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  1. 7th grade teacher here. I don't see my students until 9:10 and I still can't figure out what to say. I just can't look them in the eye and tell them it is going to get better when I know it won't. Nothing is going to change. All bets are off once tragedies like Sandy Hook became acceptable in our country.
  2. Just a few... I've been through hell On my way to hell Talk to me I don’t want to hear poetry Say it plain Like how you really speak As bad as it seems it’s worse than expected I’ve been ashamed And afraid I still feel loved When you say my name In a sad kinda way But our fears were never real enough so we would just project Freeze my warmth away Tear the tears out of your quiet face
  3. Send an email to hq@wilcoworld.net with proof that you have tickets to Solid Sound. Several people have done this and received a code.
  4. Story To Tell Capo 2 All chords related to capo B7 (x21200) G7 (32300x) Ebdim7 (xx1212) Intro G B7 Em x2 G B7 Em I’ve been through hell G B7 Em On my way to hell G Am C I only fought with myself D/F# G So I’d have a story to tell G B7 Em Once I cut off my arm G B7 Em I sewed it back on all wrong G Am Now I don’t have t
  5. It might take a while. Jack White recently made a video plea to the three major record companies to make their own vinyl pressing plants again because of the huge uptick in vinyl sales. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpNj60awEiM
  6. Lyrics and credits are available: https://wilcoworld.net/music/cruel-country/
  7. "Tired of Taking It Out On You" is gorgeous. Love the melody and chord progressions.
  8. Cannot wait! It will be a much needed weekend away at the end of a hellacious school year (with a few more weeks to go after Memorial Day).
  9. I seem to remember he said something along of the lines of being loud and joyous.
  10. I now firmly believe birth control and gay marriage are next.
  11. Fuck the GOP. Fuck Susan Collins. Fuck every Trump and Jill Stein voter. This is going to harm so many women.
  12. The school I work at has a high Polish and Ukrainian population. Those students have been struggling every day since this has started.
  13. As always, Pitchfork sucks. Variety has the full set of pictures: https://variety.com/2022/music/news/wilco-cruel-country-albumjeff-tweedy-1235243350/?fbclid=IwAR1I2e5tZ31PseMS7Fh2gVehrxgJISEhS6qgPPsMTIHNoj5CQP7HpXUGiag
  14. From the Wilco Store link (https://wilcostore.com/products/cruel-country-digital-download): The dynamic Chicago rock band Wilco returns with its 12th studio album, the first of its kind. Cruel Country is the band's exploration of the genre they've often been defined by but, until now, never fully embraced. The double album features 21 Jeff Tweedy-penned tracks, made almost entirely of live takes, created with all six members together in The Loft for the first time since the 2011 release The Whole Love. I'll never judge an album by one song, nor do I think it is a
  15. I shouldn't have cut onions at 11:30 last night. The Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Deluxe Edition track listing is up on Apple Music.
  16. A lot of shitty, entitled comments from people. A commenter on Reddit said Jeff had his hands on his knees and bent of at the end of the YHF part of the set. I just hope everything is okay.
  17. I'm just excited to go and do something, even if part of it is watching my wife swoon over Nick Offerman.
  18. Oh yeah, released an album back in August. My streak of being pretty awful at self-promotion continues! https://modernhistory.bandcamp.com/ https://music.apple.com/us/album/remember/1577982299 https://open.spotify.com/album/0a0jATTHheXP3TXbYpaLJ7
  19. Had an account here when I was 13 years old that got deleted. When my dad found out he went ballistic because of all you weirdos on the internet. When I was a little older, the wind blew me back. Happy birthday VC!!!
  20. RNG doesn't have an E shape of a chord in it as it is in Drop D. My guess based on the guitar and chord shape, it is either Red-Eyed and Blue/I Got You or maybe Impossible Germany if that is an Am not an E.
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