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  1. I watched the broadcast on Monday evening and I couldn’t tell that any cuts were made, so I was stunned to find that the entire interview ran almost twice as long. Colbert needs to give his editors a raise, especially with the limited camera angles which is pretty much what you see above. Very easy to make cuts when you have audience reaction shots to cut to. Ok. Enough about the editing. This was a great interview and a pleasant surprise, since I was just expecting a performance. They put Guess Again from the Drive-In show on CBS.com as a little bonus.
  2. This month’s Nugs release is from September 18, 2012 in Santa Fe, NM. It’s great that they drop these when there isn’t a Tweedy Show.
  3. Mac DeMarco is in the video, but is not featured in the recording. Catchy tune.
  4. The Tweedy Show Tuesday October 27 Episode 111 # animated intro on screen -- Susie reveals that she just woke up from a nap and is discombobulated. Pick Up The Change (w Spencer on drums) -- Susie doesn't think that there will be a show on Election Day (which is Tuesday November 3rd for the folks outside of the U.S.) -- Jeff talks about being interviewed today by public radio which will air at a later date. -- Jeff talks about the "real" Jeff Tweedy (of Sean John clothing) challenging him to a duel over the ownership of the Jeff Tweedy name. -- Jeff questions Susie's response to his origin story of The Tweedy Show on Colbert's show from Monday evening. Susie says that she was never depressed in bed before the first episode. -- Spencer reads texts dating back to March to check "the paper trail" for the truth. -- Jeff ponders if they should go back to 7 nights a week if things get locked down again. -- Jeff talks about Bruce Springsteen -- Jeff discusses trains -- false start of Evergreen Evergreen (w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) I'll Be Here In The Morning (Townes Van Zandt cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff brings up Sam Rockwell's prosthetic butt in Safe Men -- Jeff strums & hums a bit of Shuggie Otis' Strawberry Letter 23 which is a client request. -- Jeff is nervous about the suitcases popping up near the front door. Plateau (Meat Puppets cover w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) -- Susie asks if that song was a predecessor to WAP because it mentions "a bucket and a mop", so Spencer comes up with Wet Ass Plateau as a title. -- the Tweedy family sing songs that they made up over the years. Christ For President (sung in a lower key) -- "Don't write in Jesus." - Sammy -- the Tweedy family discuss voting. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  5. I knew that Neil Finn had some Crowded House music coming out soon. I didn’t expect a new single to drop tomorrow. Pleasantly surprised!
  6. I really enjoyed it, but... Special Thanks to Neuroglue for bringing back the Spoiler tag feature. It’s the EYE in the toolbar.
  7. The Tweedy Show Special Edition: Love Is The King Saturday October 24 Episode 110 # animated intro in screen ^ Love Is The King -- Jeff welcomes the European clients to the special Saturday show. Jeff acknowledges that this is the 110th episode. + Opaline -- Susie says that Opaline has 4 fake out endings. -- Susie mentions that everyone loved Jeff's CBS This Morning segment earlier today. -- a quick review on last night's incredible vegan shells. + A Robin Or A Wren -- Jeff introduces Susie to the new clients tuning in, as he picks up a new guitar which leads Susie to quip back with "what? that guitar is your wife?" + Gwendolyn -- Jeff explains that The Tweedy Show began as a way to stay in touch with the fans. He also mentions that the new songs were played over the past 100 plus episodes. -- Jeff introduces the band. Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Liam Kazar on bass. James Elkington on guitar. ^ Bad Day Lately ^ Even I Can See -- Jeff reaches his hand out to Susie's as soon as the song ends. -- "please clap." Jeff says mocking Jeb Bush. + Natural Disaster -- Jeff explains that Save It For Me is sort of the theme song for this show. He reminisces about listening to an early mix of the song way back on episode 1 in the bathtub. + Save It For Me + Guess Again -- "that was another song for you." - Jeff % Troubled -- "It looks like we're having a family talent show" - Susie -- false start for Half-Asleep + Half-Asleep -- Jeff wants to play a song by Jerry Jeff Walker who died yesterday. $ Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker cover) -- Jeff tries to work out the verses that he mixed up on Mr. Bojangles. Jeff realizes that the lyrics that he printed up were incorrect. + Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) ^ w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. + w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. % James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on acoustic guitar. Sammy on backing vocals. $ James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass & backing vocals. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer on drums.
  8. Here’s the link to the CBS Saturday Morning interview & 3 performances from The Hideout. Check the interview segment to see if your client comments made it to air. 😉Lol I’m sure everyone knows by now, but Jeff will be on Colbert on Monday evening.
