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  1. Wow, $120 + $39 shipping for DP 1&2 on vinyl, I'd love to have 'em but that seems a little steep. Plus, if I bought 1&2 it would be hard not to keep going, wonder how quickly they'll be releasing the rest? The WB years box was worth it just for Aoxomoxoa alone, but can't see where these will justify the price sonically, only in an obsessive collector way. Will have to think hard about it but probably gonna cherry-pick my favourite DPs only - Fillmore 70, Harpur College, Boston 74, Englishtown 77....
  2. 3rd & final night at Lee's, my head feels like it's been crushed in a vise and my liver is begging for mercy, nevertheless please come back soon guys! Besnard Lakes from Montreal opened all 3 nights and were most enjoyable, J joined them for their last song tonight & upped their game as much as you'd expect, adding psychedelic leads over their MBV-ish thang. They were obviously thrilled to have him and didn't try to hide it. Nice. No Bones Get Me Yeah We Know Start Choppin Rude!! They Always Come Don't Pretend Watch The Corners What Was That Pierce The Morning Sky Raisans!!! Feel T
  3. Dinosuar night 2 was amazing, same 4 off the new album but outside of that only 2 repeats. Setlist: Chunks Wagon Lung Post Training Ground (Deep Wound song) Don't Pretend Corners What Was That Morning Rain Mountain Man Pond Start Choppin!!! (live debut for classic lineup) Just Like Heaven Freak Scene Forget The Swan Feel The Pain Out There
  4. I would highly recommend getting a ticket, but then I think J has been the world's greatest living guitarist since August 1995, and as such I would always go. Show tonight was great, front loaded with new stuff then wall to wall classics in the 2nd half. I don't much like the 1st album but have to say that Gargoyle was probably the highlight of the night for the epic guitar solo, just incredible. Wow that man can shred. Mucho grateful for Sludgefeast, Kracked, Tarpit & In a Jar too, and though I'm hoping to hear Lou sing Rude off the new album in the next couple of nights, I was really hap
  5. C'mon, the riff in Great White Buffalo is awesome! He is otherwise rather appaling though.
  6. That's really promising, wonder if a new album will follow? And (dare to dream) tour?
  7. Dinosaur jr tonight at Lee's Palace, first of a 3-night run. Teeth will likely have rattled right out of my head by Thursday. First impression of the new album is not great, but hoping to get a wide range of songs over the 3 shows. Hope they don't ignore Farm & Beyond, love those albums.
  8. Califone opening for Wilco in February 2010, now they're my favourite band. Thanks Wilco!
  9. After 3 shows I'm loving it more every night, sorry it's all over now for me until Buffalo. Think I'm gonna try and make Ottawa too although it's showing as completely sold out right now, and keep an eye on Auburn Hills and Cleveland if I can get the time off work. And Roger did utter the magic words at the end of the 3rd Toronto show, "we'll be back", so another North American leg would seem likely at some point. Don't miss it. He came back and ended the DSOTM tour here, would love if he did so again. For all the pyro, flying pig, crashing plane, and giant puppets, the projections are the r
  10. 30 years after buying the album and 26 years after first seeing Roger in concert on the Pros & Cons tour, finally saw the Wall show tonight. This is a stadium sized show being performed in arenas, doesn't really matter where you sit, I was in the first row of the upper bowl (at $75 Canadian + charges, $89.75 total) and would sit there every night no question (I'm in the same row same section tomorrow and in the back corner of the lower bowl Saturday). The crashing plane took off from almost right above me, but the pig only did its float about on the other side. The wall itself is as high a
  11. Restaurant review from the current NOW magazine (Toronto news/entertainment free weekly): http://www.nowtoronto.com/food/story.cfm?content=175445 Mostly positive review, their food critic can be just a tad pretentious though he mostly keeps that in check here, great publicity for the owner as the mag has a huge circulation.
  12. Looks like another great show, thanks a lot for posting the Finland setlists mrk.
  13. Didn't a later update say that Wilco would play "in some capacity" on Sunday? Makes sense to me that they would close the festival, let's hope so.
