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  1. ok everybody, im not good with the internet. so I do not know how to post a link. but if your feeling lonely and if you got the blues you will find me walkin down the street of blues town. go to youtube and type in Mike Siener "Blues Town" say hi to some old hippies I call family. the song won awards and I enjoyed helping write it with my dad.
  2. I for one am a fan of southern metal.. lets say it 2gether SoWThERN MeTaL. I grew up in the 80's so as a young tot I liked Gun's and Roses WAY more than Metalica. I can say that Metalica has talent, thats all. besides GNR had excellent gutar work and a girl lead singer LOL. anyway, PANTERA has been my go to metal band for as long as I remember. When I put my favorite vinyl record gift from my sister on (cowboys from hell,) all I can do is mosh, you know, jump in my own pit. My dad born in 1950 taught me the ways of Jimi and Black Sabbath. I believe they had a lot to do with the creation of thi
  3. Recently I drove from TN to Solid Sound and people thought I was crazy. I would enjoy a visit to a distant country for the culture. I enjoy my work because we have people from all over that bring their culture to me and staff. Haitian food is absolutely amusing and two of my coworkers bring me exotic fruits and vegetables for everyone to SHARE. they do not like sugar. I would enjoy Australia, the land where Matrix was born. I have yet to leave North America, but south America seems cool. Personally no matter how many times I go to Savannah, GA. that place will always be and stay on my bucket l
  4. P.S. I do not frequent message boards. the only 1 I ever did was Chattarock. it WAS a local space for music opinion in Chattanooga TN. and the sticker was my FACE. see my avatar for display
  5. All my technology was tuRnt ofT on the night this album surprised the Wilco world. I got my keys to unlock my door as I returned home at midnight from work. I heard Jeff's voice and unfamiliar rhythm and music. I opened the door to star wars and a VERY happy wife. they did it again with a different approach but the same Wilco we like ( or LOVE). Tonight was my first night to work with the album in my ear. All I can say is More... I was pissed off at nature making me human, and then this song came on and I demolished my work...with a smile
  6. the plunge, o yes. the 4s is the un0 i thank. U like them cameras that autofocus so the 4s is the way to go. as far as the "gigadge" i know it would be cool to have alot but haveing a mac computer of any kind would be the perfect storage device and/or external hard drive wo0t
  7. how= I meet this wonderfull ladie that has more autographs of the band than i can count on my fingers on one wall in her house. this song came on and i thought it was a little to poppy but i liked it"a box full of letters." i do like "am" a good bit. this was about if not more than a year ago when SarahC exposed me to wilco and sonvolt. Then i heard sky blue sky after serching for a favorite song and it was done,sky blue sky wonderfullo album and song.
  8. pat seems as though he can play with Wilco while toiling with the other bands he is in
  9. first of all R.I.P. Chad Buttler Got to see the old 97's and hang out with all of them backstage with my beautifull gal, and gave them texas stled cupcakes i loved gettin to see the ryman filled with wilco fans two nights in a row,and see Sarah"i love her"C have a cool coversation with Mr. Tweedy about school n' life....AND HE shakithed mine HaNd 2. got to take a die-hard fan to a chattanooga venue to see the Avitt brouthers, she had never seen them muchless hadn't been to a show since she twas a wee little lad. she cried with joy UGK 4 life
  10. I am going to try to be serious with this site so this don't happen. thats me on the sticker. The last forum i was a part of didn't think i was real, so this is 4 u chattarock, "I' sorry"u r n0 more.
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