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  1. I get it, man. I’m very much like that when I learn the songs on guitar. With An Empty Corner, at Solid Sound the capo was on the third fret, when it was Jeff and Nels, it was on the 4th fret, and now it is on the 2nd fret.
  2. Jeff played "One and a Half Stars" back in February (I'm not sure how to post youtube videos): https://youtu.be/uRufJ2cvsmg
  3. “Locator” and “If I Ever Was A Child.”
  4. That was shown in the “Before Us” video at Solid Sound.
  5. Jeff has said Glenn’s drumming percussion is a big part of the record. On the one song that’s been released, Nels played a really nice part. Seeing a behind the scenes video that was shown with “Before Us” at Solid Sound, Glenn was definitely shown doing something interesting percussion-wise. Looked like perhaps another in-Glenn-tion as Jeff would call it. I don’t understand how people are already negative about this album before it has even been released or even leaked.
  6. “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Jesus Christ, Biden.
  7. When this happened, many of my work colleagues on the south side of Chicago’s eyes were rolling and calling bullshit. I think the main reason, and I should have expressed this more clearly before, is the sheer amount of flip flops on issues like gay marriage, criminal justice, trade, the Keystone Pipeline and supporting the Iraq War. When she changed positions on those things, it seemed more like she just wanted to say what people wanted to hear. I see Joe Biden with the same issues. He is going out there saying he marched in the Civil Rights Movement when it is clearly a lie. The Crime Bill is an issue. The Iraq War vote is an issue. His creepiness with women is an issue. The Hyde Amendment. I see this as massive causes of concern about his authenticity as well. And I am saying this as a person who will vote for him if he is the Democratic nominee. I just hope that he isn’t to avoid another 2016 mistake.
  8. Well, one specific incident that I remember was when she went on a local hip-hop station and said something along the lines of I always keep hot sauce on me, which I remember at the time seemed like pandering to the African-American community, and I know that turned off some people. I was never a fan of hers but I still voted for her because defeating the GOP is the #1 priority in my book. If Biden ends up being the nominee I’ll hold my nose and vote for him as well. But it will be a colossal mistake if he picks a centrist as a running mate. Also, people should still look at the 2016 election, because I fear past mistakes will haunt the Democrats again in 2020.
  9. As a Bernie supporter who voted for Hillary, she definitely did herself no favors. She came off as very un-authentic when talking to an average person or local press. I thought she definitely smoked Trump in the debates, though. Another massive problem was that Tim Kaine was the VP pick, who I thought was a mediocre pick that didn’t unify the Democratic Party. I thought he performed awfully at the VP Debate, whereas Pence seemed calm and reassuring. Clinton was a problematic choice and there was a reason why President Obama beat her in the 2008 primaries.
  10. Empty Corner Tuned Down 1/2 step on Ode To Joy Capo 2 Ode To Joy Tour Capo 3 at Solid Sound Capo 4 BUILD Series CMaj7: 332200 The Am riff is x02210-x02010-x02410-x02210-x02010 back to G. [Intro] G Am Riff x4 [Verse 1] G Am Riff Eight tiny lines of cocaine G Am Riff Left on a copy machine G Am Riff I an empty corner of a dream G Am Riff My sleep could not complete [Verse 2] G Am Riff There are sirens in the birds G Am Riff And you and I are too far apart G Am Riff My eyes need a shave G Am Riff What else can go wrong? [Chorus] G Am C D/F# Now that I'm not longed for G Am FMaj7 C The wild life seems wrong G Em Won't care C Won't stare CMaj7 You've got family out there G Am Riff x2 [Verse 3] G Am Riff The silver black boot G Am Riff That cracked my front tooth G Am Riff Is a new kind of truth G Am Riff I'm getting used to [Chorus] G Am C D/F# Come back lonely G Am FMaj7 C How sad, if only G Em C I don't believe you don't care CMaj7 You've got family out there G Am Riff x2 [Verse 4] G Am Where the power lines are down G Am Whipping sparks around G Am Riff Like angels touching down G Am C D/F# I see you there [Chorus] G Am FMaj7 C How sad, if only G Em C Don't believe you don't care CMaj7 G You've got family out there Am Riff You've got family out there G Am Riff x4 End on G
  11. White Wooden Cross Intro G* Am-C x2 G* Am-C G C A white wooden cross by the side of the road G* Am-C G Am One summer lost that I did not know G* Em What would I do G* A7 What would I do G* Am-C G D7 If a white wooden cross meant that I’d lost you G* Am-C G C I ask myself how would I let go G* Am-C G Am And a thought appeared like the morning dew G* Em My blood ran cold G* A-A7 My blood ran cold G* Am-C G As these sad ideas passed through Bm Tell me no lies Am Tell me no lies Bm C Is it stranger to live D Or is it stranger to die G* Am-C x4 G* Em What would I do G* A7 What would I do G* Am-C G If a white wooden cross meant that I’d lost you Bm Tell me no lies Am Tell me no lies Bm C Is it stranger to live D Or is it stranger to be alive G* Am-C G C For all the people that I am not G* Am-C G Am For all the prayers and all their thoughts G* Em There’s so much more out there G* A7 Than here where I stand G* Am-C G I blow my horn for the whole band G* Am-C x3 End on G Notes: The Am-C is some kind of walk-up Jeff does that's above my pay grade The G* is played 32x400