  9. The Tweedy Show Special Edition: Love Is The King Friday October 23 Episode 109 # animated intro on screen ^ Love Is The King -- Jeff welcomes the clients and says that they will try to get through as much of the album as possible. + Opaline -- Jeff introduces the band. James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. Spencer on drums. + A Robin Or A Wren -- Jeff explains which lyrics George Saunders wrote for A Robin Or A Wren. "At the end of the end of this beautiful dream we're in I'll wake up again." Jeff wrote "a robin or a wren." + Gwendolyn -- Jeff says that he has a cousin named Gwendolyn, but the song is not about her. ^ Bad Day Lately -- checking on the vegan shells as Jeff tunes his guitar ^ Even I Can See -- Jeff introduces the next song as an antidote to sweetness. + Natural Disaster -- Susie doesn't like the lyric about the bird -- Jeff explains that this is the 109th episode and that they're about to play a song that they listened to on the very first episode. + Save It For Me -- false start for Guess Again + Guess Again % Troubled -- Jeff says that if they can get through the last song they can have some time to hang out after. + Half-Asleep + The Old Country Waltz (Neil Young cover) -- Jeff gives a heartfelt origin story on why they started doing The Tweedy Show -- Jeff mentions that Peter is working on writing a song thanks to Jeff's book. Jeff may try to play it when it's finished + Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- the friendly reminder about tomorrow's afternoon show at 3:30pm CST. ^ w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. + w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on backing vocals. Sammy on backing vocals. % w James Elkington on guitar. Liam Kazar on bass. Spencer on drums. Sima Cunningham on acoustic guitar. Sammy on backing vocals. What a fantastic evening! It’s been a surreal treat to be able to be invited into Jeff’s creative process. It’s been really cool to hear these songs evolve from just Jeff and a guitar to a full band.
  10. I love this record, but I feel like Whisper would have fit perfectly on here. Anyone out there throw it into the running order? An early favorite is a tie between Natural Disaster and Half-Asleep closely followed by Opaline. The production is phenomenal! It has the feel of a record that will be easy to replicate live, but will never quite capture that studio magic. That thought should only be viewed as a credit to the top notch production of Jeff & Tom Schick.
  11. That charity concert that Jeff played at is now up on YouTube. It was for Play It Forward: A Musical Celebration Of Intonation’s Creative Community. The backdrop is a beautiful backyard with some sweet lights. Jeff’s 9 song set appears over 3 segments: 30:00, 1:06:00, & 1:44:00. Note: if you click on this to watch it in the YouTube app, the times that I listed will be off by about 19 minutes, so Jeff will come on at 49:00 etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. ICYMI - from Susie’s FB post: no show tonight, but there will be the 2 special shows on Friday & Saturday with details coming soon.
  13. The Tweedy Show Monday October 19 Episode 108 # animated intro on screen -- Susie says that a show almost didn't happen because Jeff was tired. -- Susie mentions that Spencer's book is coming out tomorrow, yet some people have it already. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum cover w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff brings up the "acorn situation" regarding his neighbor's property. And he also mentions that he might've spelled Ian, his neighbor's name, wrong on his signature for his book. -- Jeff shows the clients his wood grain slippers with deer on them and fleece inside. -- Spencer shows off his book Mirror Sound and explains why he chose that name. "It's because self recording is holding up a mirror to yourself in an aural sense". Laetitia Tamko aka Vagabon is on the cover of the book. The book is designed by Lawrence Azerrad. It's available at MirrorSoundbook.com -- Jeff says that Spencer's book is a wonderful companion to How To Write One Song. -- Jeff tells the clients to check out the Twitter thread Corgis mating with any dog breed that look like Corgis in disguise. -- Jeff thinks that the 2 Austins working at an event last night are the same people. -- "nothing I've ever done has been inspired by Peter No One". - Jeff -- Jeff & Susie show off old pictures of Sammy. -- Jeff makes the big schedule announcement that there may or may not be a show tomorrow. Follow Stuffinourhouse for info. He also announces that if there's no debate Thursday, there will be a show. Otherwise, the plan is to not have a show if the debate goes on as planned. He also mentions a very special show is coming which should be announced either late Wed or early Thu morning. He also mentions the possibility of a Saturday matinee show for the European fans, if there's no show Thursday. Changes (Black Sabbath cover sung by Sammy) I Am The Cosmos (Chris Bell cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- the Tweedy family ponders what would happen if a family member votes for Trump. Spencer's new song (sung & performed on guitar by Spencer) -- Jeff explains why Tom Schick won't let him use the word milk in a song. -- the Tweedy family find out that Jeff Bridges announced that he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. Jeff drops the info that he has Bridges phone number. -- Jeff does a great Werner Herzog impression. When She Turns 50 (Guided By Voices cover sung & performed on guitar by Sammy) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) Lots of possible schedule changes this week. I am going to listen to that part of the episode again to see if I got everything. Here's the rundown, so you won't have to comb through the notes. Tuesday's show may or may not happen. Check with Susie's IG page. Thursday's show will happen IF there's NO debate. The Saturday matinee show for the European fans will happen if there's no show on Thursday. And the very special show announcement should happen Wed evening or early Thurs morning.
