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  1. The Tweedy Show Monday November 23 Episode 123 # animated intro on screen When You Wake Up Feeling Old (Dedicated to Appleton Dave for his birthday) -- Susie announces that Jeff will be on Seth Meyers later this evening. The cat is out of the bag: he's performing Gwendolyn. -- Jeff fantasizes about going out to LA's Largo to film The Tweedy Show with professional cameras and crew. -- Susie mentions "susieorchloe" an IG page that features pictures of her and Chloe Sevigny because the person running the page thinks that they look alike. -- the clients & Tweedy family cast The Tweedy Show. Some examples: Chloe Sevigny/Lily Tomlin/Amy Pohler/Patricia Arquette/Parker Posey/Terri Garr as Susie. Michael Cera as Spencer. Jack Black/Patrick Fugit/Nick Offerman/Paul Giamatti/Jeff Bridges as Jeff. Zooey Deschanel as Casey. Mel Brooks as Peter. Pamela Adlon as Oona. Robert Sean Leonard as John Stirratt. -- Jon Hamm's penis is discussed. -- Jeff talks about the first song that he wrote called Your Little World. Joe Camel & The Caucasians ended up recording the song. The band that Jeff was in before Uncle Tupelo, The Primitives, used to open for them. -- Jeff says that he doesn't sing Dash 7 in concert because he sings it too low on the record. Dash 7 (sung in a higher key) Ain't No Doubt About It (Mavis Staples cover lyrics by Jeff) -- Jeff is concerned that every time he tries to relearn his songs right before The Tweedy Show starts Susie starts vacuuming. This leads to Spencer modeling the Dyson vacuum. At Least That's What You Said (w Spencer on drums & Jeff on electric guitar) -- Jeff says that the electric guitar that he just used is a 90s/early 00s faded Gibson. He put a Bigsby tremolo & pickups on it. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  2. Thank you for the kind words!
  3. The Tweedy Show Friday November 20 Episode 122 # animated intro on screen -- Casey is not there due to being sick with an ear infection, but Basil is there. -- Jeff plays the harmonica for Basil. She's A Jar (Jeff on harmonica) -- Peter (via Alexa) explains why they never brought Danny to the World's Fair. -- Peter tells a joke about Moishe Finkelstein who wrote a song with a little help from this guy named Tweedy who wrote How To Write One Song. -- Peter raves about Jeff's introduction for How To Write One Song. -- Susie mentions that they were thinking about putting the show on the tv, so that Jeff can read the comments. -- Jeff mentions that he talked about Opaline on a popular, yet to be revealed podcast that should be released soon. He does reveal that the hearse lyrics in the song happened to him in real life. -- Jeff talks about listening to music at The Loft. -- Susie's first record she ever bought was Head Hunter by Herbie Hancock. -- Jeff says that there is a therevox on Sick Server and not a theremin. -- Jeff met Ringo Starr after Ringo talked to Kermit The Frog at the Grammy's. -- Jeff says that JFK, Jr. used to come to his shows back in the day. -- Jeff's favorite movie is Paper Moon. -- Susie talks about bringing Spencer, Sammy and the neighborhood kids to see 1976's The Bad News Bears and forgot that the film was full of "F bombs". -- Jeff & Spencer improvise a Basil song. -- Susie tries to remember which film had an actress rubbing lemons on her breasts. The film was 1980's Atlantic City directed by Louis Malle and the actress was Susan Sarandon. -- Spencer sings & plays drums on a bit of Pilot's Magic. I Know What It's Like (w Spencer on drums) A Robin Or A Wren (w Spencer on drums) Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  4. Thank you for the kind words!
  5. The Tweedy Show Thursday November 19 Episode 121 # animated intro on screen -- Peter (via Alexa) gives Jeff kudos for the audio introduction to How To Write One Song. -- Susie & Jeff realize that it's the 8 month anniversary of The Tweedy Show. --Jeff has not met Dolly Parton and sings "Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine!" to the tune of Jolene. -- Jeff tells a Dolly Parton story that includes soundcheck, a shroud & hillbilly FBI agents. --Jeff says that most of his guitar straps are recycled belts made by Mark Greenberg. You can purchase them at https://reverb.com/shop/loft-relics -- Jeff, Susie & Spencer ponder what the black goop was on Rudy Giuliani's face today during his press conference. -- a long and insightful conversation is had by all regarding the recent election, especially the frivolous lawsuit(s) claiming election fraud. -- Jeff says that one day he will run for something and then laughs. Bessie Smith (Bob Dylan & The Band cover sung by Spencer & on drums w Sammy & Jeff on backing vocals) -- Jeff, Spencer & Sammy work out the harmonies in Bessie Smith. Jesus, Etc. -- Jeff & Susie briefly discuss the Obama speech on MSNBC. -- Susie shows off Jeff's Jeff Tweedy Martin model acoustic guitar. Rilkean Heart (Cocteau Twins cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- "it's International Men's Day today". -- "it's World Toilet Day today" which leads to a story about Jeff cleaning a toilet. -- Sammy announces that his girlfriend will be coming into town, so he won't be on the show for a while. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  6. Thank you for the kind words!
