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  1. parking might be an issue too.....there is a SMU-Acadia playoff game at the forum at 7, so I am hoping that won't be a big issue i just hope the venue doesn't suck too bad, i saw Bad Religion there and it was dusty and awful
  2. that sounds about right in terms of capacity and I would guess they could draw 2500-4000 depending on price, we are pretty starved for concerts here
  3. Kyle, where did you grab these dates from? wilcoworld.net lists just the "Halifax Forum" and not the multipurpose room, I think it originally had the multipurpose room listed but they've since changed it, which is a big difference (old school hockey rink vs a shitty spare room that is super dusty)
  4. pumped to see them coming to halifax, but the halifax forum multi-purpose center is gross
  5. correction...most canadian tours end in montreal or quebec city ; ) they seemed to really enjoy themselves the last two times in halifax and fredericton so hopefully they'll make it a true canadian tour.
  6. i was actually very impressed with the crowd, at the end of wilcos set the place was damn near full, which hardly happens at the metro center for the few concerts i've been to.......i thought they definitely should have closed with spiders to get everyone wound up, i thought that would have been perfect on the other hand, it was damn near embarrassing to see the entire upper and lower bowl sitting when the lights came on for rockin' in the free world
  7. any word on pre-sales for this tour? i see halifax goes on sale this saturday
  8. wonderful sound quality is pretty solid, i wasn't expecting much with the venue and all but this turned out great thanks a million....again
  9. when i got up on stage at the fredericton show to annouce the kingpin audience participation i whispered to jeff as i was leaving "where is this abyss that i keep hearing about"...he chuckled and said "i don't hear that anymore"
  10. what a show. we were sitting front row center and had a ball. i was the one that was lucky enough to get called up for the kingpin speech and had so much fun doing it. as i was leaving the stage i pointed to the crowd and asked jeff "so where is this 'abyss' i keep hearing about?", he had a good laugh and said "i don't hear that anymore" i went with three non-wilco fans (including the 6'4'' dude in the front row) and all of them loved the shows i'll post some pictures when i get home tonight. if anyone has any pics of me on stage it would be really appreciated, i have 2 but none turned
  11. i thought the setlist was less then spectacular but it was a pretty good setlist considering probably 95% of the people there were seeing wilco for the first time. i'm a wheel was on the setlist but not played as a closer, but other then that every song on the setlist was played. i was really impressed with the venue/stage/area, i wasn't expecting much out of the dartmouth ferry terminal but it was good.
  12. amen to that....wilco wednesday, wilco thursday then a weekend in fenway....i've been looking forward to this week for a long while
  13. front row center : ) and bad news to those behind me, i will be sitting with a dude thats 6'4'' 300lbs
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