  14. Thank you! That was funny!
  15. The Tweedy Show Friday October 9 Episode 107 # intro on jukebox -- Susie describes the Jeff Knurek meme that he made of Annie Wilkes from Misery with Jeff on a bed. -- Jeff & Susie discuss their present that they received from one of the "clients" that is a humane bug catcher. -- Jeff very briefly mentions that he literally just came in the door from doing a back yard charity concert. -- Jeff explains the back yard charity concert that he just got back from. -- Jeff talks about John & Sean Lennon. Taste The Ceiling (Dedicated to Mary for her birthday. She is Scott McCaughey's wife.) -- Jeff mentions that he co-wrote Taste The Ceiling with Scott McCaughey. Guess Again -- "carameled apples" "past tense apples" -- Jeff strums & hums Bread's Guitar Man hoping Susie will sing it. -- Jeff & Susie have kind words for Stephen Colbert. -- "wise indie elder" Spirit World Rising (Daniel Johnston cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff & Sammy work out a bit of Daniel Johnston's Some Things Last A Long Time -- Sammy talks about his studies. -- Jeff plays a lengthy melody on his guitar that is unknown as of press time. 🤷🏻‍♂️ edited thanks to Paul Suwan: Jeff plays “Charlie,” a theme composed by Georges Delerue from the Truffaut film Shoot The Piano Player. --Sammy does a "crooner" era Bob Dylan impression followed by an impression of Michael Jackson singing Human Nature. -- Jeff does more impressions of Jonathan Richman and Michael Stipe. -- Sammy does an impression of Squidward. -- Jeff does an impression of Peter Miller. Passenger Side -- Jeff warns that there won't be any episodes next week due to Jeff's book obligations. He briefly mentions his 2 virtual book tour events scheduled for this Tuesday & Wednesday evening. The Tweedy Show shall return Monday October 19th, unless there's another kid's show. Follow Susie's page for any sudden show announcement.
  16. You're welcome! All is forgiven.
  17. The Tweedy Show Thursday October 8 Episode 106 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff & Sammy play a bit of The Carpenters' We've Only Just Begun -- one of the clients asks Jeff to play Corduroy Cutoff Girl which prompts Jeff to do a shoulder dance -- Jeff plays a bit of Nope per Liam's request Thirteen (Big Star cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) Watching The Wheels (John Lennon cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- "what are you wearing? Is that a disposable?" -- Susie says that Spencer is working hard on shipping the 2nd batch of masks. -- Jeff talks about his favorite phone apps. -- Spencer drops a hint to check Wilco's social media pages tomorrow for John Lennon's birthday. There might be a cover performed by Jeff. -- Jeff does a Matthew McConaughey impression. -- Jeff makes the "first time that I saw Susie" face, so that it can be memed -- Jeff jokingly tells the story about the first time that he met Susie. Wilco (The Song) (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff briefly tells the story of singing "Colbert" instead of "Wilco" the first time that they ever played the song on The Colbert Report Pot Kettle Black (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff responds to an angry commenter on his recent Gwendolyn video. -- Jeff jokes that he would have paid for Cameo's to get "more famous" people to appear in the Gwendolyn video. -- a discussion on Leave It To Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- "let's drink whiskey out of your dad's Grammy's"
  18. I went through all of the songs performed on The Tweedy Show that didn’t find a home on Love Is The King and not one had the lyrics or any mention of Susquehanna River which is the name of one of the b-sides on the bonus vinyl 7 inch. The other b-side, I’d Rather Be Alone, was played twice. edit: I copied and pasted the song title that’s why the font size changed.
