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  1. RSD had jumped the shark by the time the second year rolled around, not to mention RSD Black Friday. A few nice releases mixed with a boatload of pic/colored discs and material that shouldnt be released. Lotta false demand comes from that little RSD sticker. Vinyl prices in general are all over the map. Doesn't seem any better or worse on RSD, from what I've seen. Not much rhyme or reason to it, ime. You can get a nicely packaged 2xlp for $30 or pay the same for bootleg quality packaging and flimsy vinyl.
  2. The story goes that alot of the soundboard tapes were stolen out of his library. Not sure if many were multitracks or what, but that didn't stop him from putting the radio show with the Zep I reissue and making it sound really good. I know he's about the biggest Zep bootleg collector and that at least started as a way to track down people profiting from the shows. As a monster Zep fan, I'd say you're missing out. The live show with Zep I is really good and one of the few artifacts of early Zeppelin. The stuff from II and III is a little more hit or miss, but the alt takes of Immigrant
  3. For el84's I'd go JJ's every time.
  4. I think saying that Wilco is a lock is pretty far off. They might make it in after several years of eligibility, but no way are they the "no brainer" category, that some bands that have yet to be inducted are in.
  5. Rich's new album is really good. As good as his last, and he's really came into his own as a vocalist. Grown by leaps and bounds.
  6. My turntable turns off automatically, but the last Smashing Pumpkins album has a side where the music goes right up to the label. I was concerned that it would kick the needle off before the music ended, but it trucked right on through til the music ended. Now I'm baffeled as to how the tt knows when the album side is finished.
  7. I'm with you on most of what you say, but I don't really know if it's a decline in CR's ability or the route he's chosen to take. I'll give him credit for buying into whatever image he's into selling at a given moment, as he's always done, but I don't think there's anything exciting at all about what he's doing. The jams just meander and totally lack the technical skill to pull off well. Give me RR any day.
  8. Yes He sings quite a few of those songs when he tours now. I don't blame him for not wanting the pressure a huge arena tour would put on him, but he's always had been wishy washy over the whole thing, or at the very least, a tease. I think it's past the point of being a possibility. They should've marked out a month each for LA, Chicago, and NYC in 2008 and done a show every few nights. Far as the musical growth thing...Page has always longed for his band back and made protecting and enhancing the Zeppelin legacy priority #1 and Plant is still basically playing music inspired by the same
  9. Got my Iron Bell last saturday.Pro Guitar Shop is so badass. Ordered wednesday morning and made it from Portland to IL on Saturday. The pedal sounds great. Alot more manageable than my EH Muff, which always seemed full on. Iron Bell is clearly Muff-y, but can be every bit as saturated and sustain-y, without being so in your face. Seems alot more flexible with the Colour knob. Probably keep all the dirt on my board til I can add some more modulation based stuff. Want a good tremolo pedal and a pedal or two that's kinda out there. Next on the list is unload some gear to fund an amp purc
  10. I honestly haven't listened to the second album much, since the first is so boring.
  11. Definitely heard about it, but haven't checked any demoes yet. Definitely check it out at some point. Not sure how close mine is to an actual Klon, but it sounds sweet. If any of the copy cats come close, they're all great sounding pedal in my book, Klon included. There's also been a ton of buzz for a fresh run of Klon KTR's ready to hit the shelves. Definitely be a good investment, if one was the flippin type.
  12. Cool stuff. That FUCK is nasty. Sounds like some borderline ring mod sounds. My Brit Bender is my fuzz that tends to get the sputter going on, but that one above is a whole different level. My board has gotten ridiculous with the dirt too, but it's nice to have options. I'm running a Brit Bender, Skreddy Lunar Module clone, OCD, Klon clon, C'bread RAH and Dirty Little Secret mk3 and soon the Iron Bell. I'm thinking of dumping the DLS mk3 soon, b/c I plan on raising funds for a couple doses of Dr Z goodness. Some gear and records are gonna need to hit the road.
