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  1. You might both want to listen to this woozy cover of 'Long Forgotten Fairytale' from last year if you haven't already. I'm not sure how much I like it exactly but it is aurally interesting at least; https://youtu.be/OjtzyGT7Ea8
  2. I think it got a fair hearing at the time. I'm having flashbacks now to how every Oasis album would be presented by the NME as a 'return to form!', it never was..... Just looked on Wikipedia though and that was the album that originally was going to be Death In Vegas produced.
  3. Everynow and then I wonder if I was wrong about liking Oasis, a lot of things I liked 25 years ago I'm not that into now. But if you go back and watch footage from 94, 95 or 96 they were a great rock and roll band. I am in something of a minority by liking Be Here Now, but I don't think they made any good music after that. Noel Gallagher taking over production duties was the big mistake I reckon. If only that Death In Vegas produced record could have happened!
  4. Me too! My excitement about the support led to me getting London and Manchester tickets. First time I have bought tickets for 2 shows on a tour, for any band. Of course Ohmme coming on at 6.45 in Manchester could have screwed things up... Very appreciative to hear a rare live rendition of 'You, your face'. I think everyone else has said enough about Wilco!
  5. There's a great clip of the audience participation during Spiders up on the Wilco Instagram site; https://www.instagram.com/p/BNAz9FDjv3v/?hl=en
  6. Two lane Blacktop featured James Taylor and Dennis Wilson in the lead roles. James Taylor has done lots of other stuff too.
  7. I was there. I had a good view from my seat and I wasn't wasted. Pretty sure I would have noticed a teenage Tweedy on stage - and I didn't.
  8. For the official take on the reunion; http://www.thestoneroses.org/
  9. If someone was to describe that track to me or I read about it in a music review I'd probably think it sounded incredibly pretentious and to be avoided at all costs - as it is I love it. I don't know how they made that particular drone so intriguing but it works on me, I almost never skip it.
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