  19. Thank you for the kind words!
  20. The Tweedy Show Tuesday October 6 Episode 105 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff says that he was going to play Van Halen's Eruption to honor the late Eddie Van Halen who passed away today. Jeff talks about Eddie Van Halen. -- Jeff brings up David Lee Roth. -- Jeff thinks that he has a "founding fathers" hairdo. -- Jeff & Susie discuss the famous mouths in the Gwendolyn video. -- a stinkbug is spotted and Jeff must "relocate" it with the help of a yellow cup. -- the debate about whether Jeff looks better with or without a hat. -- Susie thinks Spencer looks like an "escaped hillbilly mental patient" when he has a mustache. Gwendolyn (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff describes the women in the Gwendolyn video to Susie, so she can know who's who. He also mentions that he wanted to have a train on his mouth. -- Spencer does a drum solo So Much Wine (The Handsome Family cover w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) Something On Your Mind (Karen Dalton cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Sammy shows off his bees and astronaut necklace -- Susie shows off a framed pic of a young Spencer. The frame includes an ad for Jeff's DJ set that he did. Susie jokes that she had to make sure that the ad mentioned that Jeff was in Wilco. Turtles Have Short Legs (Can cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff says that an announcement is coming tomorrow. He shows a pic of the floor of the Lounge Ax that might be the back album cover for a release. -- Jeff gets word to spill the beans on the live Uncle Tupelo record that he just hinted at moments before. The album artwork reveals that the show is from the Lounge Ax recorded on March 24, 1994. The album gatefold is a picture of the crowd shot from the stage. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  21. The Tweedy Show Monday October 5 Episode 104 # animated intro is on screen -- Jeff shows off his shoes designed by the late Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada who died on Sunday from Covid. -- Susie shows off the pin that she made as a response to Trump's quote about not to worry about Covid. Jeff reads the pin to the camera. -- Jeff tells the story of the only time that he called his dad "daddy". -- a bowling pin signed by Dick Weber is shown off. -- masks are available again at TweedyShow.com -- Jeff gives us the scoop that the preorder is tomorrow for Love Is The King on vinyl and cd. -- Jeff says that there should be a video dropping sometime tomorrow, but mostly everyone in the comments has seen it already. It's a music video for Gwendolyn. -- Jeff doesn't have any wrinkles in his forehead because he's carefree and his skin is smooth because he's well adjusted. Guaranteed (for Audrey's birthday) -- Susie mentions that the new video is no longer up now. -- Susie talks about someone buying a Tweedy Show 100th Episode poster which sounds like it's a bootleg. -- Jeff wants to edit down 104 hours of Tweedy Show footage into a tight half hour Best Of. -- Jeff strums a bit of Love's Alone Again Or -- Jeff shows off a copy of How To Write One Song to prove that it's real. He reads a brief excerpt from it. He jokes that the number of songs that you want to write should equal the amount of books that you need to buy. -- Jeff mentions that the writer of the cult comedy Rocketman also wrote HBO's limited series Chernobyl. Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals.) -- Sammy doesn't know if Jeff is strumming How To Fight Loneliness or ELO's Showdown. Showdown (ELO cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) Lofty Skies (T. Rex cover sung by Sammy) -- Jeff & Sammy discuss T. Rex -- Spencer speaks about his new book Mirror Sound which is about home recording that is coming out October 20 via MirrorSoundbook.com and/or Bookshop.org -- Jeff & Sammy work through a bit of Love's Alone Again Or which has been covered by The Damned, The Autumn Defense and Calexico. -- Jeff, Sammy & Spencer discuss which Bread songs to possibly cover: Baby I'm-A Want You, Guitar Man & Aubrey -- Susie shows Jeff a jar full of guitar picks that he doesn't use Kingpin (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff asks if the clients were clapping along with emojis. -- Jeff strums a bit of Led Zeppelin's Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp for the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin III Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) I'm going to touch up the first half of the notes, since I had a bit of technical difficulties. Updated...
  22. It looks like the physical release is set for next year.
  23. Excellent news! Can’t wait to listen to this.
  24. The Tweedy Show Thursday October 1 Episode 103 # animated intro is shown on screen -- Basil is shown and Jeff ponders if they should have different intros when someone like Basil is on the episode. -- Jeff shows off his "Butthead of the house" socks from Diane. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (traditional) -- Jeff compares his new eye glasses to his old eye glasses Where Do I Begin (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff wants 70s tv themes for moments when Sammy enters the living room. -- Jeff talks about chopped liver -- Susie claims Jeff didn't want to watch Bonnie & Clyde, but instead the family watched Francois Truffaut's Shoot The Piano Player. -- Borat 2 is brought up and the realization that it comes out the same day as Love Is The King Frank Mills (from the musical Hair sung by Sammy) -- Jeff's Buckwheat pillow exploded last night -- Casey brings up that tonight is a Harvest Moon Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals and Casey on backing vocals) Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & Jeff playing his acoustic bass. Thanks to Kevin & Monty for the correction!) All In It Together (Mavis Staples cover for w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff speaks out against voter suppression. -- Jeff does a brief Jack Benny impression Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
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