  13. Pro Guitar Shop had a 20% sale, so I splurged on a Mojo Hand Iron Bell. It's a take on a Gilmour-ish sounding Muff. I'll report back early next week, hopefully.
  14. I'm a Rich man, but I think the CR solo albums from the first hiatus are the best thing either has issued outside of the Crowes. Crowes have always been a song first, then worry about the jam band. CRB's stuff is just full of mindless repetetive noodling. Probably comes off better in a live situation, but when it's the same, song after song, it would get old there too. The few times they actually write a song, it's nice, but still doesn't hold up when compared to Rich ability to craft a song. My favorite jammy moments have always the jams that unfold like songs. The Crowes excel at seamlessl
  15. I figure they'll be similar to the most recent Floyd releases. There was some pretty revelatory stuff on there. Particularly the different takes on The Wall material. Who knows what Page has. He's a big Zeppelin bootleg collector, I think mostly in an effort to get back what was stolen from him during his drug haze. He's probably pieced together a pretty substantial outtakes collection through the years.
  16. Did this show up? Love to hear your thoughts. What family of fuzz is it? Been looking for either a fuzz that covers alot of ground or a good Muff. I have my Fuzzface and Bender tones covered, but the dirt section may be getting a little out of control.
  17. Wamplers good stuff, but I've already filled the voids that he could fill. Really like about all his pedals I've heard. For me Catalinbread offer fierce, almost direct competition for the stuff I'd want from his line. I dig the RAH and DLS mk3 for amp model-y type OD's. Velvet Fuzz is high on the list of future aquisitions, though. Might be the be all end all fuzz for me.
  18. This is pretty good. Took a few listens to grow on me, but it's cool. Little more diverse than I've grown accustomed to with them.
  19. Not diggin the tune as much as most stuff off the last 3 albums, but I'm pretty stoked for this. Should be good and they'll kill it live.
  20. Grohl seems like a nice enough guy and it's cool how much he loves music, but his persona just wears on me. Both the movies he made were thinly veiled fronts for album advertisements. I thought he came off like a schmuck with the Foo's movie and the first half of Sound City was excellent, til he went on to long about how he saved that mixing board. By far and away, the best thing he's been involved in is Them Crooked Vultures. I definitely don't see him collaborating with Wilco...Just a whole different class of musician, imo.
  21. True, but after reading that Tool doesn't use click tracks, I think about anybody could get by without them.
  22. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Top: Dr. Z Maz 18 NR into AlNiCo Blue loaded Avatar cubes - 08 Standard Strat, 07 Les Paul Custom, 95 Les Paul Standard, all stock besides the top hat knobs instead of speed knobs on the LP's Bottom: Pedaltrain Pro with TU2>Clyde Deluxe>MJM 60s Vibe>MJM Britbender>self built Gilmour-based fuzz face clone>Catalinbread Ottava Magus>OCD>Klon clones>Catalinbread RAH(Page Hiwatt in a box)>Ibanez FL9>Analogman ARDX20>Boss DD20>Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo(reverb) - power by 2 Voodoo Labs PP2
  23. I don't mind the offstage augmenting, but I'd definitely prefer the performer be on stage to get his due. From years of reading guitar magazines, I was always shocked at how many guitarist would have their techs do their switching for them. I'd say most would have the major changes done offstage and have a smaller board out front that they could mess around with if they chose, along with the wah. I can kinda understand it with a setup like The Edge, but very few have sytems as complex as his, and I think he's trying to get as close to the studio sound as possible. Not sure how I feel about
  24. Gotta be Bonham and if not him and we can dream...Steve Gorman. Grohl is pretty great(especially with QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures) but has been kinda embarrassing with his recent takes on Zeppelin. Bonham Peart Carey Kotche Steve Gorman(Black Crowes) Jimmy Chamberlain Patrick Hallahan
  25. Love that one. For all the great guitar playing on there, Steve Gorman absolutely owns this one.
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