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  1. Going to MassMOCA tomorrow, Hartford CT on Wednesday. We were at their Detroit show in December, saw both shows in Toronto, Solid Sound 2010 and 2011. East Lansing, MI 2010, Ann Arbor, MI in 2009, , Royal Oak, MI 2009 lokking forward to the show at MassMOCA- much smaller than the other venues where we've seen Wilco.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised to be a high bidder! This should be fun. I haven't checked on hotels yet, but I can't see that being too big of a problem.
  3. Great show last night. I thought the show started to lean towards the country part of Wilco's label as an Alt-Country band, but they did bring it back to rock out. I know people are excited, but the hoots and hollers during One Sunday Morning are annoying. We were at the Toronto shows in September, and the crowd was more intent on listening to the song. Was there a lot more to the light show than earlier in the tour? It was very nice, not too distracting, but added to the experience.
  4. Definitely contact Kung Fu- I had some T shirt issues, they responded promptly, and I even got a free "I love my Label" bag. How many of those things did they make??
  5. I think sometimes it is a majority rule of standing vs sitting. For a song like Art of Almost or One Sunday Morning, if a majority of those choose to sit, maybe it is not a question of giving up on life but you being obnoxious. If the majority choose to stand and you don't want to- well so be it you are not impinging on the enjoyment of others. I saw both shows in Toronto last month. One night most of the concert was spent standing, the next night's set list was lighter in energy and spent more time sitting and listening to the music. I enjoyed both shows without felling like I had given u
  6. that was a sweet poster- I'd get that one even if I didn't go to that show.
  7. I have seen a comedy show there, and they put folding chairs in the front stage area, and we had specific seats in the balcony. I doubt that will be the case for Wilco. I went to Wilco's Royal Oak Music Theater show in 2009 which is a similar set up to the Fillmore and they did not put their chairs out (would have been foolish to do so). But there is seating for those desire, I just wonder if you can buy those seats. At ROMT, my wife wanted to go the balcony where there were seats.
  8. I did get tickets, but they are Geneal Admission. If they only sold 10% of seats, you should have luck on Friday. I didn't get Toronto Pre-sale tickets this summer, but got tickets after the presale. I was on right when they went on sale and got decent seats. But if Detroit is GA then friday is just as good.
  9. I was so excited to get through on the pre-sale, and my work site internet filtered the confirmation page, but the tickets are GA? What is the purpose of a presale for GA? I went from elation to ho-hum very quickly. Does anyone know if the presale GA tickets offer any advantage on day of the show? I am happy and thankful that Wilco is coming Michigan.
  10. I too found myself focusing my attention more on Glenn tonight- maybe the location of our seats and the really tall dude I had to crank my neck to see around. I don't think he was doing anything to attract undue attention, but like you said, it is a hypnotic stage presence. Saw the cowboy hat guy on the way out. He had the biggest grin on his face.
  11. No one has mentioned that Jeff finally sang the lyrics to Jesus Etc. My wife and I have seen Wilco about 8 times in the last two years and she has been tired of the sing along for awhile. I thought it was a great show, but a bit more low key show. We made the drive from Michigan, so we going again tonight.
  12. There are pairs of gallery seats available (July 23), and singles on main floor. I am in Michigan and have ordered tickets through TM for shows in Toronto often (going to a show this weekend). You have to scroll down a bit on the delivery page to get to sipping to the US but it is there. You can also buy tickets directly through Massey Hall.
  13. Thanks, that is a smallmouth bass. I took the picture while scuba diving in a quarry in Ohio. The fish follow divers around, you can get some nice pictures of them.
  14. Nothing to add that hasn't already been said, but it does bear repeating; great town, great museum, great staff, great logistics, great people attending and great weather. We drove from Michigan, a got a few surprised looks from the people in the Bennington VT, hotel we stayed as the other guests were from CT and Maine. Was this a mostly New Englander event? It it were a single Wilco show, I wouldn't drive 11 hours- Wilco has been to Michigan 3 times in the since July of 2009. THe idea of a festival with music that reflects Wilco's interests and MassMoCa had to be worth the drive. We wer
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