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  1. shakey, how could I ever say no to you, after all that lovely cover art? "Gun" is all yours, make us proud. And Jen, I have removed you as requested, but feel free to jump back in anytime. Hope you move into someplace wonderful!
  2. Hey all, the downloadable cover art for Tribute Volume 2 is now available in the "Sunken Treasures Recording Studio". (Go to the main page, click on the Sunken Treasures building.) Thank you LLP. Brilliant as always. Hope the band will forgive me for their extreme makeover as gnomes. Sorry guys....but you look so cute.....and sorry Nels and Pat, the picture predates your joining the band. (Perhaps you'll consider that a good thing.
  3. The trade tree for Tribute Volume 2 will be up imminently. Bridget is handling it, bless her generous soul! So keep an eye on the "Reflecting..." forum. Sorry this has taken so long. Much else going on at VC.
  4. By the way....COVER ART IS DONE!!! Prepare to have your socks knocked off, it's stunning! Does justice to all the wonderful music on the disc. We are figuring out how to host it....it's kinda huge, high quality artwork....then a tree begins.
  5. Welcome back, stranger! Hope you're enjoying the new digs! You must be exhausted, here....put your feet up.....have some lemonade....
  6. Chandler, bless your patient self & your excellent manners. I fully understand why you and Aimee are anxious to be able to share your song. One of my favorites, for sure. We are waiting on a certain someone to finish up artwork, which I'm told is very, very nearly done. Then we start the tree rolling. (Cover art will be downloadable, the disc itself will be treed as before. Get in as a branch to get it the fastest.) My expectations are that we'll be beginning the tree within the next 2 weeks. Sorry it's been slow, but sometimes our real-life jobs & lives get in the way of our "pla
  7. Did you get my email about that photo of yours? Cause you know, Adam, that's what's holding the whole thing up..... : : I keed, I keed......this is what a keedsmoke does! Thank you for saying nice things about me, dear boy.
  8. Slow down, slow down, Mr. Enthusiasm! : You have plenty of time yet, since we are still trying to get Wilco Tribute Vol. 2 completed & distributed! For instructions on how to submit your contribution, check the pinned topics (in boldface) on this forum. I look forward to hearing your song....have fun! Look here: Submission Instructions and here: Tribute Guidelines
  9. Gotcha, Tris. By the way, it was great meeting you in Pittsburgh.
  10. Below is a preliminary list of song claims for Wilco Tribute Vol. 3: Outtasite - Less Than You Think mattwarbuckle - A Shot in the Arm Hopeinanotebook - Pieholden Suite or Company in my Back Merv - At Least That's What You Said apetro277 - ELT Cowboy Angel - Muzzle of Bees Rufer - I Thought I Held You Dude Lebowski - Old Maid Brewinhand - Promising Teen Recipes - Heavy Metal Drummer MeDave - Theologians deepseacatfish - Wishful Thinking legalsandwichmaneuver - L8 Gr8s : kungfuonion - Magazine Called Sunset dr_gingivitis - Radio Cure Saint Genevieve - Kamera silent_nick - Handshake Drugs C
  11. Hi Ana! Great to see you around! Of course you may claim "Less Than You Think" for the next Tribute. After the amazing version you did of "When the Roses Bloom Again" for Vol. 2, how could I even hesitate! I'm sure your LTYT will be equally beautiful. Dave C., as to the progress of Tribute 2, it looks like it will be ready to give to the band by the time they get home from Europe. Liner notes & liner credits have all been finished, and the disc itself has been assembled into final track order, so distribution trees are imminent. Some tweaking to the final art will need to be done, and
  12. Oh, and Rufer? Love your tune! All these songs are done to a golden turn....you'll see! This is really a disc to be proud of! Contributors, give yourselves a pat on the back, because yes , I am talking about YOU. Nettles...just noticed your post a couple back....no, unfortunately - the way the rules read, songs done on the Tribute CD's are supposed to be original Wilco/Tweedy compositions, not covers. So "Love and Mercy" wouldn't qualify. Please, though, choose another song....maybe a Tweedy tune? we need more songs for the Tweedy Tribute, Vol. 1. If you have any questions, feel free to
  13. Admins are deciding track order now. Artwork etc. is being completed. Arranging for Wilco shows attendance keeps interrupting kidsmoke's work! Mind you, kidsmoke is not complaining..... It's coming, Rufer, truly it is. Contributors, you make some mesmerizing sounds....kidsmoke is impressed!
  14. Simply glorious, Rob! We're so lucky to have your talents at work!
  15. Hi all, having lost our Tweedy Tribute Master List in The Great Board Crash of 2004, it is time to try, try again. If you would like to contribute a song which is a Tweedy (not Wilco) song, please post here and let me know, and we'll start pulling this thing back together. Those of you who were already on the Tweedy Tribute list, let me know what song you had claimed. Thanks, and apologies for the hassle. : kidsmoke Edit: It's probably a good idea to restate the rules: TWEEDY TRIBUTE SONGS: -Must be songs written and sung by Jeff Tweedy. May be from previous bands (such as Uncle Tupelo)
  16. You might have to wrassle ol' Shiney for that song......but then, he's in love right now, so his head is probably elsewhere........or we might do some rule-bending and allow 2 versions...... I seem really indecisive today. Hmmm. Anyway, your request is officially noted and sounds very cool.
  17. It's coming ....artwork is being done....I'll light a fire under myself and the others.... Be patient, our lives have been busy. I'll try to help pick up the pace! There isn't really all that much left to be done. We just have had a lot else happening. Those of you who contributed tracks, have faith, it really is coming.
  18. Natalie, and catfish, I believe Volume 2 is full up, but have no fear....you may contribute to either the next Wilco tribute (Volume 3) or the Tweedy Tribute. I'll have to get some guidelines re-posted.....be patient.
  19. To anyone involved with the Wilco Tribute Volume 2, or the upcoming Tweedy tribute, please know that despite our little board-crash bump-in-the-road, the Tributes are still very much ON. We'll have news on them soon.
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