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  1. Never said any such thing, Louie. I do expect a response from businesses when I correspond with them. And I know from watching you on these boards for lo these many years that there is nothing to be gained from a back and forth with you, so thanks and bye.
  2. Sorry, but at Red Rocks it most assuredly is the band's choice as to how to price tickets. Wilco and their management chose the option to make the first 50 rows reserved at a price of $80 per ticket with service charges. The last 4 times they played there the configuration was different, and other bands I am seeing at RR this summer are using the classic, GA up front configuration. Meanwhile, the selection on Stubhub is awesome. So, no, not letting anyone off the hook that easy.
  3. I'm assuming NRBQ opens for Wilco on Friday with King Sunny Ade opening on Saturday and then Richard Thompson closing the festival on Sunday. Could flip those last two, though.
  4. I'm feeling kinda sour right now on Wilco, the Commercial Enterprise. Yes, I am looking forward to Solid Sound. But I'm also looking at a world where I think I might see far fewer shows by my favorite band. The Red Rocks debacle was disheartening. (I won't repeat myself. Already said what I needed to say here.) I sent two emails to Tony Margherita Management, politely expressing that disappointment. Zero response. Not even a generic "Thanks for your feedback." And now I see details of the Scottsdale show, which is close enough for us to drive. We used to live there in fact, and would h
  5. A toss-up between "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" and "Mr. Tambourine Man." The Byrds, September 20, 1970, Stockton, California Set list
  6. No one gets to do that at Red Rocks. You line up outside, and you doors open about two hours before the show, at which point everyone scrambles in. I agree that the "magic blanket" strategy is stupid at festivals.
  7. I was able to get decent reserved seats so I now have two GA tickets available for $55 each. The face value is $45.50 and I will eat $10 of the total $30 in service charges. These are electonric tickets, so I can send them via email.
  8. And with bullshit service charges and fees that's well over $80 per ticket to be in the first 21 rows.
  9. I am so colossally disappointed I cannot even tell you. Like others, I bought GA tickets reflexively, because every show I have ever been to at Red Rocks has been sold that way. I had just bought tickets to Ryan Adams' show a few days earlier via AXS and confirmed just now (thank god) that the seating arrangements are as they have always been, with GA starting row 24. I have no desire to go up to Red Rocks to see Wilco from row 47 or higher. And to add insult to injury, there are dozens and dozens of tickets on StubHub at prices in the $240 and up range to be in the first few rows. I wan
  10. It looks like Tweedy is going to do one more swing through the U.S. in March before Wilco begins its pre-SOlid Sound Southern tour.. I stumbled across a listing at the ticketing service that handles shows for the Lensic Theatre here in Santa Fe, and they show a Tweedy show on March 26, with an on-sale date of January 10. I presume other dates in the tour will be announced soon, probably after the New Year. http://tickets.ticketssantafe.org/single/EventDetail.aspx?p=1606
  11. Three songs from the oft-ignored Wilco (The Album) so far.
  12. Judy and I are in. See you all in North Adams this summer!
  13. I've got two tickets. Good seats, 10th row. Does she have a friend who wants to go?
  14. Crap. I was online with two browser windows open, there the instant sales unlocked, and was completely shut out of Denver. Never had that happen for a Wilco show. And double crap. About 10 minutes after the hour, I check again and this time it allows me to choose seats again. I'm given the option of 2 in the center, but when I try to add them, I get a "We couldn't find that many tickets" message, and even though it says can add up to 4 in R or L, I get the same error. Same error with singles. Really frustrated with the way this is working.
  15. Best. Autocorrect fail. Ever. In fairness, this was literally the last post before Via Chicago went down for five days, so I couldn't proof it. I'll leave it up for the lulz.
  16. Setlist as played: Handshake Drugs Solitaire Muzzle of Bees Hesitating Beauty Remember the Mountain Bed War on War Misunderstood (24 Nothings) Art of Almost Jesus Etc Impossible Germany The Late Greats Cinnamon Girl (w/MMJ) (Jeff: "It's an open stage from here on out.") California Stars Casino Queen Hoodoo Voodoo Last three songs with Aryan Bingham's band and members of MMJ. I counted 14 people on stage.
  17. Has Wilco ever played Solitaire before? Tweedy has done it solo, but I think that's one of the great unplayed songs. Maybe they'll finally do Sunloathe on this tour?
  18. OK, I'm going to make a wild prediction for tonight's show at Jones Beach: Tom Verlaine joins Wilco onstage for "Marquee Moon."
  19. Pictures, setlist, and fan-shot video of Genetic Method/Chest Fever and Long Black Veil here: http://www.jambase.com/Articles/118943/Wilco-Welcomes-Garth-Hudson-At-SPAC-AmericanaramA-Stop
  20. I've been updating the spreadsheet regularly. With the tour now 2/3 over (18 down, 9 to go), the WIlco set lists are still showing astonishing variety. Art of Almost is played at every show. But 48 songs, or roughly three in every set, have been played only once on the entire tour. And another 25 songs have been played at only two or three shows. You can see the entire list here: http://sdrv.ms/189GN5U Feel free to sort and filter the list to your heart's content. You won't break anything.
  21. The Stones tickets didn't exactly sell at those high prices: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-01/rolling-stones-tickets-gather-moss-as-600-seats-for-sale.html I have a business partner in the LA area who got two last-minute budget seats for the first show in LA and then went back the next night when a couple more excellent seats "suddenly" became available at $85 each.
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