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  1. MMJ was tedious, but TBT made it better. Uhhh okay Great Wilco setlist right there
  2. Did no one else think that Wilco's sound was way off? During Impossible Germany, Tomorrow Never Knows, and others I can't think of, I couldn't hear Nels AT ALL. I was on the rail, so maybe it was mixed better for the crowd that could hear more than the stage PAs, but I couldn't hear any solos at all hardly. I'm a huge MMJ fan, Only my 3rd time seeing Wilco, and my ~35th seeing MMJ, but Misunderstood was my highlight of the night. Though, MMJ w/ Weir doing Brown Eyed Women was pretty badass.
  3. AOAF opener, Christ for Pres, New Madrid, Say You Miss Me, I Must be High. The high energy from ALTWYS to Shot in the Arm. Damn good setlist for an hour and 15.
  4. Yup. I think we're all in for a treat. This is just insane for those of us who love both Wilco and the Jacket... especially if they both get actual full sets.
  5. I don't know the credibility or the "reliable source" but Jim James just announced that MMJ is going to be touring with Bob Dylan and a "third beloved band" that people are claiming they know is Wilco. Dont really see how those three can tour together unless the shows are all 8 hours long. We'll see
  6. The best and most frustrating author that I am familiar with: George RR Martin
  7. The new record, as well as everything else this band has done, is great
  8. Two things I can definitely agree with: 1. Wilco should've gotten a longer set. That was bologna time slot for a headliner. 2. MMJs jams can get to me. I don't really like jam bands, and far too often at MMJ shows I find myself wishing they wouldn't play Dondante or Phone Went West for 15 minutes so they could play more songs. I'm not the band though, what can I do? Really random question: did Tweedy reffer to MMJ as My Morning Racket? I mean I know tweedy is tweedy, but I don't see how he hates MMJ. They've shared a stage together and everything
  9. whoa whoa whoa. (preface: super biased. see avatar) MMJs forecastle set didn't sway? Wilco's Forecastle set was better than MMJ's? I love Wilco, and the show was amazing, but better than MMJs? I've seen Wilco shows that were better than plenty of MMJ shows, but those two stacked up in particular? (Biased, again, but...) I've seen MMJ 35+ times, and at the time of that Forecastle show, it was the best I had seen. I've seen em 7 times since forecastle, and its no longer the best for me, but it was great. And, as for the cover... the best way I've ever heard any reviewer describe ANY bands
  10. you couldn't be more right about that. the media lends legitimacy to far too many cruel people.
  11. It always shocks me to see how badly WBC's portests backfire on them. People do so much good out of hatred for WBC. Jokes on them, I guess.
  12. I love this song. At work yesterday it came on Pandora and I said to a coworker "this is one of the most beautiful wilco songs..." Having only been a fan for a few years and having only seen them twice, I haven't yet had time to grow tired of any live staple, like I usually do with bands I see over and over again. So, I still think its one of it not the best live song I've seen Wilco play. Actually, this song may be the song that got me into Wilco. On the MMJ board while I was asking where to start with Wilco, someone said "the best thing humanity has going for it right now is that they sti
  13. ha, that is the truth. one of things I love about jeff
  14. I did this for a long time. Particularly at MMJ shows, which I've seen quite a ton of. It got to the point though when I recorded a favorite song of mine that I hadn't previously seen. I regretted it because my actual memory of it is staring at my phone, not the stage. I haven't pulled my phone out a show since, and that was April 2011 I believe. I'm not coming down on you, either. I agree, everyone enjoys their shows differently. As long as you aren't bothering anyone.
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