  14. Got tix for opening 3 night stand in Toronto and the Buffalo show. Toronto prices were ridiculous, a friend called me all excited because he got 8th row floors through some Amex VIP presale and earmarked one for me, at $500 I had to decline - yeah there's nice stuff that comes with it (exclusive poster, t-shirt, program, laminated ticket, as yet undetermined souvenir) but short of Jerry, Jimi or Buddy Holly coming back from the dead I ain't paying $500 to see ANYONE. Well, maybe that Led Zep 02 Arena thing would have been worth it. Maybe. The rogerwaters.com presale was horrible, at $250 a
  15. Wishful Thinking was on Without A Trace once.
  16. Saw the 4 New England shows this tour and have gone beyond amazement at how the band just keeps better, now I've come to expect it, but that bar is set pretty damn high! Thanks for small venues at 1995 prices, for allowing taping, for webcasts and streams, for living room sets, for golden banter, for mixing it up every night, basically for being the fan-friendliest band around. 2950 km through 2 provinces & 6 states, 4 nights of Wilco 12 hours of music something like 65 different songs, a beautiful spring week in New England with my girl, honouring the late great Alex Chilton every n
  17. not official yet but these are the dates that have leaked..... Sep 15, 2010 Air Canada Centre Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON Sep 20, 2010 United Center United Center Chicago, IL Sep 21, 2010 United Center United Center Chicago, IL Sep 26, 2010 Consol Energy Center Consol Energy Center Pittsburgh, PA Sep 28, 2010 Quicken Loans Arena Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, OH Sep 30, 2010 Boston TD Garden Boston TD Garden Boston, MA Oct 05, 2010 Madison Square Garden Madison Square Garden New York City, NY Oct 08, 2010 HSBC Arena HSBC Arena Buffalo, NY Oct 10, 2010 Verizon Center Verizon Center
  18. Only variation from the printed setlist was the first encore, Hoodoo Voodoo replaced Late Greats. Guitar duel on Hoodoo was even more amazing than usual, Nels & Pat did Chuck Berry duckwalks at each other while jeff backed off looking afraid like "I don't wanna get in the middle of this", it was awesome. Hilarious banter about the usher staff, an elderly lady was really into her job hassling people smoking pot and/or taking pictures in the first few rows, Jeff dubbed her Mrs Doubtfire which was bang-on how she looked and remarked how he'd never had to tell the venue staff to settle down be
  19. We tried to try a Concord eatery, the Draft was overflowing so we walked on and found the Green Martini - service was really slow so we had one beer and split for the show, the food that was brought out to other customers looked really good though. Just hope they made it to the show on time!
  20. Amused To Death is my favourite! Loved the 99/00 tours when he was playing a few from that album, Pros & Cons tour still the gold standard for me though. It is too bad about his vocals not being up to the more strenuous stuff, as far back as the 99 tour he was lip-synching the "from where I stand..." part in Every Stranger's Eyes, and on the DSOTM tour using pre-recorded "guide vocals" on Have A Cigar and others that were pretty much all you heard in the house while he mumbled along to make it look good on the video screens. Not sure who he thought he was fooling, if anyone. Given that a h
  21. I will go and am sure it will be great, but damn I wish he'd just release some new material instead of touring another old Floyd album.
  22. Shipping costs from the Wilco store for orders outside the U.S. are outrageous. Seeing the sale on older LP's (buy 3 get 20% off) I went to order some and they wanted $35 for shipping ($12 per album? come on...), ended up getting them from amazon.ca instead and with free shipping saved a bundle even though the albums were on average $5 more there. Pre-ordered KT vinyl from amazon too, $70 Canadian plus their standard free shipping on orders over $39.
  23. UPDATE: Got 2 for Providence, still looking for Concord & Hartford. I guess they released a few Orpheum singles that day, I'd been checking every day for at least a week to no avail and suddenly there were orchestra seats available. Keep trying, tickets always seem to trickle out closer to the actual date.
  24. Got the incredibly sad news at work in the middle of the night and listened to Keep An Eye On The Sky on the ipod for the rest of the shift, so many great songs and the spooky ones off the 3rd album were downright bone-chilling last night. Thanks for all the great music Alex, rest in peace.
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