  7. The Tweedy Show Tuesday November 17 Episode 120 # animated intro on screen -- mm Jeff just had tater tots. -- Jeff shows the chords that he played for The Beatles' Real Love. The Day I Lose My Mind (George Jones cover w Spencer on backing vocals) -- Jeff & Spencer think that the previous song was a La Ren cover, but according to Paul and the internet it's a George Jones song. Jeff recommends that the clients check out La Ren's Love Can't Be The Only Reason To Stay. -- Spencer says that today is the anniversary of the very first Wilco show. Black Shampoo was the name of the band at that first show. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wilco/1994/ciceros-university-city-mo-4bd29ffa.html -- Jeff was super excited to meet Bob from Sesame Street. He also met Big Bird & The Cookie Monster. -- Susie wonders if Jeff's semen altered her DNA. Pictures Of Adolf Again (Bill Fay cover sung by Sammy) Summer Teeth (w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals) Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Spencer reveals that his band The Blisters took their name from the ending of Helter Skelter when you can hear Ringo say "I've got blisters on my fingers." -- Jeff tries out some of The Mekons' Memphis, Egypt. -- Susie says that Conan O'Brien is always wearing a Tweedy Show mask. -- the Tweedy family imagine taking The Tweedy Show to HBO. -- Mojo Nixon's manager Scott Reilly is discussed. -- Jeff says that he's really good at knowing when a half hour or hour has gone by from being on stage. He's also walked off stage exactly when it's curfew for a venue. -- Sammy shows a picture of him kicking Jeff in the groin. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  8. The Tweedy Show Monday November 16 Episode 119 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff & Susie discuss Jeff's hair and that he should never do a combover. -- Jeff jokes that he should shave his head right now. Last Words To A Refugee (Cut Worms cover sung by Spencer & also on drums) -- you can check out Spencer's 2 EPs at https://spencertweedy.bandcamp.com/music -- Jeff asks if anyone is writing any songs with help from his book. He hopes to have people record their songs at the next Solid Sound and they can release it. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob Dylan cover w Spencer on drums) -- the Tweedy family try to figure out which Gilligan's Island character they are. -- Jeff shares his love for It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. He claims that he wanted to name his band Wilco because of the Giant W in the film. Oh! Yoko (John Lennon cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff talks about meeting Yoko Ono at Nels & Yuka's wedding. -- Jeff plays a bit of The Beatles' Helter Skelter. --jokes are told -- Molly Sarles' Human is stopped short because it's being played in a higher key. Human (Molly Sarles cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals) -- flossing is important. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  9. The Tweedy Show Friday November 13 Episode 118 # animated intro on screen -- this episode is taking place in the other part of the room past the jukebox in front of the fireplace. Real Love (The Beatles cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Susie shows off the Tweedy family pictures on top of the fireplace. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Buffalo Springfield cover. Dedicated to Neil Young who had a birthday yesterday.) Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals.) -- Peter says that Sammy's singing voice reminds him of Asa Yoelson who would go on to change his name Al Jolson. You Got It (Roy Orbison cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Jeff says that Roy Orbison was his age when Roy died. -- Sammy briefly mentions that he's recording an album. Candyfloss (w Spencer on backing vocals) -- Jeff says that one of the "operatic" voice at the end of Candyfloss belongs to Jack Bruce. -- Jeff tells the clients to avoid counter protesting the Million MAGA March in DC. -- Susie admits that she had no idea that her singing appears on the demo version of I'm Always In Love that's on the Summerteeth deluxe edition. -- Spencer, Susie and Jeff each tell a story about getting into a fight. -- Jeff tells the story about the guy that rushed the stage and grabbed his face to kiss him. Jeff's "catlike reflexes grabbed him by the ear and showed him the way off of the stage." -- a conversation about Shriners. -- Susie wants the clients to watch the opening & closing scene of Bye Bye Birdie. -- Susie briefly mentions Ann-Margret's guest appearance on The Flintstones. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Jeff assures the clients that they plan on continuing the show going into the winter with Coronavirus on the rise.
