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  1. I just picked up Roadcase 62, the Winterlude show from February 23, 2017. In the metadata for track 9, the song title is listed as ... At Least That's What She Said Am I a bad person for finding this hilarious?
  2. I managed to get two tickets for the final night of the Fillmore run. I now realize how very lucky I was. Not sure how many they had allotted for the presale for each night but it must have been a small percentage and this is a very small venue (capacity only 1150).
  3. Not only that, but after you pick up the Will Call Only tickets with ID and original credit card, you are escorted directly in. No opportunity to transfer the ticket to a buyer. This really is the right way to block scalpers hard, although it also tends to penalize people who have genuine emergencies that make it impossible to go. If they can enforce these restrictions, I would say anyone trying to sell or buy via Stubhub is going to be extremely disappointed.
  4. I feel very lucky we were able to get 2 tickets for the last night in SF (9/11). The 9/10 show was sold out as far as I could tell within seconds. Was hoping to get two nights in a row so will now have to try to get something in the general sale on Friday morning from a laptop tethered to a cellphone while driving to Denver. I am not sure how many tickets they had in the presale for each night but if it was 10% of the house that's only about 55 pairs of tickets. Fillmore capacity is only 1150!
  5. I am not sure how you are going to survive the next I-don't-know-how-many months of waiting.
  6. I hadn't seen anyone point this out yet but Jambase says Wilco is playing Sasquatch this year. "Exact performance date not confirmed yet," Use the "Show more dates" option here: http://www.jambase.com/band/wilco Not sure I believe it, to be honest. Looks like they wrote Sasquatch but the dates match up with Mountain Jam, which I suspect is what they really meant.
  7. Impossible St. Louis, Unlikely Chicago
  8. New interview celebrating the upcoming reissue of Trace on its 20th anniversary. Jay has several not nice things to say about Jeff. This one is especially ouchy: I think it was an opportunity for me to put more focus on my songwriting. I experienced some hostility in Uncle Tupelo with regards to that, as well. There was a time the other songwriter walked up to me and said one sentence. He said “People like my songs more than yours,” and he walked away. So, you know, when I say it was a liberating time for me, creatively, that’s what I’m referring to. Yeah, what do you do with that? You
  9. This seems like a good opportunity for someone to break out a "Will they please retire that song already?" thread.
  10. It appears to have been pasted from something that insisted on formatting as 18px, so WHEEEEEEEE!
  11. "So, you think our setlists are tired and predictable? Here's a new fucking setlist."
  12. I put together a video on Sunday that happens to have Tweedy playing as accompaniment. But the real stars are the amazingly happy and respectful Solid Sound audience and Joe's Field itself. It turned out pretty nice, I think. See if you can spot yourself. https://vimeo.com/132565771
  13. Yes, anyone can follow a link and read the posts in this forum. A handful of forums are protected and require sign-in. (The tickets wanted/extra tickets, for example).
  14. A member for 10 minutes? Welcome! I don't recognize those Wilco lyrics you're quoting, though.
  15. I am also 100% in support of this. It would be totally cool if they could find a hall in a town just across the state line from Indiana and play there on May 7.
  16. There was no singalong in Santa Fe either. My wife looked at me during Jesus Etc. and said "Why isn't anyone singing?" Ditto for California Stars. Completely different vibe than for a Wilco show.
  17. Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck came out for California Stars only. Scott played on one previous song (I think True Love Will Find You in the End, but my memory is alas hazy). The Lensic Theatre (which is gorgeous) was packed on the bottom but had quite a few empty seats up top. Total capacity is only about 900 so pretty intimate. Sadly, I would say the hall was way less than half-full for The Minus 5, which got an appreciative but not enthusiastic response. Our millennial friends who were also there gave them a big thumbs down. Seriously hated them. There was one drunken girl, early 20s,
  18. Thank you, Ditty. I am very happy with the resolution.
  19. I finally had some good ticket karma this week. Wy wife was talking with a friend in L.A. and mentioned we were hoping we could get together for the Wilco show. Turns out said friend knows the people who run the Greek Theater and we now have 6 tickets. Presumably good ones. So yay!
  20. I re-sent my (very nice) note to Tony Margherita Management and this time I got a very nice note in reply. Apparently earlier emails went to junk folder or something Amazingly, the kind person at TMM didn't try to blame me and said it was valuable feedback and they were grateful I took the time to send it in. It sounds like other people have written to say the same and Front Gate tickets has been working with some people to try to fix the mess. And yes, I have lots of memories of camping out to buy tickets back in the day. Once ended up with first row tickets for Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  21. Yes, it is on the Wilco shows page. Prediction: I expect shows in the same timeframe (depending on whether that leg is heading north or south) at the Santa Barbara Bowl and/or Vino Robles Amphitheater in Paso Robles.
  22. Erm, no. Not at all. And I've been on the Internet and on message boards for a long time. I'm pretty thick-skinned. But you could have checked out the seating before you bought the tickets, right? As several people pointed out, there was nothing clearly indicated in the presale to suggest that the tickets were different this time. People were asking, in fact, if others got Row 6 or whatever, because it was confusing. Normally for a show at Red Rocks there's no need to worry about presales, because everything's GA and you have months to pick up tickets. I just went back and looked at
  23. Wow, a lot of haters, who also can't read. Just to be clear for those who think I'm complaining about ticket prices. No, you obviously didn't read the link to my original post. My disappointment is in the decision to change the conventional seating arrangement at Red Rocks without notifying fans properly. Every Wilco show at Red Rocks in the past has been GA up front. Every other Red Rocks show I am going to this summer (Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket, one or two others still considering) is GA up front. Wilco for the first time ever changed the arrangement and made the first 50 rows reserv
  24. King Sunny Ade! NRBQ! Taj Mahal! And a whole bunch of younger bands that I'm eager to learn more about. After looking at the dreary festival lineups elsewhere this year, this is a total breath of fresh air. I am genuinely looking forward to this lineup.
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