents, in chairs, etc. After each main act
  13. For those wishing to listen: Live stream of select shows from Newport Folk via Tunein
  14. The Isbell/Barnett conundrum is killing me. I just saw Isbell last night and he was incredible. I thought it would make it easier for me to miss his set at NFF but it actually made it harder! Since I essentially bought the tix for Courtney Barnett and Sturgill Simpson she'll probably win out, but it's gonna hurt knowing that Isbell is playing on the other side of that fort wall!
  15. I'm about 25 minutes away and this is pretty much my strategy too. I have friends that have been trying to get me to go to Vibes for years. When I saw Wilco was headlining this year I thought finally I'd be there - there's no way I'm missing Wilco so close by. Then the day and lineup was revealed (not particularly tempting to me and I'm leaving for vacation the next morning), the price of the single day ticket announced, and I was on the fence. I've gone back and forth on this one a bunch of times. After Solid Sound I made my peace with not going thinking what could they possibly do that I hav
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