  10. The Tweedy Show Tuesday November 10 Episode 117 # animated intro on screen Campaigner (Neil Young cover. Dedicated to Arrow.) -- Jeff & Susie discuss racist & sexually themed school mascots: Pekin High School & Rhode Island School of Design. You And I -- Jeff mentions that Basil was at The Loft today. Bombs Above -- Jeff gives an update on CHIn UP. He says that the acronym should be Creative Human Initiative For A United People. -- Spencer directs the clients to check out Sima's IG page to find out info about Armenia. https://www.instagram.com/simaamis/?hl=en -- Jeff implores people to stay home again due to the surge in Coronavirus cases rising. Pecan Pie -- Jeff does a Michael Stipe impression when he tells a story about Michael Stipe offering him half of a blueberry pie. Helpless (Neil Young cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals.) -- Jeff tells the clients to check out Scott McCaughey's Neil Young tribute album on BandCamp: Scott The Hoople - Neil (Vol. 1) Close My Eyes (Arthur Russell cover sung by Sammy) Can't Stand It (w Spencer on thigh slaps & backing vocals) -- Spencer does a drum solo. Jeff adds some guitar licks. Spencer plays a James Brown drum beat. -- Jeff & Susie discuss how young Spencer was when he started drumming. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  11. The Tweedy Show Monday November 9 Episode 116 # animated intro on screen Listening To The Wind That Blows (w Spencer on backing vocals & thigh slaps. Dedicated to Britt, the client that was protesting last week while wearing a Tweedy Show mask and made the front page of The Washington Post.) -- Casey talks about how she pranked the voter fraud hotline. She said that she witnessed people spreading poop on the ballots. She even made the national news on a story about how TikTok users trolled the hotline. https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/tiktokers-post-videos-themselves-appearing-211006353.html -- Jeff talks about Barry Jenkins' remix of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot called Yankee Purple Foxtrot. -- Jeff addresses whether or not he will play Arrow's request of Neil Young's Campaigner. -- Jeff plays a bit of Elizabeth Cotten's I'm Going Away. -- Jeff talks about his trigger foods for migraines: fudge & an overripe banana. -- Jeff talks about having his worst migraine when Wilco opened for R.E.M. in Italy. Love Is Everywhere (Beware) (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff wants to start doing TikTok videos. -- Susie jokes that they should auction off Jeff doing Zumba which the winner can watch. Bitterroot Lake (sung by Casey w Spencer on guitar & backing vocals. Case Oats original. Case Oats is Casey & Spencer's band.) Turn! Turn! Turn! (Pete Seeger cover sung by Spencer) -- Spencer thought that President-Elect Joe Biden was quoting The Byrds in his speech on Saturday night which he was, but was surprised that it actually comes from the Bible. I Am The Cosmos (Chris Bell cover sung by Sammy) Shame And Scandal (Mighty Panther calypso cover sung by Peter via Alexa.) -- Sammy sings & plays on guitar a bit of Elizabeth Cotten's Freight Train. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)
  12. The Tweedy Show Friday November 6 Episode 115 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff still has a migraine. -- Jeff is baffled why Summerteeth went from a 9.4 in Pitchfork in 1999 to a 9.0 today. -- Spencer unboxes the Summerteeth black vinyl deluxe edition. The deluxe edition is designed by Lawrence Azerrad who designed the original release back in 1999. The back of the vinyl package is sideways which is consistent with the original release. Spencer shows off the booklet w liner notes by John Mulvey. Jeff admits that the glasses that he's wearing in the pictures are fake. Jeff looked for pictures of candy factories and bubble gum to use for the album. Jeff explains the album cover with the girl blowing the bubble that might have come from a bubble blowing competition. The intention of the photographs was for the band to look like mannequins. Spencer shows off An Unmitigated Disaster which is from the Tower Records show on March 11, 1999. Jeff remembers someone yelling out "You rock!" from the crowd and yelling back "We don't" to that person. No Hurry (a demo from the Summerteeth deluxe edition) -- Jeff asks if anyone watched the Stevie Wonder video from his Twitter page. Via Chicago (w Jeff on harmonica) -- Susie mentions the Washington Post article that features a client wearing a Tweedy Show mask while protesting on the streets of Philadelphia that all votes should be counted in Pennsylvania. -- Jeff gives a history lesson on The Simpsons. He explains how they went from The Tracey Ullman Show to a Butterfinger commercial to their long running FOX series. -- Sammy shows off his black tank top that features a young picture of Joe Biden. Annie' s Song (John Denver cover sung by Sammy) -- the Spin The Spermatozoa Wheel is shown and spun. The wheel features a turkey baster and features names of people in the Chicago music industry. Susie was supposed to spin the turkey baster to see which name it would land on, so that person could impregnate her with a turkey baster, so she could have a baby. It's from way back before she was married and wanted to have a baby. Little Fang (Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks cover sung & performed by Spencer w Sammy on backing vocals) -- Jeff & Susie decide to end the show early, so they and the clients can watch Joe Biden speak. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) I thought that my second iPhone was charging, but it was not, so I missed the first 20 minutes for notes. Anyways, I do want to go back and watch the unboxing again. Off to watch Joe! Edit: Updated.
