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  1. Merle Haggard - My Own Kind of Hat The Beatles - Like Dreamers Do Pavement - Chesley's Little Wrists Baxendale - I Built This City (Michael Mayer mix) Interpol - C'mere Michael Doughty - Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall Joanna Newsome - Cosmia Golden Smog - Long Time Ago Dizzee Rascal - Hype Talk
  2. Done it once with some huge candles that were recommended to me. A waste of time. Friends told me to unravel them to see all the wax that was removed. All I found was melted Beeswax. I thought my friends were smarter than that.
  3. I haven't seen a post about them from anyone so I thought I would ask
  4. A friend of mine loves these guys. He works at World of Strings in Long Beach at nearly died when he got to hang out and jam with one of the members at his house.
  5. I would agree with Misunderstood. But really, does it matter which song is the "most" depressing when over 90 percent of there songs are depressing? How about the least depressing Wilco song?
  6. I have to use coated strings otherwise I'm putting new strings on once a week even if I'm not playing much. I hate the Elixers and use the D'addario EXPs. I can get a month out of them.
  7. what's up with people talking about the "dark" lyrics? I just don't get it. The lyrics are not any darker than any other album and not nearly as dark as the lyrics on Summerteeth. (was, have since been drinking, having a really downer day and have listened to it 4 times today and haven't listened to it in about a year. Feeling lonely and had to listen to "how to fight loneliness". Didn't help) As compared to other albums that have come out recently or are coming out, SBS lyrics are much better. Couldn't stop laughing at some of the lyrics on the new Arcade Fire, and the lyrics, plus the musi
  8. My friend has a 15 watt ampeg(might be a J12). breaks up fast and sounds amazing my gear: Taylor 314 (pre-pickups) '89 American Strat w/gold lace pickups - friend owed me rent Fender Blues Delux - friend owed me rent Ibenez tube screamer - being borrowed for way to long but have a t.c. electronic booster+ line driver & distortion (don't really know what to call it) dan-echo delay
  9. Hell Is ChromeA Ghost Is Born Tabbed by Bunky & Rocky Intro C Dm7 C/E F G E7/G# Am C/G EbMaj7 Bb F F#dim Gm Dm Dm When the devil came Am He was not red Bb F Bb He was chrome, and he said F Bb Come with me Dm You must go Am So I went Bb F Bb Where everything was clean F Bb So precise and towering Dm Am Bb F Bb Dm I was welcomed Am With open arms Bb F Bb I received so much help in every w
  10. Did this before. Not sure if its here or not. I'll check and then repost it if its not.
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