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  1. Hi all, Sorry about this but I really think most of you would dig this record Released in May of 2015 Rock and roll outfit from Flint, MI If you have the time, give this thing a listen https://teaheads.bandcamp.com/album/if-youre-june-im-november Thanks
  2. I totally get the Petty influence. As some people will say Coldplay built a career around ripping off Radiohead's High & Dry, The War on Drugs' music is pretty much summed up in the song Time to Move On by Petty.
  3. New material was very, very, VERY GOOD. I almost wished he would have played another 4 songs or so. I was really impressed. The solo set was awesome as well. It was the first time I've seen Jeff solo so it was a bit special. Kicking Television was equally cool and hilarious. Those who have tickets for the shows to follow are in for a treat. I had a fantastic time last night.
  4. Like a Rolling Stone Venus in Furs-Velvet Underground There are more. I don't feel like listing them because more and more will keep coming to me and I'll have an unacceptably long list.
  5. Actually pretty into this band...I am a big Kurt Vile fan as well. I've read multiple reviews/articles dubbing their new record as "bossgaze", a spin at Springsteen esque melodies with shoegaze-ish instrumentation. I guess that's up to the listener, but I can hear a bit at why that'd make a little sense. Either way, cool band.
  6. Don't mind at all! I quickly skimmed and couldn't see an older one..but i'm glad there is a previous thread. I live just an hour north of Ann Arbor but wasn't into him at that time. Damn, I'm sure that was a good show. Definitely catching him next time he makes his way up here.
  7. Any other fans of Joe? Did his first two records with The Jayhawks as his backing band, went on to release Time Out of Mind-esque singer/songwriter solo records. His 2007 effort, "Civilians" is flawless.
  8. Man. Really wanted to see him before this happened. Whether I would have or not, this day is terrible. Rest in peace, you legend.
  9. "My turn!"-Mick Jagger pre-harmonica solo, Little by Little-The Rolling Stones
  10. Haven't seen them play this one live, but I enjoy the studio version much.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2540955/Beijing-clouded-smog-way-sunrise-watch-giant-commercial-screens-Tiananmen-Square.html ...are we characters in a Phillip K. Dick novel? Literally living on a dystopian planet. Corporatism: 1 Well being of the human race: 0
  12. The "I want her everywhere..." section of Here, There, and Everywhere, as well as that low harmony on the line "love never dies.." in that tune. The "ohhh ohhhhh ohehohhh"'s in I'm Only Sleeping.
  13. The Velvet Underground's self titled. Quality wise it just sounds like basement demo's my friends and I recorded when we were 12. I do love that album though.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjA3Ryw0DtE "We love Uncle Tupelo."
  15. I just don't understand why they don't get along. You'd think they'd be great friends. Adams and Tweedy are both two of my favorite musicians and songwriters ever. Its weird to see them openly not like each other.
  16. Still buying cd's, but Spotify does come in handy. I discovered Sparklehorse through Spotify, and thank god I did. Lots of other great artists as well. I recommend it to those who are unfamiliar.
  17. Wilco, The Beatles, and The Replacements fight for the top spot. Depends on the day.
  18. As far as Wilco goes...Deeper Down comes to mind. Otherwise: Sweet Black Angel from Exile, Tom Thumb's from Highway 61.. Everybody's had that feeling of (re)discovering the magic of a tune and having a whole new perspective on it. Beautiful experience really.
  19. Thanks for the help folks. I'm developing quite an obsession for Cohen and his music at this point. Great stuff!
  20. I'm thankful for Bob Dylan, honestly. I think enough of the general public knows who that is or at least knows the name. Discovering Bob's music totally opened a new door of musical, literary, and melodic exploration for me. Through Bob I've grown to love countless other artists and have ventured into dozens of books that I now love and reread constantly.
  21. I'm thankful for my cat Fisher. I got him when I was 7, and at 18, he is still a big factor in my life. I love that dude.
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