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  1. Chicago Public Schools clearly does not have a plan. My school has over 900 people in it. My wife's school has 5,000 people (students plus staff) in it. My school still does not have any hand sanitizer. They say there should not be any unnecessary visitors to schools, yet on Tuesday thousands of people will be entering over 500 schools that serve as polling places. What about kids that need to eat? CPS received federal funding for a waiver to do a meals on wheels program. So many districts around the country are shutting down schools. It seems Chicago Public Schools knows what the right thing
  2. I would like to give a hearty middle finger to Lori Lightfoot. No gatherings of over 250 people. That’s the lunch period in my school. My wife’s school has over 4,500 students in it.
  3. Good luck and I hope everything will turn out ok.
  4. MLS has suspended operations for 30 days. The NHL is putting suspending the season "on the table" to owners and no one has spoken out about it yet. Looks like the MLB is suspending operations as well, with an announcement coming shortly.
  5. As a teacher, I'm starting to worry a little. Children are disgusting, especially middle schoolers. Also, Rudy Gobert is a fucking idiot.
  6. I haven't been this excited about a White Sox team in years! I'm hoping for 80-85 wins as the floor, just missing the playoffs. If they make the playoffs, that'll just be icing on the cake. Over/under on Astros players being beaned?
  7. At this point, she's just in the race to kneecap Bernie Sanders, having put out a press statement that she's staying in the race until the end of March, even though there's no path to the nomination for her.
  8. Both Buttigieg and Klobuchar drop out, with Klobuchar endorsing Biden. Biden has barely visited any Super Tuesday states (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/us/politics/joe-biden-california-super-tuesday.html). Warren has backed out of her pledge to not take SuperPAC money. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
  9. If this shit gets pulled, another 4 years of Trump. Headline: Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/27/us/politics/democratic-superdelegates.html
  10. You are absolutely correct. The Supreme Court alone was all the reason I needed to vote for Clinton in 2016.
  11. Pretty sure student loan debt goes through the Department of Education.
  12. Nope, but the conversation will be front and center. Also, I want some progressive judges, and with Ruth Bader Ginsburg aging, I’d like Bernie to pick a Supreme Court justice. I’d also love for my student debt to be wiped so I can you know, spend money and contribute to the economy. I also feel that Bernie isn’t bought and paid for by corporations/banks.
  13. Just trying to make a point that Sanders is electable. And Biden won’t stop lying. Now he is saying he was arrested in Apartheid South Africa for trying to see Nelson Mandela. The person who he was supposedly traveling with said that never happened. He lied about being a part of the Civil Rights Movement and now this. He has to know that it is just about over for him.
  14. Sanders vs. Trump in Michigan: 49-44.3 Sanders vs. Trump in Pennsylvania: 47.3-44.7 Sanders vs. Trump in Ohio: 53-47 Sanders vs. Trump in Wisconsin: 43-50 The first three are from RealClearPolitics, the Wisconsin one is from Quinnipiac (came out yesterday) which has all Democrats down to Trump. Sanders and Biden are the closest at down 7%. Bernie Sanders can win 3 of the 4 you mentioned, and no Democrats are winning in Wisconsin.
  15. If that happens where Bloomberg's the nominee without winning a primary, I believe Trump wins a second term easily. I think the Democratic Party would be in shambles, people will be pissed and stay home.
  16. I'm here for Warren bodying everyone. She's the clear winner tonight. Inject a Sanders-Warren ticket in my veins!
  17. His 13-year old daughter was also in the helicopter. Unreal loss for their family. I wasn't alive when it happened, but I have read this feels similar to Roberto Clemente.
  18. You, Your Face is a gorgeous song! They opened with it when they opened for Glen Hansard.
  19. My dad took me to see them when I was 12 at Rock the River 2000. I went kicking and screaming. My dad clearly knew better.
  20. Player’s Union is way too strong. Plus, I can’t imagine Manfred wanting to add fuel to the fire that will be a contentious negotiation. Many people, me included, think there’s going to be a strike/lockout in 2021. How pathetic do you have to be to cheat against the 2017 White Sox? I say this as a die hard White Sox fan. How pathetic do you have to be to cheat against the 2017 White Sox? I say this as a die hard White Sox fan.
  21. I’m the rare Sox fan that doesn’t really care about the Cubs. They’re just the NL Chicago team to me. I’m friendly, even though I sometimes come off as disinterested because of said anxiety. Maybe today! Damn, I didn’t see Sima yesterday! We went to high school together, and I think she was a year behind me. She showed me the correct way to play Chinese Apple back then, and it was really nice to reconnect at Solid Sound. Up until last night, I had seen Ohmme more than any other band this year. They are great.
  22. bbop-I was a few rows behind you (next to the guy screaming “All night long,” repeatedly) and wanted to say hi/introduce myself but that pesky social anxiety kicked in. Super fun show! The set closer was really nice, with Sharon Van Etten, Sima from Ohmme and Liam Kazar joining. I’ve now seen Wilco the same amount of times I’ve seen Ohmme this year. They are a great band. Anywho, can’t wait for tonight!
  23. Great show! I’ll add that the mix was fantastic, as I was by Nels’ side, but everything came through great. Best Wilco show since the last Wilco show made even better when two drunken buffoons were forcibly ejected. With Bull Black Nova, the background art worked really well with the song. Unfortunately, I don’t have tickets tonight, so onward to Wednesday!
  24. It is just a really dumb, fun song. If Dominic the Donkey gets regular radio play, this one should too!
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