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  1. Thanks for posting this, great stuff! Also like Pat’s twangy, twisting tuning peg Tele-work on Falling Apart!
  2. Just to follow up on this, Kung Fu back to me the next day and replied that they’re tied up with pre-orders for the next week or two and then will address replacement issues like mine. Grateful for the quick reply from KF’s customer service
  3. Pavement last night in Boston. Great show featuring some nice extended versions of old favorites- Malkmus has really honed his guitar skills
  4. I received the 11 LP sets a few days ago. Very impressed with the sound quality of the alternative tracks. So cool to hear new variations of songs that we know and love. Also happy to report that the disks are flat and sound really clean. However I did just discover that my box is missing LP7 and instead contains duplicates of LP 8. I reached out to Kung Fu with the issue and will update in case anyone else has run into this issue.
  5. Yeah, just watched episode 7 of “The Bear” with virtually the entire 20 minute episode soundtracked to a live version of Spiders, agree with all above. The episode is presented as a single continuous shot of a kitchen trying to meet unprecedented demand for its tasty meals. The intensity grows as the staff begins to crack under the pressure. Outstanding television is great, but when it’s driven by Wilco’s Krautrock masterpiece it’s Art with a capital ‘A’.
  6. All I want for Christmas is candy left over from Halloween.
  7. Great story. My boyhood idol was Fred Lynn, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have the full appreciation of Wilco’s unbridled awesomeness.
  8. BillLee

    A.M. Deluxe?

    Anyone else having trouble tracking their order on the Wilco Reissue Store (Rhino)? I ordered AM colored vinyl over a week ago but am now unable to check status of my order. Grrrrrr.....
  9. In the final episode of Halt and Catch Fire, New Madrid is playing in a café. Great show, which always had a good ear for 80's and 90's alternative tunes.
  10. Not sure if this is on the above Spotify list, but at this summer's Solid Sound Vile played one of his earlier songs, "Freak Train." It has a great chugging locomotive-like rhythm, occasionally punctuated by Vile screaming Freak Train!!! Sounded really good live.
  11. I will second the greatness of Los Lobos' Kiko. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of the band, but Kiko is a must-listen of songs which share little in common with the exception that they are all excellent.
  12. Sittin' on my deck on a beautiful Sunday afternoon listening to Friday night's SS show. A happy recreation of Nels ripping off a beautiful Hotel Arizona that evening. Concur with others that the sound quality is pretty sweet.
  13. My vote goes to Television - precise, edgy guitarwork. And whatever 72-year old Peter Wolf takes, I'll have two please. I was surprised at how entertaining his set was. The Shaggs are....an acquired taste.
  14. Eric here. My wife and I are going to our fourth Solid Sound. We're bringing our friend, who is about to experience his first, and will never be the same thereafter. Friday can't get here fast enough!
  15. It's a myth that colored vinyl sounds worse than black, probably perpetuated by limited edition/bootleg pressings manufactured by record plants with poor quality control. My white Star Wars LP sounds fine, as do several of the colored vinyl reissues that Newbury Comics has put out. In the case of the Schmilco vinyl, it just sounds like many of the orange pressings suffered from bad QC, while not so with the black. They may even have been pressed at different plants, not sure.
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