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  1. The truncated single piano note at the end of Cheese and Onions is one of the greatest comedy bits in music history. RIP Neil.
  2. My niece sent me a text yesterday, saying she was planning a party for her son who turns two in a couple of weeks. He is obsessed with trains and she is making trains the theme of the party. She asked me if I could help her come up with a playlist of train songs for the party. I came here and reeled off about 40! She thinks I am the all-time god of music knowledge. Thanks everyone!
  3. Since I saw him last week... Jason Isbell Elephant Go it Alone Children of Children Cover Me Up Flying Over Water
  4. Homeward Bound-Simon & Garfunkel Version City-The Clash
  5. Jason Isbell last night. It was as outstanding as you would expect. I was told it was a solo show when I bought the tickets so I was thrilled when the 400 unit and Amanda Shires were there. My wife knew none of his songs but loved the show. She cried during Elephant and Cover Me Up. Seriously.
  6. Duquesne Whistle- Bob Dylan Last Train to Amsterdam- Ray Wiley Hubbard Tell Me When the Whistle Blows-Elton John The Midnight Special-Leadbelly
  7. Desperadoes Waiting for a Train- Guy Clark Canadian Railroad Trilogy- Gordon Lightfoot All the Way Home- Spinal Tap (The Thamesmen)
  8. The Dixie Flyer-Randy Newman Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull Red Streamliner- Little Feat When You Need a Train It Never Comes-Amanda Shires Trains-Porcupine Tree
  9. Shiny Beast is really good (and appropriately weird). Same for Doc at the Radar Station. I pretty much like what the OP likes plus Safe as Milk. Not a fan of Blue Jeans or Strictly Personal, in which the record companies tried to mainstream him.
  10. "Bulbous Salutations" would be a good name for a band, or maybe one of my fantasy baseball teams. I am going to use that someday.
  11. I enjoyed that interview, it's kind of a shame all the publicity is about Keith slagging Sgt. Pepper. Big deal. I loved this line: "I force the thing to do as it's told." I chuckled out loud.
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