  13. I believe the N is coming from “Initiative”. I went back to watch that part again and that’s how he said it, so it probably looks like this: Common Human Initiative Unified People.
  14. The Tweedy Show Thursday November 5 Episode 114 # animated intro on screen -- Jeff says that he has a migraine and wants to hang out for a bit. -- Susie checks in with Peter via Alexa. -- Susie almost died from eating a Junior Mint going down the wrong pipe. -- Spencer wants to have the conversation to help people be more informed, help people be less hateful, help people stop passing down hatred & misunderstanding. -- Jeff explains his C.H.I.N. U.P. Initiative which is an idea that he woke up with. Common Human Ininiative Unified People would fund urban & rural interaction. Jeff thinks that there's a lot of common ground to be reclaimed. Jeff believes that there's a fear of us based off of misinformation. In A Future Age (w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff recommends that you follow Stevie Wonder's Twitter page to see "The Universe Is Watching Us". -- Jeff sings a bit of Gram Parsons' Blue Eyes. -- Jeff does his Werner Herzog impression again: "Is your profession still rife with drug abuse." -- Peter's first Presidential election vote for was for Harry Truman. Chain Gang (Sam Cooke cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums. Dedicated to all of the poll workers.) -- Sammy explains the meaning of the song Chain Gang. For You (Big Star cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Jeff tells a story about Jody Stephens trying out tambourines, when his band, Those Pretty Wrongs, opened for Tweedy in Australia. (Was I) In Your Dreams -- Jeff jokes about throwing up in public & on screen. -- Jeff mentions that the Summerteeth deluxe edition is coming out tomorrow. It marks a 2 month stretch where he's had a release from Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and himself. -- Jeff & Susie reference the Junior Mint episode of Seinfeld. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Susie says that they might see us tomorrow night. I'll tidy up the notes, since I had some freezing this evening. Hope you feel better, Jeff! Migraines suck! Updated...
  15. Ah! I didn’t make the cut. Thanks for the info! Off to the Barnes & Noble website. Good thing they have a Criterion Collection sale starting this Friday. That’s a good excuse to go in and try to see if I can order it. I know that it says that it’s sold out in my area MA/NH, but I’ll try to change the states to see if it pops up somewhere.
  16. Hmm...I don’t have anything like that in my copy. I can’t find the nameplate info for the Offerman event anymore. I can find the info for the Norah Jones event and it says that the signed nameplate is available to the first 700 people that purchase a ticket to the event. I wonder if the Offerman event had a similar criteria. When I check the page for the event, most of the info is gone. But I remember something about them being mailed at a later date.
  17. I heard back from someone at The Seminary Co-Op on Friday afternoon. They sent me a tracking number which I checked and laughed that the book was in my mailbox that day. Funny how that works out. I think the signed nameplate is coming separately, right?
  18. I was going to reply to you to discuss the show, but I had this idea to go back and watch the 1st 7 episodes again, before I finished this season. I had several questions about things and refused to hit up some articles on the net. My first thought was that you would love the later episodes, if you enjoyed the 1st 4 which I found to be great with some hiccups along the way. The pilot episode was amazing right up until the scene with the monsters near the end. I felt that the editing was too “breakneck” paced for my tastes. I thought maybe they were trying to hide the special effects or something with the lighting. I had to rewind that scene a few times to see what was going on. The way they structured the second episode felt a lot like it should have been the penultimate episode or finale. It was quite surprising that it was only the second. And I thought that the third & fourth were solid, but I’m grasping to remember what happened in them. However, the last 6 episodes were all phenomenal: the Hippolyta & Ji-Ah episodes were real standouts and different from the rest of the season. The 9th episode was probably my favorite episode of any show this year. I have a few ideas how they can continue into a second season. I still preferred HBO’s Watchmen which I don’t think anyone mentioned in here. It helped to be familiar with the original source material. I was worried that a sequel or “remix” would never work, but was blown away by the storyline and how it tied to current times.
