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  1. There is a comment at the bottom of the article on this that says the print issue has a larger article with more photos including the drums.
  2. Regarding the color of presale tickets. I had the same experience last time at the Palladium. Blue tickets got in first. I got my tickets a few days ago, however, and they seem to be run of the mill ticketmaster tickets. Too bad.
  3. Amazon currently has both sets mono and stereo available for order. $229 for the Mono and $179 for the Stereo, both say between 2 to 3 weeks at the short end of the ordering time frame. After striking out everywhere today trying to find one I ordered mine and am getting it for 20 bucks cheaper.
  4. I'll be there as well to celebrate my fifth anniversary with my wife! Don't know if they will do it again, but the last time Wilco played the Palladium they let people with tickets from the pre-sale get at the front of the line and let us in early. It was pretty nice.
  5. I just ignore that line and assume that the relationship is overcoming the infidelity. But it is still probably not a great wedding song.
  6. Hesitating Beauty Remember the Mountain Bed Pieholden Suite
  7. Justin Townes Earle- Midnight at the Movies One of the best records I have heard in a long, long time.
  8. Yes it is, but I think I want to wait and order it through the new Wilco kung fu store. Hopefully the price will be the same.
  9. http://nonesuch.com/albums/wilco-the-album
  10. What about all the master reels in the middle of the room for the new record. All labled "LP7". One says "The Country Disappeared" and then below that "Song for the Pigeons" Hmmmmm.........
  11. First off, thanks to everyone who made tonight possible. Wilco and the good people of ViaChicago!!! Just got to You and I, so far I love this friggin' record. The arrangements are amazing, can't wait to hear them live. So much going on musically. This is not meant as a bad thing, but I can totally hear You and I at the end of a movie. Beautiful song. The drums and piano at the start of You Never Know just kicked my ass!
  12. Yes.... WILCO WILL LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need a hookup: klnevitt@gmail.com
  13. I'm willing to help the next few needy emails I see.
  14. klnevitt@gmail.com I'll share if you do!!! Thanks!!!
  15. klnevitt @gmail.com Please and thank you.
  16. If anyone can provide any assistance to a nonWaffler that would be greatly appreciated. I am twitching with anticipation.
  17. Ft. Worth would be awesome, unfortunately when the Autumn Defense played Dallas a couple of years ago I talked to John and he said they enjoyed the Ft. Worth show, but didn't think they would be playing there again. But I'll take the Palladium in Dallas if we have to.
  18. From the Yep Roc website: Horns Punctuate Ron Sexsmith's Exit Strategy of the Soul, out July 8th April 16, 2008, 12:00 am Ron Sexsmith, "one of the finest songwriters we have," (Paste) has completed Exit Strategy of the Soul, which is set for a July 8 release via Yep Roc Records. The album stands tall as one of the greatest he has made to date. Produced by Martin Terefe, who also produced 2005's Retriever and 2002's Cobblestone Runway, Exit Strategy of the Soul was recorded in varied locations including studios in London, England and Havana, Cuba. Its ambitious arrangements, backed by a
  19. Thank you so much for starting this thread. I frickin' love Ron and am also frightened by how consistently good his albums are. Seen him twice in concert with a grand total between the two shows of about forty-fifty people in attendance. He is wonderful. I loved "Brandy Alexander" when I first heard it then I looked at the liner notes and said "oh, of course." "I'm a bit rundown, but I'm okay."
  20. I might have to reassess my belief in the almighty! Thank you Tom!
  21. Yeah, makes me think of an 80s hair metal band tour. Maybe Whitesnake, Motley Crue, Ratt, and a couple of others.
  22. Woo Hoo!!! Waits is the number one person, without question, on my list of people to see. I am going to have to seriously reconsider my three hour drive for a concert rule. When do we get the dates???
  23. Well folks, I enjoyed watching/listening with you guys, but I have to teach 19 nine year olds in a mere eight hours so I must now head off to bed. Hope everyone enjoyed. Hopefully tomorrow night will be even more exciting for us Obama supporters.
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