  12. It isn’t actually, Tom Schick said as much at his talk at Solid Sound.
  13. Ask and you shall receive: http://viachicago.org/topic/53590-love-is-everywhere-beware/
  14. [Intro] G-Em-G-Em-C-G-Bm-C x3 [Verse 1] G Em G Em So tangled in the wild seeing  my- C G Bm C self as something more mean G Em G Em Out  in the country sadness wants me C G Bm C Further away from the scene [Chorus] Am G Am G Right  now, right now Em C G Love is everywhere Am G Am G Right now, right now D C Love is everywhere [Intro] G-Em-G-Em-C-G-Bm-C [Verse 2] G Em G Em Where the sunlight grabs the lake C G Bm C It’s frozen in the flames G Em G Em Beneath the sleeping town G Em G Em With the riots raining down C G Bm C It’s all yours now it’s all for you [Chorus] Am G Am G Right  now, right now Em C G Love  is everywhere Am G Am G Right now, right now D C Love  is everywhere [Intro] G-Em-G-Em-C-G-Bm-C [Verse 3] G Em G Em So many things I do C G Bm C I can’t explain to you Am G Am G Right  now, right now Em C G Love  is everywhere Am G Am G Right now, I’m frightened how D C G Em G Em Love  is here, beware C G Bm C Oh love is everywhere G Em G Em C G Bm C to fade I can't tell if the C/B is actually a G, but I think I got most of it right.
  15. "Before Us" is a perfect example of this.
  16. Track listing: Bright Leaves Before Us One and a Half Stars Quiet Amplifier Everyone Hides White Wooden Cross Citizens We Were Lucky Love Is Everywhere (Beware) Hold Me Anyway An Empty Corner If my memory serves, wasn’t Everyone Hides a Tweedy song?
  17. Just remembered that they showed a video with “Before Us” at Solid Sound and it ended with “New Album” on the screen. Maybe an album announcement that way tomorrow?
  18. Countdown til 8 AM tomorrow on Instagram.
  19. I was a public school student, a public school engineer and am now a public school teacher, and seeing how charters have done nothing for students in Chicago and just take money away from neighborhood schools, I completely dismiss anyone who has ties to DeVos. Then there's the amount of money he's taken from Wall Street and Big Pharma as he opposed importing cheaper medications. If he gets the nomination, I'll support him, but he's nowhere near the top of my list. 1. Sanders/Warren (don't care who is at the top of the ticket but together they could be a force) 2. Castro 3. Harris (although her prosecutorial record is troubling)
  20. Booker's past with Betsy DeVos is disqualifying for me.
  21. Just a fantastic weekend. A few short things: Friday was unforgettable. All of the Wilco Karaoke winners were wonderful people and we were very supportive of one another. The band seemed to be enjoying themselves and were thanking us. We were saying, "No, no, no, thank you!" I cannot thank Wilco and the Wilco crew enough. On Saturday, I was walking out of the museum when I get tapped on my shoulder. It was Glenn, who told me I had killed it the night before and how much fun it was. Then he told me he'd see me around Chicago. I also met Daveed Diggs, the original Broadway LaFayette/Jefferson in Hamilton. To be told that I am a part of the Wilco family now is something 12 year old me back in 2000 would not believe.
  22. My wife and I were in the first group of 20 to hear it. Gorgeous song.
  23. Still hoping people will embarrass themselves is a bad attitude to take over a festival that’s supposed to be a joyous thing.
  24. You are openly hoping people will embarrass themselves.
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