  19. Did you know that Mission Of Burma played in Lowell 16 years ago? They opened for Pixies at Tsongas Arena. That was the second time that I saw them. The first was when they opened for Wilco in Boston in June 2003. I forget how close to the show the announcement came that Sonic Youth couldn’t play and had to be replaced by Mission Of Burma. Edited to add article: https://glidemagazine.com/5381/sonic-youth-cancels-two-shows-with-wilco/ They canceled earlier during the day of the Boston show.
  20. The Tweedy Show Monday November 2 Episode 113 # animated intro on screen -- Susie introduces the special guest, Peter, who is listening & communicating via Alexa. -- Jeff talks about the 70 song Just A Fan fan compilation on BandCamp. He says that he listened to 20 of them and cried. It benefits concert venues across the country. -- Jeff addresses how he's dealing with Election anxiety. -- a debate on Daylight Saving unfolds -- Jeff says that tonight's show needs to have an asterisk next to it because Susie is on steroids. This leads to Jeff telling the story about getting a steroid shot for his voice which was documented on the Ashes Of American Flags dvd. -- Jeff talks about getting a shot in his butt due to having an adverse reaction after being out in the sun, while drinking pineapple juice. Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals.) -- Peter gives Sammy a compliment via Alexa Save It For Me (w Sammy & Spencer on backing vocals) -- Jeff misses Nick Kroll. He used to bump into him a bit. Lose Yourself (Eminem cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Susie cries for every Eminem song. -- Peter exclaims that he thought that Michael Jackson would come out for the last song. -- Jeff says that he was in an Apple commercial with the lead singer of Smash Mouth after Susie mentions that Sammy covered All Star. Academy Fight Song (Mission Of Burma cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums) -- Peter offers some advice for Election eve. -- Sammy has never seen Fiddler On The Roof. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (traditional) -- Susie mentions that Patti Smith sang People Have The Power on the streets of NYC. A Patti Smith chant leads to a story about Jeff opening for her. -- Jeff tells another Patti Smith story when she wanted him to tune her guitar, as she walked off to talk to Michael Stipe. Stipe & Jeff walked Patti to her car after the benefit concert and she asked "where's my guitar?", so Jeff had to run back in to grab it. -- Jeff plays a bit of Bob Dylan's The Times They Are a-Changin'. Ashes Of American Flags -- Susie says that they will return Thursday. Jeff says that if things look good tomorrow night they might hop on for a bit for a "jukebox party". Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) The Tweedy Show shall return Thursday. Maybe a lil something tomorrow??
  21. The Tweedy Show Thursday October 29 Episode 112 # animated intro on screen -- a very brief candy corn debate unfolds which leads to a Halloween candy discussion. -- Jeff tells a peanut butter M & M's story. Gwendolyn (w Spencer on drums) -- Spencer sings & plays a bit of Bow Wow Wow's I Want Candy -- everyone talks about how tired they are Jesus Wept (Mavis Staples cover) Strawberry Letter 23 (Shuggie Otis cover sung by Sammy & on toy piano w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) Something In The Air (Thunderclap Newman cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -- Sammy tells a convenience store story about a racist in line that got out of line for being racist and booted out of the store. Peace And Love (Blind Man's Penis) (John Trubee cover sung by Sammy & Jeff) Laminated Cat (w Spencer on drums) -- Sammy is happy that they played the Loose Fur version. -- Jeff announces that there won't be a show tomorrow night. -- Spencer asks the clients to check out Cosmic Country on HideoutChicago.com where he will perform along with Casey & Sammy. -- Jeff says that there will be a show on election eve this Monday, but no show on Election night Tuesday. Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover) -- Jeff doesn't want a gift hologram of his late father. No show tomorrow night. The Tweedy Show shall return this Monday.
  22. Thank you very much for the offer! I am going to wait and have faith in The Seminary Co-op. If for some reason things fall through with them, then I will definitely take you up on that generous offer.
  23. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I didn’t receive anything like that at all. I also checked my junk folder too and nothing. I think Tim & I aren’t the only folks in the same boat, according to several similar posts on the FB group. Noonchorus sent me an automatic reply letting me know that someone real would get back to me which they did. He told me to email info@semcoop.com because Noonchorus does not fill merch orders. The automatic reply from them says that they are backed up right now.
  24. I’m in the same boat as you. I watched the Offerman live stream, but never received an email at all. I was going to give them a few weeks to see if I would receive anything. I’ll contact them today.
  25. Glad you enjoyed it! I have zero recollection of Jeff mentioning that this was being filmed for YouTube. It definitely sounded like a low key private event.
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