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  1. OK, if anyone wants to study the spreadsheet (read-only, but you can download and remix to your heart's content), go here: http://sdrv.ms/189GN5U It's a live document, so I'll be updating it as each new show is documented. The structure is as follows: Set Lists (tab 1), Song list (tab 2), and Pivot Table listing songs by number of times played, in descending order (tab 3).
  2. Yeah, I did an analysis of those set lists when the tours were underway. There were slots every night for inserting a deep track, but for the most part everything followed a standard template. It was designed to sell The Whole Love, so understandable, but still... I can't find those posts now, unfortunately, because the site search doesn't go back that far and apparently Via Chicago has search indexing turned off so posts don't appear in Google or Bing. Bummer. The security on this tour is really tough, so the only recordings that have leaked out have been stealth. I think there are t
  3. Well, I do Excel stuff for a living, so I can justify this sort of data analysis as "training" and "software evaluation."
  4. On the last couple Wilco tours, I was mildly disappointed (but only mildly) that the set lists began to fall into a predictable routine, as though they had been lovingly hand-crafted from an artisanal cookie cutter. Boy oh boy is that not the case with this latest tour. I was initially concerned that these abbreviated (75-minute) festival sets would be the same ol' same ol', with Wilco's greatest hits show after show. Wrong. To quote Stephen Colbert: "Great set lists? Or the greatest set lists?" I looked at the first nine Wilco AmericanaramA set lists and did a little quick analysis:
  5. In my opinion they're all pretty equivalent in terms of quality. This is a soundboard feed with what sounds like a bit of audience mixed in for color. I've bought eight of the Roadcase shows (and would probably collect them all if I could justify the cost). Most of the shows are ones I didn't attend, so I can judge them pretty dispassionately. Of the ones I own, the Geneva show (Roadcase 002) and Rochester (Roadcase 008) are my favorites. YMMV. I am also an experienced judge of field recordings. IMO, the Roadcase shows are first-rate work, and there are very few bootlegs that are even c
  6. Here's something I learned today... Through a website screw-up, Wilco posted three live Roadcase shows from Japan. But someone uploaded them to the Ryan Adams Store instead of the Wilco store, so they don't show up in the regular Wilco Roadcase section at kungfustore.com. To make matters even more confusing, the shows are numbered 18, 19, and 20. But whoever just uploaded the two Solid Sound shows didn't realize those numbers were used, so Solid Sound nights 1 and 2 are 18 and 19, respectively. Confused? Here are the links: Roadcase 018 / April 10, 2013 / Osaka http://ashesandfire.kungfust
  7. I spoke with Glenn briefly at the dinner after night 2 and he said he was really, really glad to be relieved of that bit of nightly theatrics. But he did concede that they would likely do it again at Solid Sound and if/when they play in Brazil.
  8. OMG. I can imagine some wonderful collaborations with Richard Thompson on the next leg, but am having trouble figuring out how Ryan Bingham will fit in. Anyone?
  9. Buried in a reply above, this is worth calling out: "Lineup headliners and most 2013 bands will be performing BOTH Weekend One and Two of this year's Festival, with the exception of some of our local artists." So, like Coachella. Advantage of going to weekend two is you get to read the reviews from the first weekend to see which acts were surprise hits and which were disappointments.
  10. So I set aside my reservations and got two in the pit at Denver. GA, $107 each. Ouch but I'm sure we'll have a great time.
  11. Showtime for the Fiddler's Green Amphitheater show in Denver is 5:30, with Ryan Bingham opening (not Richard Thompson). And the facility has a hard curfew of 10:00PM. So... If Ryan Bingham plays 5:30-6:00, that leaves a total of four hours for three stage changes and three headliners. Even if you assume 20 minutes per set change (which would be fastest I've ever seen), that's exactly an hour per set for each of the top three acts. Yikes. It sounded so good on paper.
  12. Yuck. Live Nation money run. I'm happy these bands can all get a nice payday, but I suspect we'll skip this run. The Denver venue is a hellhole with a 10PM curfew.
  13. This show is now available from the Roadcase collection at the Kung Fu store. It is well worth it. (It was my birthday, we were stage front, the setlist was sublime, and you can actually hear some banter between Jeff and me at the end of Born Alone. Yes, that's me saying "You loathe it.")
  14. Yoga pop-ups: Yoga to Wilco http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/yoga-pop-ups/yoga-to-wilco/12796946/:
  15. Thanks for checking on that. Bummer. I like that song and would like to hear how it sounds this year. Guess I'll have to get the audience recording and check that out.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an error in the Luxembourg setlist as originally posted. I just listened to that section of the Roadcase recording and I can't detect any edit between Radio Cure and Black Moon. Could be that BBN was cut from the setlist, or it could be it was just posted by mistake. Wouldn't be the first time.
  17. I highly recommend going. We've seen Wilco in several European countries and it's always been a blast. I suspect you will have no trouble getting tickets. And post here about your experience!
  18. Official attendance was 12,260 or so, according to the sign at the exit (I forgot that the Bowl did that!)...
  19. It was my birthday (a fairly large number) so When You Wake Up Feeling Old was totally appropriate. Off to Hollywood. See everyone there!
  20. I await Paul's comments, but for now let's just say that this show was Exhibit 437 in the "OMG standing versus sitting" debate. This audience came down pretty decisively on the "siddown shaddup" side. The thoroughly lackluster crowd (with a handful of noteworthy exceptions, including one guy in the first row wearing a suit who danced exuberantly at every opportunity) seemed like they might have confused Wilco for George Thorogood, who had played the same venue the night before. The band soldiered on in the face of massive indifference, with Jeff alternating between grumpy and bemused. The
  21. What an amazing venue! A surprisingly loose performance with a great setlist. The other audible in the encore was the substitution of Far Far Away for At Least That's What You Said, which was on the original setlist as the first song in the encore. There's a hard-and-fast curfew of 10:30 at the Britt, and a security guard told me that the fine for going overtime is $5,000. So it's understandable that the encore got trimmed.
  22. Setlist: 01 - Poor Places 02 - Art of Almost 03 - I Might 04 - Sunken Treasure 05 - Company In My Back 06 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 07 - One Wing 08 - Black Moon 09 - Spiders (Kidsmoke) 10 - Impossible Germany 11 - Born Alone 12 - Hummingbird 13 - Handshake Drugs 14 - Shouldn't Be Ashamed 15 - Whole Love 16 - I'm Always In Love 17 - Dawned On Me 18 - Shot in the Arm Encore: 19 - Via Chicago 20 - Heavy Metal Drummer 21 - Walken 22 - I'm the Man Who Loves You 23 - Jesus, Etc. Encore: 24 - Can't Stand It 25 - Monday 26 - Outtasite (Outta Mind) Here are my comments from the Just a Fan
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